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Avery was sitting alone on the couch working on the last of her homework when her step-father came in guiding one of his patients to the door. A while later Bennett and Chloe came back to see that Avery was now done with her homework and watching TV. Avery and Chloe raced upstairs to Avery's room before Bennett had opened the door. Upstairs the two were racing off to Avery's room. Chloe walked over to Avery's face and kissed her. The kiss shocked Avery and she pulled her head away.

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One moment they were laughing then she was frozen, her eyes wide as an unthinkable scene unfolded. He was still working on getting used to the changes his body was going through thanks to his being turned. He was also one of the most wealthiest men in Britain which certainly eased the sting. Run away, please.

He got his overhead bag and packed up all of his belongings before getting in the line of people exiting the plane. He'd had to borrow a whip from one of the guards, and after a brief introduction to how it worked, set out to find some of his friends to fulfill his task. Avery never wanted to hurt anyone, not even when he fed, so this was the absolute worst thing that could have happened to him. Lindsay, Avery, Chloe and Stan Wallpapers. Victor clutched his chest, gasped for air and fell flat on the bed.

F : florence, franny, fiorella, faith, fiona, faye, farrah, freya, fern, flor, frankie. I hate that they made us move cells. Born in the picturesque village of Alton, her father was the eldest of the Avery brood and entitled to their family home which spanned acres and was hidden by large trees to stop the prying Muggles disturbing their peace. It became evident that Edwin Avery had to remain at work, as, despite the many galleons their family had in the vault, his dear wife would power through it so quickly he had to keep making money in order for her to afford the lifestyle she wanted.

I hope that you have a merry Christmas! Newly infamous for her suspected ruthless pursuit of the finer things in life, Genevieve Avery is a beautiful witch whose assets and flirtatious behaviour have caught the attention of many in wizarding London. Recently bereaved herself, Genevieve established a friendship with Victor acting as a comforting shoulder to cry on, much to the confusion of her close circle of friends.

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He rubbed their hair and gave both a one-armed hug, feeling ecstatic to be back with his siblings. As a great of wizarding French high society were married off and her prospects slimmed she ventured over to England. The Avery family were long standing in wizarding Britain, a member of The Sacred Twenty-Eight they had kept hold of their family money and estate by moving with the times and achieving advantageous careers in the Ministry and working in Quidditch. She hated anyone having more standing in society than she did. He felt his family before he saw them, in the form of tiny arms barreling full speed into his legs.

A couple of hours into marriage, a brief sexual encounter and he was gone. He had no idea when the whole not needing to sleep thing kicked in but he was looking forward to it. Everything else was to be divided up between Mariette and Genevieve.

A few years of partying and balls were gravely enjoyed by Genevieve and her friends until the untimely death of her father in a freak horse riding accident.

His eyes were already red and puffy from crying after he'd gotten the text message and felt the compulsion settle over him. The first, she was a widow at just twenty-seven. Love, Gen. Poster Art by John Solie.

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Dear Avery, I hate that they made us move cells. Career witches, Genevieve admired their desire for happiness beyond their family name and money but knew that it wasn't life for her. She desired a new castle to conquer and new people to become her subjects or aid in her quest. Refusing to sell the house, Genevieve watched as her brother took charge of the family, procuring a job working for the Ministry and cutting off his mother from the family funds.

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His heart mellowed as he bent over to grab and lift her. All my love, Gen. She is currently OPEN. Lindsay from Dog with a Blog And her Best friend. The prompt was youth. View Full. After he set her down, he was embraced from both sides by the twins, Allyn and Avery. Their family were in ruin, Genevieve was poor but only they knew. Mariette was a French Pure-Blood witch who longed for a live similar to that of a queen, eating pastries each day and sitting on a large estate telling people what to do and throwing grand parties.

I hope that something changes again. He was happy to be home from the Empire, but also upset that this was his home. Summer was ending, and Ambrose wanted nothing more than to extend it. Thankfully he hasn't scheduled any early morning classes this semester, so he had plenty of time to get himself moving first thing in the mornings.

Anything he was feeling at that moment was quickly replaced as he walked to the area where families picked up their loved ones. When Victor Wilkes proposed marriage Genevieve was overjoyed, refusing any money from her brother and clutching onto Genevieve with pride and love. Ambrose was still scared to face his parents when he walked back, but he knew that as long as he was with his siblings, everything would be alright in the end.

