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I am searching men who I saw my brother naked exotic

By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Aug 4, by anonymous views 27 comments. Yesterday evening I saw my brother naked in the bathroom.

I Saw My Brother Naked

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When I was 11, my brother was 23, and we went on a family trip. He was the kind of person who would never want to be seen without a shirt on, but for some reason he was really casual about nudity in the hotel room we shared on that trip. He took a shower and then went to sleep with just a towel on, and it came off while he was napping.

Age: 45
Iris color: I’ve got bright hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Color of my hair: I have got abundant honey-blond hair
I like tattoo: I don't have tattoos
Smoker: Yes

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You're a great sister by the way! Me neither, but it took a while. I, nor my late wife, have ever understood why society says it is so wrong for family to see each other nude. Share Link.

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None of us ever cover up even if male friends are visiting unless we feel especially uneasy in their presence of whatever reason! Good you have become somewhat used to seeing him naked. Im 5'10 now. We have always lived that way, as have our girls and their girls now also. He was Lauren-byrd did you password protect your laptop after? My sister is 5'5 also.

I saw my brothers naked

As you know, once seen two or more times, they become just bodies. I'm not a bitch. Many girls would have. Thats like a nightmare experience xD.

I saw my brothers naked

So if he had been bigger would you have had sex with him them instead of when you did? Right now I'm 5'5, lb, with a 32B bra size. Without cookies, it would be impossible for Similar Worlds to be secure and effective.

On the other hand though he deserves it for being so careless. You didn't encourage him to pursue you or anything, but you didn't make him ashamed of normal stuff. Lauren-byrd you do look gorgeous. He was really embarrassed and I started laughing and that just got him even more embarrassed, he ran off to his room. Of course naked bodies can be made more sexual in appearance by tattooing, piercing or large implants in the breasts of butts etc. Cuckoldme94, I don't know if it was to me or just my friends.

I went back to him and told him that is was ok and he's not the first naked guy I've seen. I walked into my room and my brother, Caleb, was at my desk, naked and jacking off to something on my laptop. Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post. I feel really bad for him.

Dolimyte, yeah I have but it was as weird and we eventually got comfortable be naked around each other. At least you know he is straight. There is nothing inherently wrong in seeing anyone nude, including family. Do you think its wrong that I'm a white boy that loves seeing a white girl be used and satisfied by a BBC. I thought it was funny, but it was also cute. Have u sucked him? Don't sent him to my house though I sunbathe naked no tan lines wanted.

I looked at my laptop to see what he was watching and he was on my Facebook, looking at my friend's and my profiles looking at the bikini pictures of us. I Saw My Brothers Naked. R u horny??? Totally inconsistent if you ask me. Morality should not be involved in this. Caught by his older sister Not surprised He was embarrassed at first but we laughed about it later. Winston I agree nudity is natural and has never been an issue for me.

Just like many other websites, we use cookies to personalize content andto provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. You'll probably make a very understanding parent. Does it bother you a bit that he might have been jackin off to you? I saw my brother naked 5 more replies ». I've seen him naked again, but ever since then it hasn't been as weird. Not many like you would be like that. But even then if seen oftenas in family, you soon get used to the sights!

He penis was about 4 inches fully hard.

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LOL tallpower. You have a kinder heart than me I would have told him his dick is a lot smaller than average. When I was 17 and my brother was 13 my parents were out of town and I went out with some friends.

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Did you think of telling your parents? Similar Worlds today ». I even know one family with both boys and girls. Thank you.

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But its ok, his hormones were probably going crazy. Is your brother younger or older than you?

Top Newest First Oldest First. He stood up and didn't didn't know what to do so he was just frozen there. Thats a tiny penis. Do u have kik??

I barely saw my brother's penis and i felt horrified, help?

Mic, I guess I should have told him I was coming home. True, your gorgeous just wanted to say. about Cookies Hide. Nothing wrong either in noticing differences in bodies to yours or friends, either in build or how they are decorated e. View 1 more replies ». Is your brother bigger or smaller than you? I was supposed to be out for a while but I came home after we ate.

He was already embarrassed enough, I did make fun of him a little but not tell anyone. He asked me if his dick was big and I said it was ok but don't worry, it will grow. View 3 more replies ». I've never heard of a brother and sister having that sort of comfort, but I guess it shows that people can be conditioned our their discomfort with nudity.

Wow how embarrassing for him : These things happen in family home sometimes. Did he just stop caring or something? To be conditioned out of it, just means they are allowed to revert to what is natural after all.

I am so glad nothing like that ever happened to me with my brothers. My brother is bigger than me. Actually Lauren: If you think about it, it is clothes that makes a body look sexual, not nudity once you get used to it!