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Heather Shanholtz Nude

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How old am I: 19
Gender: Fem
In my spare time I love: Painting
My piercing: None
Body tattoos: None
Smoker: No

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UM : Before modeling, which jobs have you held in the past? UM : Have you entered any modeling contests in the past? You can also follow Heather on Twitter and check out her website Heather Shanholtz.

You look very fit but there must be times where you just pig out. Is acting an interest of yours? Heather Shanholtz : I got into modeling about 6 years ago. So should food and sex ever be mixed? What is your absolute favorite dish? Maybe you've seen us around?

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UM : What do you currently drive and what is your dream car? with a good agency and work with good photographers. UM : If the opportunity came, would you model for Playboy Magazine?

My lip tattoo has the most meaning. With what degrees? I love green tea and pistachios and my favourite fruit is pomegranate weird I know.

You should definitely check out Vancouver, BC in Canada. My best friend and I went out and got them. Are you currently single? Greg Callen says: June 25, at pm. UM : Agreed. UM : Which artists can be found on your mp3 player? UM : Did I mention it was getting hot in here?

I also represent Flying Pasties — a company focused on protecting the privacy of travelers at airports from body scanners. Or do you prefer a cave man?

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Should a guy also be taken care of down there? UM : Oh god, a hot girl that rides a motorcycle. UM : How many countries have you traveled to and your favorite vacation spot? Heather Shanholtz : Thanks for all of your support!!!!

Heather : Yes. UM : Has your family and friends been supportive of you and your career? Quality over quantity.

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UM : The modeling business is not an easy one. Civil engineer? Heather is the first of many models we plan to interview, and with a little luck, perhaps Violet Summers will us some day! UM : Which female model do you look up to and have a lot of respect for? Heather : I like to go to the gun range, skydive, paintball, jet ski, water ski.

So, some of us guys have our handy toy called the Flesh Light. UM : And speaking of food — chocolate or sex? What would you like to be doing five years from now? Well, as you may know, most of our readers are men. Originally published on May 8, in Relationships. I hate the water but love nature, especially the nature here in my adopted country of Canada.

I add hot sauce to just about everything. UM : How often are you on the road for work? Heather : Network and think outside of the box to land you jobs.

Motorcycle babe contestant

Is there a special meaning behind that and any plans on getting more. My mission here as a writer at Unfinished man, is to entertain and inform on all things, from cars and gadgets, to reviews and life. UM : The lady has taste in cars as well. UM : Do you plan on modeling as long as you can?

UM : Anything you would like to say to your fans? UM : You ever go out dancing with your friends with your busy schedule?

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I have a Bachelor in business but never really enjoyed school. Also, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We would like to thank Heather for her time and wish her continued success in her modeling career. What does a guy have to do to sweep you off your feet?

UM : When it comes to grooming downstairs, waxed, shaved or well trimmed? Any tips for models that are new to the business? Maarten, St. Iceland was by far the best! Speaking of subject, your favorite and least favorite course in High School? Do you have a specific style of modeling you prefer?

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UM : I see that you have one tattoo. Lingerie, fashion, artistic, etc. UM : Ughh, I hate telemarketers. Heather : Anything spicy!

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Heather : I actually have 4. UM : Have you had any plastic surgery?

The ultimate catch. The Unfinished Man team had the opportunity to interview the beautiful and very down to earth Heather Shanholtz.