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Oak Ridge North Police said a man was naked and not afraid, exposing himself in several stores in two cities Tuesday. Oak Ridge North detectives got a call from the Kirkland's store on I North that a man had took off his clothes inside the store and walked around naked before putting on his shorts and running away.

Brandon Rogers Naked

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By Matthew Wright For Dailymail.

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Finally, Joe discusses what it's like having ADHD as a teacher and comedian, and his own education experience with it. Will Speck. Bridger Winegar. Actual ray of hilarious sunshine, John Milhiser, s Matt and Dave to discuss parents getting the vaccine, making his own ice cream aka Mumsy's Brandon rogers naked Chocolate Ice Cream, Ocean City New Jersey, his viewing technique for re-watching Sex in the City and what you learn watching it that way, Sex in the City stories theories and the reboot, The Masked Dancer, not loving The Housewives franchise, how John maintains his kind sunny disposition, Dave's experience writing for GayVN Awards Show, John's first gay porn story, how John came out and met his boyfriend, night drinks, House Hunters, being the youngest in the family, fraternity life, meeting his sketch group Serious Lunch, and mimicking your older siblings.

They also discuss writing for teenagers now, in both novels and Britta's work on Riverdale, along with what it's like to adopt a new baby during quarantine.

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Joe also speaks to his absolute love of teaching and doing so during the pandemic. The sublime Will Speck serves as this week's guest, calling in from the set of his upcoming movie! The delightful Ben Siemon is here to chat with Matt and Dave about murder podcasts, The White Lotus, Enlightenment, Hacks, Dave, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, being a theater kid, commercial audition horror stories, social media algorithms, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Britney Spears, slime ball Matt Gaetz, how Ben met his husband Justin, Brandon rogers naked story of their elopement, the future of improv shows and theaters, deciding whether or not to have kids, and Ben's new cats.

Listen on. The brilliant Evan Ross Katz is here to discuss seancody dot com, the evolution of porn, The Flight Attendant, I Care A Lot, Survivor, thoughts on Jeff Probst and Chris Harrison, and the Real Housewives franchise and how worked up fans get, the separation of news and entertainment, AOC, Woody Allen defenders, Mia Farrow, rural towns versus living in NYC, thoughts on trying to predict a post-covid world, meeting his partner on Grindr, Evan's partner's Anna Lytical mission to help more queer people learn tech, microgreens, being a bully in high school and how Evan's evolved since, and thoughts on the Free Britney movement!

She discusses her work in the new and refreshed Queer As Folk, as well as the media that alights her artist brain, such as Sondheim, Mike White, and Pro Wrestling. Charlie Carver. The brilliant Chris Stedman s Matt and Dave to chat about his absolutely compelling new podcast Unread, the timing of the Free Britney movement, Julie, The Turning, Filter, Queen of the Damned, Humanism and being a humanist, meeting his boyfriend on Twitter, and how he's processing the loss in his life.

Joe Dombrowski jumps on with Matt and Dave to talk about his current tour, his appearance on Ellen, how he started in stand up comedy, his love of cult documentaries, and meeting his partner on Tinder. Then must address the breaking news of Britney Spears finally being free sorta.

Sharita repulsa

The delightful Em Schulz s Matt and Dave this week to discuss Brandon rogers naked Housewives, Below Deck, the Saved By The Bell reboot, Em's paranormal and true crime podcast And That's Why We Drink, haunted dolls, ghost tours and how Em got their start in paranormal activities, the afterlife, paranormal experiences growing up, the wild thing a medium said to Dave right before a show, Billy Joel, Queen, Shania Twain, being a teen during the early s, keeping in touch with high school friends, starting fresh in L. Sam Pancake. Got questions? Judy Gold. This week the one and only Margaret Cho is back to discuss make-up brushes on the cats, how easy it was to unplug Trump and how archaic it feels to hear from him now, former friends who've gone full Q-Anon, conspiracy theories, The Clown and the Candyman, Chicken Hawk, Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump, RHOSL, how Margaret handles being a queer icon, being sex-positive during a conservative time, Beach Bunny, The Galileo 7, Phoebe Bridgers, Billie Eilish, BTS and everyone's biases, hating yourself in the 90's, photos from the early to mids lost on a hard drive, thoughts on younger Margaret and aging, waiting for electionThe Servant, pony play, dating younger, sex clubs and the foods they serve, Top of the Pops, liking movies with problematic creators, Star Struck, Over the Moon, and the horrific attacks on Asian Americans.

