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A Naked Girl On The Appian Way

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Synopsis : Bess is a successful cookbook author and her husband Jeffrey is a distracted genius whose lives are upended when their two children return from a year of European travel and reveal surprising news that stretches the family beyond their breaking point. Some representatives of that social set seem to have grown up or, at least grown older.

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Greenberg ushers in a contrived third-act twist involving widowed neighbor Elaine Leslie Ayvazian.

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Greenberg supplies enough hints early on that the kids are not flesh-and-blood siblings. Oct 6, pm PT. By David Rooney Plus Icon. Please log in. Expand the sub menu TV. Expand the sub menu What To Watch. Now that the book on intrafamilial closeness has been rewritten by Woody and Soon-Yi, such a central conflict risks being humdrum — especially since Greenberg has not bothered to set off any real sparks.

The functional dysfunction of the happy family? Expand the sub menu Awards.

Opened Oct. Reviewed Sept. But he neglects to add the fundamental condiment of emotional truth.

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Like a Hamptonite cathedral, the web of endless windows and bleached wooden rafters of John Lee Beatty's imposing set for "A Naked Girl on the Appian Way" could hardly be more light and airy. Maybe the endless capacity of the rich for complacency, denial and rationalization? But Richard Greenberg's old-fashioned boulevard comedy in pseudo-provocative clothing is suffocated at every turn by artificiality.

In an ambling opening scene that takes too long to engage, Bess and husband Jeffrey Richard Thomas trade self-satisfied banter that establishes her as a serene homemaker with a sunny disposition and him as an anxiety-ridden asthmatic. Expand the sub menu Film. Playing successful cookbook author Bess Lapin, Jill Clayburgh busily plucks from her kitchen herb garden to prepare a salad of 49 ingredients.

Switch edition between U. Asia Global. But the project is neither completed nor served. Expand the sub menu Music. The playwright is soft on his impossibly articulate characters they casually bandy about terms like phylum, Reichjungen and antinomiangenerally declining to challenge them with any real dramatic meat.

A naked girl on the appian way

Even the Playbill cast photos serve as a clue that Bess and Jeffrey have assembled an insalata tricolore of adopted kids in different hues, with Teutonic Thad, Dominican Juliet and Asian Bill James Yaegashi. Directed by Doug Hughes. Expand the sub menu Digital. You are no longer onsite at your organization. Expand the sub menu Theater.