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I'm Derek atlas nude chica who loves tradition sex

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Derek Atlas Nude

Online: Yesterday


Tweet I've been waiting to get my hands on Derek Atlas' bod for a long time. He's a very open guy who just happens to look like he should be living in a superhero universe.

Years: 20
Ethnicity: I'm malaysian
Sexual identity: I like shy man
I know: English, French
What is my body type: Strong
What I like to drink: Whisky
What I like to listen: Heavy metal
Other hobbies: Swimming
Smoker: Yes

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Dario devours Derek's neck, armpit, and nipple with his moist lips. Well-primed, Darius is more than ready for his hole to be speared. As Derek's cock penetrates Jacob's throat, his fingers drill Jacob's ass.

Switching to a divide-and-conquer strategy, Derek takes Brian's mouth while Sean fucks the well-lubed hole. It's a wild, uninhibited sexual connection, and the two fuckstuds drive each other to the brink of orgasm. Leaning backwards in his poolside chair, Derek guides Josh's head to deepen the intensity of the spit-lubed blowjob. Then he probes his cock deep into the crevice.

They smile as they make out passionately. The heat of the group builds and inspire Derek to plow Dario relentlessly, and it moves Sebastian to fill up David's hole with power. Jacob uses the tip of his tongue to fuck Derek's dick-slit. Darius uses his own hands to spread his cheeks wide, opening up so Derek's massive cock can probe deeply.

Dario flips over and milky cum squirts from his cock. They start by tonguing each other's mouths and jacking their erect cocks. Duncan's shaggy hair provides a perfect grip. Brenner hooks an ankle over Derek's shoulder and sprays gobs of cum across his own ridged abs.

Sebastian slams David onto a mat where they can 69 each other's poles and Derek atlas nude each other's holes. Dario gets on his back so Derek can skewer his fuck hole even more deeply. Derek sucks, spanks and rims all at once. Derek takes them to a motorcycle shop where they shift into a high gear three way.

Derek atlas wakes up to morning wood and gets beefy nick sterling to take care of it

Sean and Derek swap ends; Brian wants it all and he takes it like a champ. Landon's cock stands stiffly at attention, and he offers it to Derek, who sucks until he manages to swallow the whole thing. Derek Atlas face-fucks Dario Beck to the point that saliva and cock juice are running down Dario's stubbled chin. Derek provides bulk and drive; his thrusts pound Jacob hard and deep as he holds him by the dick.

David Benjamin orders 'gimme that cock! They change position again and again, finding new ways for flesh to contact flesh, until Derek squirts a creamy puddle of spunk on Jacob's pale ass that drips to the floor as Jacob's load shoots across the table.

Derek's hot cum erupts just in time for Duncan to catch it in his welcoming mouth. Ryan's face slides down Derek's body to find a hard cock and fat balls released from their pouch and waiting.

Derek Atlas emerges from behind a curtain of chains, holding his throbbing hard cock. The more aggressive Sebastian servers up his meat to David, the more David seems to like it. Both have toned and defined chests covered with dark hair.

In a single move, he strips away the fabric and engulfs Darius' cock with his mouth. When the intensity proves more than the chair can sustain, Josh braces his smooth body against the trunk of a palm tree while Derek continues his thrusting.

Derek's gravity-defying hard on leaps into Josh's mouth. Derek squeezes and parts Dario's furry cheeks so he can drive his nose and tongue into the center.

Josh conners derek atlas - poolside 1

Next, Derek pushes Duncan into a shoulder stand and splits the cheeks of his ass and bends low to steal a passionate kiss. Ryan wants some of what he's giving Derek, so they swap positions, with Ryan giving Derek a lap dance that makes their balls tingle. In turns, each stud fucks the other's face and eats his ass until their holes shudder.

Derek pulls it towards his face with his muscular outstretched arms and buries Derek atlas nude tongue and lips into Duncan's hole. Brenner goes down and deep-throats Derek, who dribbles saliva into Brenner's mouth for an extra-slick suck. Derek and Dario get in line, Derek jamming his tongue in David's hole while Dario laps up Derek's, and the Clusterfuck!

Derek uses his hairy forearms to guide Brenner's head, helping him swallow every inch. Their lips and torsos press together to ensure maximum contact where it counts: tongues, nipples, and cocks. Derek gives him a thorough oral workout, adding a finger in the ass for deeper satisfaction.