Nick Axelrod-Welk. Gina Yashere. Glen Weldon. They discuss the Sex and The City reboot, underrated Disney Channel shows, the impressive Raven Symone, Kalen's experience on the Ellen show, and what he looks for in a guy. in Get started. Matt and Dave ask Will about his experience being an adoptive Dad and raising a very cool teenager.

Tig Notaro. Author and Fan Fiction aficionado, Britta Lundin is here this week to discuss her newly released book, Like Other Girls, a YA novel about a group of girls who have ed the high school football team. Evan Ross Katz. Darryl Stephens.

Russell brings astute insight to his work within the wellness industry and some of the ways it can lead to misinformation. The guys take a deep dive into all things products and regimes, then they discuss childhood beauty memories, how Nick got into the skincare business, creating a unisex brand and becoming ubiquitous, Nick's one marketing tip, ADHD, Murder on Middle Beach, Unorthodox, Jeffrey Epstein, boarding school, Adderall, Nick's new baby Evie, "fancy conversion therapy", the evolution of psychiatry, how Nick met his husband, and OnlyFans!

Lightweights podcast

Mike Doyle. Bundle of love Jonathan Parks-Ramage s Matt and Dave to discuss mispronunciations, Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Basic Instinct, Single White Female, Fatal Attraction, Sliver, Total Eclipse, alternative movie endings, erotic thrillers, coming out at years-old, getting bullied by a jock and the lesbian teacher who put him in his place, early fashion choices, high school romances, going to CCM for Musical Theater, Masque gay bar in Dayton Ohiogetting the note to "share not Cher", berets, quitting musical theater, evangelical church, how he met his partner Ryan O'Connell, and Jonathan's book Yes Daddy aka the first Homophilia Summer Book Club selection of !

Matt and Dave ask about the dating scene in New Orleans and the vibrant queer community there, where Queer As Folk will be taking place! Ben Siemon. Lawrence Chaney.

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Savvy and talented Kalen Allen s us this week for an incredible interview. Norman takes Matt and Dave on a roller coaster ride of emotions as he dishes about fan mail sent to his cousin's bakery, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, pasties Michigan meat pie pastrybeing on the cover of OUT magazine, being labeled as Bi and controlling your own narrative in the '90s, behind-the-scene stories from the first season of The Real World and The Real World: Homecoming, Becky, metaphysics, dating horror stories, opportunistic people, hardships, Norm's artwork and Chocolate Bunny paintings, current dating updates, and why he's not sure he's Dancing with the Stars material.

Matt, Dave, and Jaclyn discuss how "Art Isn't Easy" and how to enjoy bad work from people you admire. Russell Brown. The incredibly handsome and smart Charlie Carver talks with Matt and Dave about Charlie's time in London during the pandemic, working through childhood trauma with his brother, being a twin and working together, The Leftovers, his relationship with religion growing up, coming out, getting slapped at an Emmy party and getting closure, coming out around the same time as his dad, The Boys in the Band, getting permanently Brandon rogers naked from a dating app because they thought he was a fake and predictions for the new world.

