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He poses and flexes his powerful muscles for the camera, while wearing only his black jockstrap. They each fucks a Hawaiian Pineapple Toy with their hard bushy pulsating cocks. He firmly holds his monster cock while sitting on an orange sofa outdoors in the warm sun.

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After that, Don takes off all his clothes and takes a rather long piss in the garden while wearing a rubber cock ring. The Islandstuds crew had a blast filming this big dude while he was fooling around nude in the garden and mooning the camera.

There is also a very hot soapy shower scene, which will be appreciated by anyone who loves to watch strong masculine men. Behind that seductive smile there is a horny sexual little devil!

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Island Studs is a great, new, and refreshing porn site that features hot guys from Hawaii. You can better appreciate his naughtiness when you hear the stories about Eli having sex with his customers when he was a pizza deliver driver in Olympia, Washington, or when he had a 3-way sex without his wife, which is also when he first heard from someone else that he had a big dick. Don also admits that he is a horny man, pretty much all the time! In the interview, Don talks a bit about himself, and we soon learn that the two words that define him the best are: Perseverance and Determination — which he both got inked above his big pecs.

And what lo those were, damn!

After that they both head straight to the shower for an extended, sexy shower session. Don is most definitely not a shy guy. Furthermore, this sexy daddy is not ashamed of pissing in the garden and parading his awesome erect cock. Drake is a tall, handsome and well-built bodybuilder who comes from Oregon. They even spread their butts by grabbing the butt cheeks with both their hands and fully reveal their virginal supertight manholes! He also has a yummy hairy chest, and he always looks so damn sexy in his sexy underwear! He then goes outside again to take his second outdoor shower while still sporting a massive wood!

Eli is a hot, sexy former Army National Guardsman. And how can we forget that big boner of his! He is very fond of showing off his thick 8 inch cock for anyone who might be interested! But you can tell that this hot daddy really wants to deliver, not just for the money involved but also because he wants to please his viewers.

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Drake was also not shy at all to show his virgin asshole for all the world to see. Judah is a Special Forces Army Veteran. Then they do some skinny dipping underwater action in the swimming pool, which was carefully recorded by the awesome Underwater Sports Action Cam. They also flex their strong muscles, especially biceps, then continue to stroke their cocks together, and eventually shoot their lo together! Actually Drake is Hot naked hawaiian men very hairy guy from head to toe, even his feet are somewhat hairy! Then he removes that as well and walks around the garden totally naked.

Should we be surprised? Don has a very friendly personality and likes to smile a lot. Of course, like all muscular men he loves to flex his big impressive biceps. Meaning, he pees, farts in the sun, wears a cock ring, and touches his big blue-collar man butt cheeks. These bad boys have no problem with showing off their beautiful, toned body and hard cock. And on the other side we have soft-spoken Rigo with deep dark Mexican skin, short and cropped, military-style hair, trimmed beard, hot interesting tattoos across his furry chest, hairy legs as well as a super hairy bubble butt.

Rigo is a construction worker, with a pleasant soft-spoken voice. As is the custom on Islandstuds, we get to watch them wearing floral Leis around their big pecs and chest in the outrageous Hawaiian Hula Show. Rigo is a beefy bearded boxer, with a nice uncut cock, while his buddy Judah is a smooth army veteran, with a nice big cut cock.

Brett is of Hungarian descent and Calvin is an All-American boy. Just take a look at that amazing cum shower that erupts from his giant mushroom head and lands onto the deck between his bare feet. Although both men are HUGE, this video is a study of contrasts: On one side we have friendly, talkative Judah with lighter Hapa Latin skin, a big fro on the head hair he ties back in a ponytail, somewhat hairy chest, perfect cock and smooth butt. Here they forces again in their first Man-on-Man competitive stroking and Nut busting competition!

In the usual introductory interview, Drake explains that he works as a security guy bouncer in a local club. Don loves his underwear and so he showed us how he looks like in sexy red, white and blue All-American briefs, which he wore while he mooned the cameraman and showed off his thick and furry thighs, as well as that amazing 8-inch pulsating cock! He is fit, muscular and sports fantastic six pack abs. Eli is of mixed descent — half German, part Scandinavian and ALL American… how successful was that combo you can tell by the size of his awesome thick big cock!

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He was kind enough to show us his hairy ass once again at this point. This big burly straight man agreed to show off his amazing big cock and muscular body for the camera. That accident could have left him permanently disabled, as the doctors told him he could never walk again.

He picks up a heavy barbell and bends it over his ass to perform chest presses. Of course, they whip out their 8-inch hard cocks to show them off as well. Now, that tight little manhole is truly a sight to behold! Eli speaks at length about his exhibitionist sexual past and his family life.

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Watch them as they do their usual chores against the stunning backdrop of Hawaiian nature! And then they take off all their clothes to pose fully naked, wearing only their steel toed work boots. Eli is in pretty great shape. Actually, he demonstrated a full nude gym workout session right then and there in the tropical garden! They lather up their ripped bodies, which accentuates their beautiful brown skin.

Well, well, well… here we have two best real-life buddies Brett and Calvin again! After some more posing naked and some more chatting with the Islandstuds director, Drake kicks back on the sofa and starts stroking his nice hard cock. They keep mooning the camera and showing off their powerful asses.

Although this was his first appearance in front of the cameras, he was totally relaxed and loved every minute of it. The two buddies strip down to their super tight and sexy matching red undies, which are barely able to contain their huge thighs and big butt cheeks. He has a very nice, buff and furry muscular body. The competition continues outdoors, with both men jerking off side by side, comparing their Hot naked hawaiian men sizes, man bushes and parading their big balls for the camera. Don is telling us something about his plans on the Islands while he is stroking his 8-inch beautiful cock.

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Eli was also in the mood to show us his hot bubble butt, and to spread his ass cheeks wide open, revealing a particularly perky daddy manhole! Don also walks around the garden all the time with his 8-incher in full erection, which slaps against hi muscular thighs! After the workout session, he grabs his ass cheeks and spre his ass wide open for the camera. He grabs his cock with one hand and strokes it, while at the same time holding the pressure washer in his other hand.

Then he took an outdoor shower, and opened up his ass once again to show us his super tight hole.

They explode like a geyser of warm cum! He explains how to do proper chest presses and, in the process, he spre his ass wide open, fingers his hairy manhole and jerks off his strong cock. Then, they proceed to power jack off together, stroking their own cocks and eventually they both shoot huge lo all over their ripped bodies!

They take off most of their clothes right away to parade around in the lush Hawaiian Forest, carrying their Arborist certified chainsaws and joke around. He says he had sex for the first time when he was The interviewer asks if he is always horny, to which Drake responds affirmatively, that he pretty much always is horny.

After all the hard work is done, Don kicks back and gives us the main course of the day, which is of course — the long awaited jerkoff session located in this tropical garden! When he was ready to shoot his load, he gave us a warning and blasted a massive load of warm jizz all over his muscular body! His hairy legs and ass cheeks were covered in bubbly soapy mess while he was spreading his ass cheeks to show us his tight virgin hole. He walks around the garden, takes a pee, gives us instructions on how to work out properly — all that while being fully naked!

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As he approaches the point of no return, Eli opens his mouth and gives out a slight moaning sound… and then he shoots one of the most powerful cumshots ever filmed for Island Studs! His biceps are 17 inches thick and he loves to flex them and show them off for his fans. This straight guy is married and father of 3 .