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We had to collect all of the Ashton Kutcher naked moments — he is just too fucking hot and adorable! Little did we know, this new daddy has quite a few bare skin scenes and photos over the years.

Ashton Kutcher Naked Pic

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Kutcher's character goes on to have a fling with another woman in a car and then on a beach… seemingly, a clothing-optional one.

The year-old actor flexes his abs in almost all of his movies, but The Daily Beast has culled his top 10 showings. While taking a break from studying biochemical engineering at a bar near the University of Iowa, a modeling scout spotted Kutcher.

The No Strings Attached star might not be one of Hollywood's most respected actors, but his abs are certainly highly regarded. Crossword Newsletters.

To truly admire Ashton Kutcher's work, one must separate him from his frat-house humor, overexcited voice volume, and affinity Von Dutch hats—instead, we should examine his mid-section. He finds a job as a man in a chicken suit, which he obviously takes off whenever possible.

In Dude, Where's My Car? He may have covered his chin with some undergraduate facial hair in this attempt to tackle the sci-fi time-travel genre, but Kutcher still could not stay covered up from the neck down. See his most exposing roles!

It was a little awkward. In this homemade YouTube video from the set of his film KillersKutcher claimed that he's never had his chest waxed before, thanks to his hair-encouraging roles.

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Why would one bother with clothes to take a ride down a hotel elevator? The bearded psych major character's obsessive studying eventually le Kutcher to a scene in a mental institution. Unfortunately, not even a close up of Kutcher's pecs could save this movie from limping straight to video. TECH Disinformation. In order to get a divorce, a judge tells the newlyweds they must live together for six months, which eventually le her to strip to her bra and him to his boxers.

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Naturally, his wardrobe is minimal—in one scene, for example, he manages to strategically cover himself with a couch pillow. The two meet on an airplane and immediately have sex.

Plus: Check out more of the latest entertainment, fashion, and culture coverage on Sexy Beast—photos, videos, features, and Tweets. The result is a lot of pulling, ripping, and screaming—not unlike a certain cringe-worthy scene from The Year-Old Virgin.

The actor plays a college wrestler who moves home after his twin sister is murdered. As the trial begins, he starts sleeping with an older woman Michelle Pfeiffer whose husband was also killed. A mere seconds into this little-seen drama, Kutcher's shirt is once again off. Soon thereafter, he won the Fresh Faces of Iowa modeling competition and dropped out of college to take advantage of the prize: a trip to New York for an international modeling convention. In his Sin City jaunt, Kutcher plays a carpenter who accidentally marries a stock broker Cameron Diaz after a drunken fling in this romantic comedy fraught with shirtless opportunities.

After a while, your senses become immune to it.

But because his stunt double for the movie was bare-chested, Kutcher was forced to follow suit. The Daily Beast Video. This weekend's new romantic comedy has Kutcher playing an aspiring screenwriter who develops a "with benefits" type of relationship with his close female friend Natalie Portman. This cougar tale features Kutcher as a Los Angeles homeless playboy who drifts from relationship to relationship in search of shelter and cash.

Updated Jul. Modeling Years, While taking a break from studying biochemical engineering at a bar near the University of Iowa, a modeling scout spotted Kutcher. Kutcher and co-star Amanda Peet ed the cinematic mile-high club in this chick flick.

Though this would seem to be the actor's opportunity to showcase his dramatic skills, he instead defaults to not wearing any clothes. He seduces a powerful lawyer played by Anne Heche and moves into her mansion, where they sit by the pool and have sex.