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Alberto Rosende Naked

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So, she sat down with us to spill some behind-the-scenes secrets about playing Clary Fray, Mia Smoak, and what it was like wrapping two extremely beloved shows. Here's everything we learned from Kat:. During the months and months of auditioning, the cast was able to bond even before officially getting the roles. Kat said, "So it was several auditions over several months, including a few edit chemistry tests with Dom [Sherwood] and a chemistry test with Alberto [Rosende] and we were all sort of in that process together and by the time we got through it, we were already bonded in a way.

Age: 44
What is my ethnicity: I'm cambodian
Who do I prefer: Hetero
Color of my hair: Reddish
My hobbies: Shopping
Smoker: No

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After years of keeping his feelings for his best friend, Clary Fray played by Katherine McNamara a secret, he finally professed his love for her and sealed it with a kiss. Over the past two seasons, fans of the hit Freeform series have watched Simon transform from a normal teenager to one with strong supernatural powers. My job is to get good at boxing. He can never have enough sweet snacks on hand. For me, when the new Star Wars movie Rogue One came out, I knew that Simon totally would be at the movie theater to see it at midnight.

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There are so many different types that you could never get bored. I like vampires that are funny and offer that comedy, and that's what I try to model Simon after. But even as he changed physically, Simon remained the ultimate good guy—and in last week's episode, his longtime loyalty and patience paid off in a major way.

I think that's part of the job, to try to be the person as much as you can and really devote yourself. He definitely went all out for that, and thinking about him being there helps keep him alive.

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We were training six days a week for six weeks before we started shooting, and our action and fight sequences are way more badass now. Close this dialog window View image.

I mean, come on—Jacob was skinny and he had weird hair. I'm always at craft services getting cookies, too.

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He likes to engage in a bit of method acting. And thankfully, our craft team was really good this year on the set. Save Pin FB More.

We could ask for protein shakes whenever we wanted, and every morning when I got to my trailer, there was a coconut water, green tea with lemon and honey, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich waiting for me. His character impacts his playlist preferences IRL. I actually model Simon after my friend Dave who listens to a lot of lo-fi.

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Credit: Nina Duncan. It kept changing. Training-wise, it's been the ultimate dream to get paid to learn all this cool stuff. I think that artistic vision speaks to Simon and the way he sees life, and he also likes that it sounds like these guys did it themselves.

Before tuning in, scroll down for 8 things that we learned about the star during our chat. He can appreciate a vampire with a sense of humor. By Samantha Simon Updated Mar 06, pm. If I had to choose one thing to have on a desert island, it would be a lot of cookies.

He doesn't require much variety in his diet.

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Probably in a Star Wars t-shirt. So he brings a lot of comedy to the show, whereas I think a lot of vampires are these sexy, powerful men who have been alive for hundreds of years.

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