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Claire Underwood Nude

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Claire Underwood Robin Wrightthough…. We always knew Frank was remorseless, but Claire, until recently, always had these hints of humanity poking through her frosty exterior.

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And what were the conversations with Frank and Melissa like about where your character ends up? They were very game for that. Close the menu Logo text. I heard a couple of different things about it. And the thing I was actually happy with with Melissa and Frank was they really wanted to tell their story and they did.

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Zoe Barnes was after something. What would Yates most like to see Claire accomplish as president? Is it possible they could have just left, disappeared and gone somewhere else? Whereas Don Taylor is still out there somewhere. It was OK. What do you think Yates meant to Claire that no one else in the world did? I sort of wiped him from my hard drive. By Brian Porreca. Logo text. That was part of getting to where she was going.

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I find that a lot of the decision-making and things that are happening now are pretty crazy, and I feel like we had a sense of that. There was some discussion of that. Sex scenes in general are so difficult to do. I know that there was talk about whether the book would come out, and people have lots of theories about what the book is. I really do. I feel it just as an actor on the show playing that part. I feel like they thought Tom being in the world would always limit Claire. Whether it was Frank Underwood Kevin Spacey tossing Zoe Barnes Kate Mara in front of a train, or Doug Stamper Michael Kelly burying his former lover Rachel Posner Rachel Brosnahan in the desert — most of the characters on the political thriller have got blood on their hands in one way or another.

She knows what they are seeing. About: House of Cards. Same with Frank. And ironically it was while Yates was telling the now sitting president how beautiful she really is. Claire is in a really sticky situation where she and Francis are constantly conniving and making decisions that are not the most ethical or moral. To be fair to all three of them, they are different people. What Tom became for her was an alternate future. And people are actually only interested in seeing day-after-day of ridiculous behavior.

That is the hard part. We normalized insanity. Claire underwood nude were the conversations like on-set during the election and after Trump was elected? How different was the dynamic with new showrunners Melissa and Frank versus working with Beau Willimon and what were the major differences?

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What does she lose without having him by her side? All Rights reserved. It would not come with some sort of consequences. What are your thoughts on the way in which Claire killed him? Instead, she killed her lover Tom Yates Paul Sparks by poisoning him and watching him die while the two were having sex.

The poetry of her doing it I think he would appreciate. She was an animal in D. He was never a part of that world.

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Tom always dealt with them as just a person and not a monster or not a god-like entity. They are so uncomfortable and weird. She shared more with him than most.

Did you and the other actors weigh in at all on storylines post-Trump being elected? Beau is a really, really good friend of mine. I loved him.

Claire underwood nude off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things House of Cards. She trusts the people that she works with. I went on the show and became really close with Beau. It played out as we were shooting. I just say what they tell me. Was there a role you wish you had more time with? You are afforded the luxury of this long life. She needed to step over that herself and it would harm her. They were thinking a lot about what to do with him. Would you like to see his book get published and did you talk at all about revealing more of what Yates wrote in it?

I would be curious to hear their exact statement on why they chose to do it. Yeah, during the sex scene. Related Stories. Maybe that formed a callus over my wounds about it.

He was a really talented guy. And until now, Claire Underwood Robin Wright has never been the one to pull the trigger at least that fans know of. How early on did you know the fate of Yates? This is what happens in this business. What was that dynamic like when she was directing you in the scene while also starring in it?

I guess she could kill Frank, right? We were shooting when it happened. Did she try and do it the most painless way possible? I love the long form. There was this moment where I woke up in the middle of night, and I have a family and kids, and I did wake up in a panic.

In a way, he was trying to make it work, and I think what [Frank and Melissa] were hoping for were characters that were equal to each other, which is almost impossible to be that. In many ways, this throws that out. I try not to get too involved.

Did that change at any point from when you ed the show? I love those guys. Did you talk about alternate ways she could kill him? They really wanted to look at him trying to make this impossible relationship possible. From the very beginning, Yates has always been a person who is actually really disinterested in politics and just really interested in people and specifically these powerful people that are in these really hard situations. Robin directed the episode where she kills you, and you also had to film a sex scene as part of his murder.

This season we see the murder of Zoe Barnes catching up to Frank, but with Stamper taking the fall for it.

In a way, I think that Yates is almost kind of down with her killing him. Or maybe not since she killed him. Yates is her first murder victim that we know of. In what ways does the murder of your character ify a turning point for Claire and a role reversal with her and Frank? I just got really sad and hung myself in a closet or something. This year with The Night Of and House of Cards, you played two characters where their stories came to an end. June 5, am. Oh God, I have no idea.