To fully satisfy their voracious sex drives, they switch places so that Derek can penetrate Landon's hole.

Derek atlas wakes up to morning wood and gets beefy nick sterling to take care of it

Trading thing up Sebastian gives it to versatile Derek while David and Dario swap sloppy blowjobs and make out. They are standing abs to abs, exploring each other's lusting bodies with their hands. They kiss, and Derek mounts him like a beast, with powerful, rapid strokes backed up by pounds of muscle. Derek grasps the chains overhead and unleashes his sex drive by fucking Dario's face. Darius is all smooth and slender. But as good as Duncan's throat feels, you can tell by the look in Derek's eyes that Duncan's ass beckons.

Eager to eat some ass, Derek makes Brenner get on his hands and knees, and the rimjob gets Brenner worked up and ready to get fucked! Derek's muscular frame is meaty and furry. They swivel into a sixty-nine position.

They grease his hole with their tongues and probe it with their fingers. Derek bends over and points his ass at Landon, and Landon spears Derek's hole like a bull seeing red. Reaching the edge, their massive cocks spew their seed. Their mutual release comes in a climactic embrace as their dicks blast cum through the air.

Ryan is smooth with a muscled athletic build and a distinct five o'clock shadow on his angular jawline. Separating, they grab their cocks and let their hot juices boil over. Chewing each other's lips and nipples makes those bulges grow, until Josh is compelled to rip off Derek's suit.

Landon wraps one hand around Derek's cock and reaches around to slide a finger into Derek's perfect ass. In between intense kissing, Sean and Derek battle to service Brian's hot hole. Spit provides lube for finger entry.

Trading places, Derek gives oral pleasure to Josh's big cock and balls. They kiss passionately, displaying their solid muscle and coarse body hair. Derek is eager to possess the hard flesh in Darius' swim trunks. They fuck like animals and sweat covers Landon's abs.

After a heated plowing, they separate and, in a hot change-up, Derek offers up his hole. Derek is furry, broad-shouldered and massively muscular. Flesh slams hard into willing flesh as Derek plunges his cock into Josh's hole. All three ripped studs are clad in white jocks, and Brian Bonds' ass is framed and ready for the rimming.

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After a juicy oral session, Dario offers his hungry hairy ass. Derek bursts like a dam, shooting white clots of semen across Dario's ridged abs. Brenner to give the 'ready' al, and Derek drives his cock doggy-style into Brenner's hole. Derek straddles Brenner's shoulders and shoots high-velocity jets of semen across his face and neck. Besides the sucking and rimming, each stud feeds off the sexual fuel of the others. Their cries pierce Derek atlas nude air as Duncan drops onto his back and grabs his cock, which shoots milky streams of spunk across the treasure trail on his torso. Sean and Derek use their hard, furry muscle to provide the momentum for unrelenting oral and anal fucking.

Brian shoots his wad first, then Derek and Sean douse him with a double-barreled oral cum shot from both sides. Derek Atlas has just the thing to satisfy Duncan's appetite, as he serves up his hard cock for Duncan to suck on.

The pool chair doubles as a fucking platform, Josh bending over it with a leg hooked across the back. Derek's broad shoulders and muscular chest rock rhythmically as he pumps Duncan's face. Then his tongue travels to Derek's meaty cock. Then, as the entire group is edging, Derek gets up in David's ass hard before David gets bathed in everyone's warm and sticky cum. The friction of fur on fur sets up a current of sexual electricity that makes them quiver and vocalize their ecstasy.

Dripping with desire, Darius relaxes Derek's hole with his tongue before penetrating it with his rock hard cock. They exult in the freedom to be hard, horny and without inhibitions. Derek is first to flip onto his back and spread his legs, abandoning his hole to a deep drilling. He squeezes his balls with anticipation and his finger drifts erotically back and forth across his tight fuck hole. Dario's hormones spur him to jump up and seductively greet him with a passionate kiss. They mold their bodies together, kissing passionately and Jacob is eager to suck Derek's throbbing cock.

Landon returns the favor for his buddy. At the edge of endurance, they separate and lock tongues while jerking out hot lo onto their hot bodies. There's plenty Derek atlas nude eye contact, touching, caressing and stroking, and there's something in those kisses, because they keep returning for more.