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The U. The song contains explicit sexual content, with references to " cum ", a " blow-job ", a " porno tape ", and male and female sex organs. The lyrics also deal with human penis size : Lil' Kim labels males with penises "under seven inches" as "mini-men" who are unsuitable for sex.

How To Get Naked In Imvu

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There you can go to chat rooms so you chat with others!

Please dont play this game if it is a game! Based on reviews.

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Parent of an infant and 1-year-old Written by. Report this review.

I URGE anyone to stay clear from this site or at least don't waste your money. Plus, they block all the sex and drugs for kids who are 17 and under. Had useful details. Users like to instigate arguments and use foul language; no swear words or insults are off limits, and there are no filters.

A lot of the actions and gestures in the chat are sexual or romantic in nature. In order to go into the rooms. This review doesn't even cover half of what goes on in that site. They only thing is that they cost too much. Add your rating. Do yourself a favour and avoid this one! It is mostly for adults! I dont recommend this game for kids under 17!

Safety and privacy is also a major concern on IMVU.


If you let your kids be on those social media website, then you can let them be on Imvu. There are too many trying to get you to buy into VIP. Sometimes some users do get their hacked so user beware of hackers. What is frustrating about IMVU is that the opportunities to earn more "credits" which is currency used to purchase content for your avatar are just scams.

IMVU is breeding grounds for brutal bullying. This has been since Novermber now its Jan I've even tried flooding their facebook with my problem but nothing at all. My heart goes out to anyone who runs into problems with them. I have been on IMVU since I must say that it is best to stay away from it, regardless of your age. In-fact you don't have to worry much when your teens go on IMVU!

This title contains: Consumerism. This review Helped me decide. Parents say Kids say Parent of a year-old Written by ayanaf June 7, Imvu put kids by themselves so they can be with people around their age.

Read my mind. All said, great art Try OurWorld. I know that there is a lot of sexy, skimpy clothes and poses, but your kids will find out about all that stuff anyway Yeah, i'll spare the details It's part of life! Worse still I bought a year V. P on the 14th of feb So tencially i've also lost out on money and it really wasn't cheap. Adult Written by rlndBrks December 14, There often is much swearing among users. Pay Pal ended up deciding in my favour Then two weeks later, after receving my refund I tried logging into my to found it has been disabled for 0 days whatever that means With also no reason why.

But the creeps are on imvu I have seen them. This title contains: Sexy stuff. And though yes, you DO need an access pass, and there are probably a few censors, oh god. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work!

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You will probably witness sex chat if you go on IMVU as well. Imvu is just like instagram and Facebook. However, users are solely responsible for the information they divulge during chat. I wanted to try it and i thought it was for tweens but not! Adult Written by PonisQ March 27, Parent Written by AmandaD 2 January 21, It's not for kids I am 25 I have been on there for 7 years.

Users can initiate make out sessions and french kisses.

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And yes imvu is a lot of sexual content. Much of the clothing and accessories are sexually suggestive in nature. Adult Written by hannah peace January 17, I tried to find away of telling IMVU first but there was no options. IMVU is littered with cliques, with the "emos" grouping together, and the "furries" doing the same, and then there are the "preps. Based on our expert review. Common Sense says Sophisticated chat world has sexual content.

Also I'm not but it wouldn't let me post when filling it in I'm in my 20's. And you can also learn how to create stuff on line. November 24, I've been on since I was 14, and in the 6 years iv'e been there, I saw everything! Also you can buy stuff in the shop but the outfits are way too "sexy"! Parent Written by Violetta S. V January 7, She also recommended her friends to play this! Parent of a 1 and year-old Written by bugmenot April 27, Graphic and Slightly Disturbing I don't know where to start I'm willing to bet at least a fifth of Facebook's users are below The Internet is so easy to fool, and think for a second.

Since I beennon there I have never been asked for my or adress.

How do you be naked on imvu without being an ap?

This is amplified by the idea that users can use "mean" actions such as slapping without the consent of other users. A person has to be 18 and has to have age proved. Adult Written by Mike M July 28, IMVU is the chatting experience you wish never existed. If you are not a paid member, you will often get mistreated, harassed, and called a "noob," in addition to getting booted out of chat rooms. This title contains: Positive Messages.

Imvu hack - how to get female avi nude / naked without ap!

But there are people all over the world you can learn different languages, learn from people all over ther world. Although, an Access Pass for users over the age of 18 is required to view most adult content. The only good thing about IMVU is that the customization options are endless, with millions of user-created items to choose from. Parent reviews for IMVU. Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action.