Joe Dombrowski. Alec Mapa. Tom DeTrinis and Drew Droege. Gem of a friend Nikki Levy is here to chat with Matt and Dave about her new Brandon rogers naked show Owning It, going to the same fertility center as Lance Bass, the benefits of recording from home, getting out in the new world, Mare of Easttown, Veneno, Casey Wilson's Wreckage of My Presence, co-dependent moms, Nikki's embryo transfer, Matt and Dave's stance on kids, morning s and The Artist Way, pandemic married life, how Nikki met her wife, being a creative versus being an executive and the right to change your mind.

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Kalen even brings a little scoop about a new project he's working on. Sandra Bernhard. Jonathan Parks-Ramage.

John Milhiser. The utterly charming Mike Doyle s Matt and Dave in an epic battle against the wifi in this episode. Margaret Cho Returns! British Queen and artist, Tia Kofi s Matt and Dave this week from across the pond to discuss the upcoming Manchester Pride celebration, her thoughts on the recent series of Drag Race All Stars, along with her own suggestions for the show.

Hurwitz. Matt and Dave ask Kalen about his career philosophy as a digital content creator, moving from YouTube to television and beyond. Tia Kofi. Michael Kennedy. Apple Podcasts. Jaclyn Moore.

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Kylie and our hosts also cover her move to Las Vegas from LA, her love of acting, falling asleep to the Brady Bunch, and how she approaches dating life. Tia talks about her newly released single, "Outside In", the dating scene after Drag Race, how to be a fan of Harry Potter without indulging JK, and studying theology in school.

Isaac Mizrahi. Nigel Campbell and Big Freedia! Where to listen. Along with discussing his practice and inspirations, Russell also talks about his recent vacay to Provincetown, meeting his partner the very first week of Grindr, and his background in the film industry. Finally, Tia and our hosts figure out who's paying for the tequila shots! Babs Gray Returns! Kylie Sonique Love.

Be sure to check out Tig's podcasts! Chris Stedman. Matteo Lane. us at homophiliapod at gmail dot com! The truly delightful Zeke Smith s Dave and Matt to discuss Palm Springs, Drag Race, the Grandes, easing your way into the new world, water aerobics, Survivor sanity techniques, Ted Lasso, We're Here, loving Harry Potter and now hating Harry Potter, transitioning, growing up in Edmond Oklahoma, therapy, meeting and falling in love with his partner Nico, dating apps, cruising, having a religion degree from Harvard, his current relationship with religion, and Zeke's amazing new comedy pilot!

Em Schulz. After Matt and Dave unpack the latest with Colton Underwood, they introduce a double feature that's going to be tough to beat. Talented and hilarious Justin Kirkland, Culture Writer for Brandon rogers naked, has arrived as guest this week to discuss legs, fraternities, and Dolly Parton. She discusses what it was like to return to Drag Race and have a second chance at showing her incredible talent. Norman Korpi.

Pocket Casts. Finally, listen to find out what characters they "ship" from huge fandoms, such as Edge and Bono! Everyone is hot and bothered that dream guest Andy Cohen is here! You will be enthralled by this interview! Finally, Matt asks Will about someone we all absolutely love, Jennifer Aniston.

Clea DuVall. Justin Kirkland. It's Homophilia's th episode!!! Finally, Kylie tells the story of her dog becoming a father to some miracle puppies! Babs shares how her new podcast Toxic: The Britney Spears Story came to be, the pivot from comedy to journalism, how Babs met her partner, getting back up on stage after the pandemic, being part of the Emmy nominated Brandon rogers naked Britney Spears, and what she and Dave will be wearing to the Emmy parties.

Zeke Smith. The incomparable Tig Notaro is here to talk with Matt and Dave about what was good aboutmoving past "just griping" in therapy, trending on Twitter, Tig's new movie Army of the Dead, being sexy as AF fuck, turning 50, being vegan and getting vegan certified, what is a ham, her wife Stephanie, Under a Rock with Tig Notaro, Crip Camp and of course top-notch Jennifer Aniston stories. Andy Cohen. Ts Madison. Kalen Allen. Britta Lundin. Google Podcasts. Nikki Levy.