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Voyeur is so curious that he wanted to see his naked sister, so he simply peeped on her while she was in the bathroom.

I Seen My Sister Naked

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Her legs were still spread open, and I got to finally see her vagina up close. Her middle finger suddenly darted into her vagina, sinking effortlessly into the hot wetness. Why had she wanted me in here with her. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. A voice called from downstairs, our parents alerting us that they were home.

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He felt her legs wrap around his body pulling him to her even more. When she was done drooling around my tool, she got up and offered me her bald slit.

My mission was successful — I managed to get her horny. She got naked in front of me and I reached out, fondling her soft breasts and feeling how hard her nipples were getting. Eager to take the control back, the blonde mounted the guy to ride him like a slutty little cowgirl. Not caring about the webcam performance anymore, she had many intense orgasms riding his schlong before finally getting covered in massive lo of thick, white jizz. I was trying to get her as wet as possible before I got shoved my cock inside her, that would be the best for the both of us.

She really wanted me to fuck her, my naked sister sat on my lap with her fabulous ass facing my way as she pushed my hard cock inside her gushing cunt so she could ride me in reverse cowgirl position. I grabbed her ponytail, lifted her leg up, and muffled her loud moans with my hand. Moments later he was ramming her doggy style while listening to those erotic screams of pleasure.

With her slim legs spread and wearing a skimpy, tight, pink outfit, she was seductively teasing with her smooth cherry while talking dirty for her webcam. The sexy babe was so god damn wet and her muscles were just squeezing on my dick whenever I pushed inside her. I made sure to grip it tightly while I did so. Since he was a dork and she got more attention camming with a guy, she decided to let him perform with her. She fiddled with her lingerie for a bit before revealing her tight, little asshole. Her big boobs were bouncing around. I needed to see that body naked once again, so I snatched the towel, revealing her large hooters and a small rose tattoo just above her shaved twat.

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In a couple of moments, I was groping her melons, working my way down to her wet clit. I was in for a big surprise when I woke up early in the morning and found my sexy stepsister in bed with me, with a wicked smile on her naughty face as she stared down at my throbbing morning wood. One day she caught me in the shower while I was playing around with my cock and she sure liked it. The only difference was, instead of having to jerk off to make it go away, my sexy sis was going to take care of it.

He admired her gorgeous body touched her all over and caressed her boobies. At one point, she got particularly naughty. She cupped her tits in her hands and played with them, teasing me with them.

She first laid down for another soft and sloppy licking before spreading legs for another hammering. She took my hands in hers, guiding them all over her hot naked body. Her long nails teased my balls as her cute lips wrapped around my shaft. I spread her legs wide open and went down on her, licking and sucking on that hairy pussy, making her moan and squirm with pleasure.

It was so wrong yet so right and in the end, I came all over her slutty face and she drank all of my cum off her mouth. I loved her long red hair and the view of her big natural boobs covered in slippery soap. When he figured out she was a camgirl, he went inside and sat on the bed next to her. He started strolling down the halls and, at one point, his curiosity got rewarded.

Seen my sister naked

My naked step sister was down on her knees, slurping on my cock. Teasing about needing to have a babysitter, the tight, young blonde went to her room and left the guy to wander around and wait for his pal. I mean, she saw my dick and everything. I walked into the bathroom, catching my hot step sister taking a shower.


She pushed her ass up and arched her back. Then the little slut started talking about how my dick is huge and all sorts of nonsense like that.

I was quick to retaliate as I gave her some oral and it was so wrong of me to do this but I have to admit that I enjoyed licking her pink pussy with my tongue, kissing and sucking her little clit. I had a super lucky day yesterday.

The wetness of her mouth completely lubed up my cock and I enjoyed every second of it and soon enough I wanted more. He looked down her gorgeous body at his cock pistoning in and out of her bald pussy. I completely lost myself when she did this and I allowed her to bend over towards my cock and put it in her mouth.

Watching the crack of her ass and her sexy little chocolate starfish only made my morning wood get even firmer.

