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Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, to be exact. Did you really expect something different from a franchise that brought David Hasselhoff to space? Just to recap, this Sharknado movie takes place five years after the last Sharknado attack. It was up to the viewers to decide whether or not she lives by using the hashtags AprilLives or AprilDies. Spoiler alert: April lives… Sort of! To answer your question, yes, there were Wizard of Oz references.

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I just wanted to be on TV. However, the money was never really something that could be overcome. The stand-in was only on-stage for a few seconds before the switch was made. There are still memes about it and people are still talking about it.

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The tweets were deleted almost immediately. Throughout the early-mid s, Miley seemed to be at the center of a string of scandals, one right after the other. He also co-created the show Roundhouse for Nickelodeon. Because of this, Miley noted in an interview with Elle that she was ificantly underpaid on Hannah Montana. In California, where Cyrus was at the time of the incident, sale of the salvia plant is legal.

This cody linley photo contains hunk, six pack, abs, ab crack, flat stomach, skin, skintone, nude colored, partial nakedness, and implied nudity. there might also be swimming trunks and bathing trunks.

Related Topics Lists. It remains to be seen whether the show will be remembered for its positive message or its behind-the-scenes antics. Only a few years into her Hannah Montana fame, the young singer posed for a suggestive shoot for Vanity Fair. Miley only added fuel to that fire when she sent Billy Ray a series of cryptic tweets.

There are very specific labor laws regarding child actors.

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The legacy of Hannah Montana is still going strong, and it is not always a positive one. In an interview with GQ that was conducted when Miley was 18, just after the show had come to a close, Billy Ray Cyrus pulled no punches in explaining that the show ruined the lives of the family. However, nobody really knew what to make of the situation. This instance was no different, as the double was on stage while Miley made a costume change, in order to make the change appear as though it happened immediately.

Though the pictures caused a stir, both insisted that the photos were harmless and certainly were not meant to convey anything sexual.

Even though he was not of legal age, Musso was released on of no outstanding warrants. While some had speculated that one or both of them released the pictures themselves, it was never really investigated.

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Some still remember the show fondly, while others have had their troubles since and even others have claimed that the series ruined their lives. However, things only blew up more after. There are many confusing things about this. As a kid who was no doubt simply delighted to have her own TV show, Miley was not remotely prepared for the long, grueling hours of network television.

For many, this was the start of Cyrus rebelling against her Disney Channel image. While many immediately assumed that the substance was marijuana, it turned out to be salvia. Inhe pitched a show to Disney —a musical sitcom by the name of Rock and Roland.

Willow, of course, is the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. As is the case with every kids show— but especially one as high profile as this— not everything was as happy and fun behind-the-scenes as viewers saw on screen. It's hard not to admit that the plot sounds very familiar. Miley caused yet another controversy inwhen she was seen on-camera smoking something from a bong.

While Hannah Montana leaves a lasting legacy of music and merchandise, it also leaves a legacy of controversy.

For better or worse, this is going to go down as one of the most talked about music moments of the decade. Once the photos broke online, that was definitely called into question.

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Let us know in the comment section. Poryes, however, was much more successful and wound up settling with Disney. The idea centered around a middle school student who was a regular, normal kid by day and a pop superstar by night.

They included a shot baring a bare-midriff, as well as another displaying a wet T-shirt.

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He claims that they changed the genders of all the main characters— an option he apparently gave them in the pitch— and went on to produce the show under the name Hannah Montana. Known as much for her offstage antics as her onstage presence, the singer has long-since shed her alter ego. There are no known harmful effects of salvia, but many still took issue with Cyrus smoking the substance, especially since she was still starring on Hannah Montana.

Her co-stars and even her father were not immune. That means you have to be blond, and you have to have long hair, and you have to put on some tight glittery thing. This seems to be at least one clear-cut instance of a situation being blown out of proportion.

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They were often 12 hour plus days. Years later, this is still the most infamous thing Miley Cyrus has ever done. Actors under a certain age can only be working for a few hours at a time without a break. By Nat Brehmer Published Oct 03, Share Share Tweet 0. Musso was subjected to a field sobriety test and breathalyzer, blowing above the legal limit. Though it has many of the same qualities, salvia is legal in many more states— even more so at the time, before marijuana legalization truly began to kick off.

Obviously, that series became an international phenomenon, one that is still widely beloved over a decade after its release. When she was only 15 years old, a group of photos intended for then-boyfriend Nick Jonas leaked online. Over a decade after the premiere of Hannah MontanaMiley Cyrus is still an international superstar.

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He noted in an interview with E! The incident did have more lasting effects on his career, though. Hannah Montana has moved away from a pop culture phenomenon and now remains a strong point of nostalgia for those who grew up with it. For others, it was simply a case of an 18 year-old engaging in pretty standard behavior. Part of the issue with the photos was that both Miley and Nick sported purity rings at the time, insisting that they were abstaining from sex before marriage. The family had made nearly every decision in the public spotlight, so to not have insight into such a personal issue was something that drove fans crazy.

This was after the first couple controversies had come to light. Buddy Sheffield is a writer best known for working on the sketch comedy In Living Color. Hannah Montana generated millions for Disney. During the performance, Miley took to the stage in a flesh-colored bodysuit to twerk and grind up against Robin Thicke, who was dressed like Beetlejuice for reasons unknown.

This was especially true inwhen the year-old actor released an Instagram snap of himself in bed with the year-old Smith. Do you know of any other behind-the-scenes secrets about Hannah Montana? In fact, it will likely go down as the moment when Miley shed the Hannah Montana image for good.

Still, the actor managed to put the incident behind him. After this, Musso was written out of the series Pair of Kings, in which he was a main character, and even led to the cancellation of the show PrankStars, which he hosted as himself. In a show as big and technical as something like Hannah Montana, all kinds of tricks are employed to keep the audience dazzled.

She claims that she had to have coffee poured down her throat to get her through it sometimes, as she was so exhausted. Some of these photos are taken with her father, who somehow must have seen the whole thing as harmless.

However, the Internet always latches onto things like this. Both parties said the same thing, though: they insisted that there had been a breach of contract over compensation and sought ing.