Dressed in her finery, Genevieve excused herself from the party to consummate her marriage. His youngest sister, Genevieve, was now hugging his legs like a constrictor, giving him no leeway to move.

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As he sat on the plane, he stared out the window and let his mind wander to what he was going home to. As they lied together, kissing passionately something happened. Ambrose felt a sharp twinge of pain in his heart, knowing that he hurt his brothers, but he quickly brushed it aside and just embraced them tighter. As he walked through the halls, he let out a choked sob when his gaze fell on a familiar figure walking toward him. The Avery family were rich but they were powerful and kind people, quite the opposite from the woman Edwin married.

Genevieve was one of the most desired and mythical creatures to walk the walls of Hogwarts and would enter into society with a strong platform to accept one of many proposals she was sure to procure. Genevieve and her younger brother JASPER grew up dressed in specially deed clothing, eating cake and puff pastry by their pool, tending to winged horses they had in stables on the property and attending the most strange and wonderful parties their mother could dream up.

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A : aurianna, addison, alannah, allegra, alina, alma, andra, avril, abella, arizona, annalise, amelia, aspen, alejandra, ayla, ales, alessia, anessa, asia, aline, adrienne, avery, armani, adaline, arden. He stepped off the plane and felt several emotions wash over him.

All she had needed was a ring and some very unfortunate luck. Despite telling Gen that he was awake, Avery slumped back in his bed after putting away his phone, groaning to himself. He knew his parents would have words for him, and the fear wrenched inside of his gut as he stepped onto the plane that would ferry him across the ocean to his home.

Jasper did not have enough money to pay for a large marriage contract between Genevieve and another young member of The Sacred Twenty-Eight, knowing that to marry into their spectacle of a family a large sum would be required. There were a few names Genevieve had come to memorise asRowle, Parkinson, Malfoy and Flint were high up on her list of potential friends and as she heard a few echo round the carriages of the train she selected her seat carefully and got to put a face to the names.

Genevieve panicked. Allyn and Avery were always excited to see their older brother, and Genevieve would be ecstatic. Being around you makes me feel like no matter what, everything will work out in the end. There are so many people who hardly talk to one another, yet I have been blessed enough to find someone who makes living in a cell worth forsaking the outside for.

By the end of the flight, his mood had considerably improved. Avery Jennings. His mother and father would be furious. The second was- that even if she split the profits with his children equally, she was one of the wealthiest women in Britain and finally she had achieved everything she had ever wanted.

Geneive was a vision in white, radiating elegance as the most important people in wizarding Europe came to watch her marry. B : blaire, brooke, brooklyn, bruna, bettina, bianca, becca, bella, bonnie, brielle, blake, bodhi, beverly, bambi, bronte, billie, briar, bria, birdie, brighton. C : catalina, cerise, celeste, celene, carson, camila, cecilia, callista, cadence, cassie, carmen, cali, charlie, camryn, camille, clara, claudete, chantel, chachi, capri, cove, chanel.

Mariette was an outlandish woman.

Why did it have to be you? The estate would pass to her brother as was tradition, with a portion of the proceeds protected for Jasper to access when he became head of their house after the death of their mother. D : diana, devi, dylan, daphne, dani, delphine, dahlia, delia, darcy, dawn, davina, dove, daisy, delaney, dua, darya, delilah, dixie, dior, dulce, dina, dayana. Victor was kind to her, he was attractive for his age and although he had a son who was older than her, she could see herself forging some sort of happiness with him. The plane landed, and Ambrose went through the typical motions of getting off.

Love, Avery. She gave a squeal as he spun her around once before squeezing her into a tight hug. Her family had enough money to ensure Genevieve could continue to have exactly the life she wanted and later marry anyone who she felt was befitting of her attention. I hope that you are having a very happy Valentines Day and staying warm.

E : ember, eloisa, eleonora, emara, elena, esme, emery, emmeline, elsa, eva, evie, emmy, estelle, esther, evelyn, erin, eliana, everly, emerson, elle, ezra, eiza, eden. He could have sworn that he had just laid his head back down when he heard footsteps getting close to the cell and he sat upright, realizing he was still naked under his sheet. He had no desire to stay in the Empire, but going home felt wrong. Both very hetrong and intelligent women, Genevieve and Anastasia had all the tools to be successful in whatever career paths they chose, but the pull of being famous and desired within high society was too exciting to ignore.

Genevieve Avery-Wilkes was married and ready to start her life of deer gowns, balls and bonbons.