She was rocking her hips slowly, grinding onto his cock, enjoying it inside of her, feeling every inch. My stepsister is a skinny slut with a trained body and nice big all natural tits. The hottie wanted to be in control next, so she took my cock for a wild ride. Unable to stop at a simple blowjob, they started escalating the situation. The sexy teen babe decided to make the best of a situation so she turned the camera back on and placed those luscious lips on his shaft.

Then it was time for her to suck my cock and a pushed her head against my crotch so she could deep throated, holding her there, so fucking hot and nasty.

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The naked babe caressed her young and fit body, paying close attention to the pierced nipples and a firm tushy. She kept thrusting her hips to meet my cock, until she made me spray the seed into her pussy. I mean sometimes you have these awkward moments with your siblings. He simply stood up, grabbed her hips, and inserted his rod from behind.

As time went on she was just picking up the pace to suck him off harder and faster. I want you to fuck my pussy! Man, I always wake up with a massive erection and this morning was no exception.

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Just seconds later she was passionately slobbering all over it, moving her head up and down in rhythm, trying to get his dick all wet and slippery. Faster and faster his cock glided in and out of her hot wet pussy. It was obvious that she loved being used like that, treated like a dirty slut. I fucked her pussy in a standing doggy, squeezing her hooters and firm buttocks.

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My cock plopped out and sperm began leaking out of her! She stroked my cock with her pussy and started masturbating later until we both came. The sexy naked girl swayed her hips from side to side while peeling down her panties, turning over and showing me her fabulous bubble shaped ass, looking over I seen my sister naked shoulder with a coy smile. While I did it I got hornier and hornier so we decided to step it up a bit and after a few more strokes I got my cock inside her tight pussy. She acted hesistant like she always did, worried about getting in trouble — but she still let me touch her wet pussy while she was busy playing with her hard nipples.

His buddies would never believe him. She was bouncing on it like a bouncy castle and I was so confused with emotions of both pleasure and disgust. I pushed my shaft so deep that I could feel the back of her throat, making her eyes tear up from the intense face fucking.

My horny step sister took her bra off! Anyhow, she was peeking in the shower which might have been something she does quite often because I had a hard time spotting her and when I noticed her she ran away quickly. I liked her pussy, alternating between deep excursions into her vagina with my tongue, to the delicate licking of her pink clit, to the rapid side-to-side caressing of her wet lips. The blonde slut was sucking on it nice and slow while she kept staring directly into my eyes and that was just the hottest thing ever so we just kept it up.

My sister reacted nicely to my fingers digging into her buttocks. She was in heaven getting vigorously drilled from behind, taking his member balls deep. Because my dad is an adventurous man who likes swapping his wives and shit, I eventually got a step sister and she is about as old as I am.

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He pushed his face into her ass and shoved his tongue right between her wet pussy lips. Now, this girl was pretty hot but I never sexualized her and that may have been a mistake. The dude began kissing her bubble ass all over, then helped her pull down her pink lacy lingerie. Her perfect, perky tits playfully jiggled as he kept railing her harder and faster. After I seen my sister naked, I got her to turn around so her pussy was right up in my face and I started licking it sloppily.

After a short but very awkward talk, my hot step sister convinced to show my dick so that she could see it again. The young seductress wrapped a towel around her bombastic figure, admiring her beautiful reflection in the mirror. I was just trying to take some time off by spending time in the jacuzzi but my stepsister thought that it would be funny if she pranked me while I was taking a bath.

I would like if I said I never masturbated thinking about her. Then I let her get on top of me and I got a hold of her narrow waist and later on I gripped her ass too and started pumping her pussy and filling it up with my thick cock but later on, her hips got a mind of their own and my naked sister started riding like a beast. My sister started riding me reverse cowgirl style next to the jacuzzi and I enjoyed her wet pussy surrounding my dick.

While she was done on her hands and knees, I spanked her ass, spreading her lovely butt cheeks wide open.