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If he is about to leave her forever he has to know that she is entirely his. So after she sucked my cock in the car, I rushed to my home and brought her inside.

He slowly slides her pink panties off her hips and legs. Her pussy juices are flowing onto his cock, but he just goes faster and harder.

She was still horny, and she wanted to taste me again. So when her phone stopped working, I offered to drive her home instead. The sexy babe took off her clothes quickly, as I watched from the bed. She even let me touch her amazing breast like that. He pushes her on the bed and starts kissing her all over. The inked brunette shook her perfect ass in front of the man, and his tongue quickly found its way between her buttocks. But he is sure she is lying, she is still smitten with him.

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She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had her fingers buried deep inside of her vagina, and she was on the verge of cumming. He fucked her lady hole missionary style and watched her caress her pink pearl.

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She can feel his breath right now… his mouth hovering just above her tummy, her breast, her pussy, tempting her, teasing her, a very sensual torture. Pretending to have lost a speaker, she asked her partner to come upstairs and help her find the item.

It slides in with ease and she began to ride him. Lifting up and slamming herself down onto his cock, grinding her hips against his over and over. She is afraid to admit to herself that she loves how he fucks her. He has made her cum a lot, but he keeps going.

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She screams out in pleasure, slamming herself down on his cock. At first, I could only hear quiet moans, but when I got closer I saw a gorgeous girl, laying down on her blanket, with her leggings and panties pulled down. She said that she never had sex with a stranger before!

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He pushes her onto the bed. He was not an idiot of course, and he happily took advantage of the situation. Her favorite position was on top, so she took the rod for a ride, now facing her lover. She orgasms way too easily. Now she is finally completely open to him, her legs spread so wide that her tight little pussy is exposed. He traces his tongue on her slit.

She is devastated and heartbroken.

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She lifts her hips, which is always the that a girl wants her panties taken off. She pulled down her bra and exposed her boobs to me. She claims she loves her boyfriend. She is grinding her hips, covering his face with her sweet juices.