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A camp of what would seem to be a group of naturalists located in the mountain area near Paleto Bay. The camp is littered with glyphs and possible UFO markings.

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It is almost completely isolated from the rest of civilization, giving it a creepy atmosphere. The camp itself is made up of many wooden shacks, abandoned houses and a water milland it's surrounded by large walls.

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The altruists

The word "altruist" means a person who has a selfless concern for the welfare of others. They are quite militant about these beliefs. One can find the logo of the Altruist Cult there, along with a string of morse code. One of the glyphs they have drawn around their camp, seems to show the sun with a UFO in the center, and it has been suggested by theorists that the cult knows something about the mystery that they are not letting on, though, again, there is no hard evidence to prove this.

As noted above, the cult's website, especially its color scheme and a list of beliefsbears a strong resemblance to the Heaven's Gate official website. After the mission Nervous RonTrevor receives a text from Ron mentioning the cult requests lost soulsin exchange for cash.

The altruists

Other Myths. The Altruist Cult has a mantra that can be heard after Trevor delivers his fourth victim to the cult. The Heaven's Gate religious group gained notoriety on March 26,when the bodies of 39 members of the cult were found dead in a mansion in San Diego, California, as a result of a mass suicide carried out by them. Cryptic Myths. Explore Wikis Community Central.

The Altruists are widely believed to be sun worshippers, as their village is rife with graffiti depicting what looks like the sun, alongside messages such as Praise Him and He Is Risenthough this has never been solidly proven. The cult's website is www.

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Their website gives a lot of details about their culture, as does a lot of their dialogue, from which, players can infer that they hate the modern world, and its reliance on technology. The majority of the symbols scattered around the cave resemble the sun, with a single marking on the rear face of the cave very similar to UFO markings found elsewhere, particularly atop the diagram of the Mount Chiliad Cable Car Station, hinting at a connection between the cave and the Mount Chiliad Mystery.

He must then fight his way out of the compound by killing all of the cult members. All of them, except the money, respawn. A random event can be triggered at Baytree Canyon Road in Grand Senora Desertwhere two cult members attempt to attack a woman.

Alternatively, a fifth passenger can be delivered, if after delivering 3 passengers, the players delivers a couple of drunk young npcs to the cult. After four people are delivered, an event is triggered, in which Trevor is taken into the camp at gunpoint. History Talk 0.

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The morse code translates to:. A cutscene then begins, during which the cult members begin to chant:.

Cult members harbor a strong dislike towards technology, even though some members use cars, and the group maintains a website. The cave appears to be some kind of worship area, with Give Thanks prominently scrawled onto the face of rock above the entrance, along with Praise Him and See The Eye on the right side of the cave's wall.

The player must kill the attacking cult members and drive the woman home.

Altruist camp

It seems to be common practice among them to attack and kill anybody, who enters their village, one exception being Trevor Phillips, who occasionally brings them hitchhikers, and so is seen as an affiliate by the altruists, though they do eventually attempt to kill him as well.

Universal Conquest Wiki. The cave's walls and entry are adorned with painted symbols, and several phrases. Youth Ban deceit Eat of the flesh Drink of the blood We shall be free once more Altruism The greatest good For the greatest generation We shall boom again He has come Hello seeker Hello finder We kneel before you We prostrate our continuing youth and vigor At this altar that has been sent to us Hello finder Prepare to be made pure Purity is everything Pure flesh Pure blood Purity is everything.

Many hypotheses have been put forward, that link the altruists to the Mount Chiliad mystery. Members of the cult can be seen walking around half naked, some fully naked, with their genitals on show.

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There is a theory that some people used the Jetpackbut failed and died leading to people forming the luddite Altruist Cult. The term can also be used to describe behavior that is detrimental to an individual, but is beneficial towards its relatives and offspring. Directly North of the camp, dug into the cliff-face due South of the fork in the road, lies a shallow cave.

Trevor likely has a history of doing this, as he refers to the cult, as his friends in the mountainsduring the Taliana Martinez rescue encounter. Register Don't have an ? It is implied that the cult are cannibals, as Ron says that they just want them for dinnerand are obsessed with young blood. It has been noted that the official in-game website of the Altruist Cult bears a strong resemblance to the real-life website of the Heaven's Gate religious groupwhich was a highly controversial religious millenarian group founded in The members of the Heaven's Gate gave up all of their material possessions, and abstained from pleasures, and modern indulgences, such as technology and clothing.

The village

Wiki Content. The largest structure in the complex, pictured below, suggests that it is the home of the cult's leaders.

The Altruists. The cult members will hold him at gunpoint, and lead him into the camp.

While the ideology between Heaven's Gate and the Altruist Cult is quite similar, there aren't many other likenesses between the two groups. The cult makes their home in a small, but functional, fortified village in the Chiliad Mountain State Wildernesswith numerous buildings painted in their livery.

The Altruist Cult is a malevolent religion comprised entirely of old men from the baby boom generation that believe all other generations born after their own are the cause of all problems in the world. A campfire burns within the cave and a ram's skull can be found on the cave floor, which seems out of place, as nothing else points to the Altruists subscribing to Luciferian beliefs. There is a bat on the rock in Altruist Camp, which, around PM, is accompanied by a shadow, forming the Jetpack guy, similar to this one on the drawing in the Mount Chiliad Cable Car Station.