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I missed the sex terribly, but shortly afterwards all my energy was given over to caring for my dad Sydney at home, when he was diagnosed with skin cancer, aged It was exhausting being a carer, and during those six years the nearest I got to sex was reading 50 Shades Of Grey in the loo.

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I was devastated — and still am. Jump directly to the content.

I hoped meeting new friends and recapturing some excitement would help bring my self-confidence back. We had a passionate sex life and he made me laugh. in.

I received oral sex for the first time at 60 years old – i’d given but not received, i was sad i’d waited so long

I find that so sad, because a fulfilling love life can bring so much happiness, whatever your age, and I feel sexier now than I ever did before. It felt wonderful to be enjoying sex and intimacy again.

WHAT'S it like to be intimate in later life? After that, I stopped drinking and started dieting. I do feel lonely and invisible at times as I get older, so I concentrate on friends and family, plus sharing my experiences with the older Instagram community.

He takes my hand and we walk slowly to the bedroom, where he starts to kiss me and we make love — as we do every week. From enjoying new experiences to battling menopause symptoms, three women reveal all. When I dance for him, he looks at me with pleasure in his eyes. One day inaged 60, we decided to start going out together to everything from music festivals to fancy-dress parties, food and drink events and even raves. Rekindling our sex life has led to a to greater feeling of emotional intimacy between us, too, which I feel is necessary for a good physical relationship.

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It worked, and I even felt confident enough to start trying dressing up for Jake. The following year we planned a romantic weekend in Florence, Italy, but a week before we were due to fly he was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and our life together was turned upside down.

I wanted to get my old body back — I was fed up with being unhappy. GET men and women talking about the menopause to shatter taboos. I had given, but had never received.

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Fabulous Relationships Tiffany Wallis. Everyone I knew was in a couple and I missed having someone to be intimate with. Our passion seemed to practically fizzle out and we barely had sex. Before then, my sex life had been normal.

After keeping in touch through flirty s and messages, we embarked on a passionate, long-distance relationship — me in the UK and him in Canada. One night soon after, I donned a risque outfit and explained I wanted to do a sexy dance for him. I was devastated when we broke up inbut it had become too hard. I then had another long-term relationship that ended in Our relationship had been going well, but then along came all my menopause-induced problems: angst, crying, anger, dramatic ups and downs, as well as excruciating pain during sex. Gone was my trim 8st 10lb, size-eight figure, and within three years I was over 14st and a size I felt incredibly unattractive and sex was the furthest thing from my mind.

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We were together for 16 years and had three beautiful daughters before he died of a heart attack in Eva Chapman, 74, an author, lives in Somerset with her husband Jake, 76, a retired physics professor. Due to our adventerous social life, most of our friends are younger, in their 50s, but the ones we have who are in their 70s, like us, seem to have completely given up on sex. Eventually, Ben embarked on an affair, and in we split. But after four children, seven grandchildren and the menopause, our love life had become lacklustre.

I started drinking and putting on weight through comfort eating. I wear things such as really short dresses, skintight trousers or low-cut tops, then I put on sexy music to get us in the mood.

War machine (mixed martial artist)

It was early days for our relationship, and while neither of us believed in later-life marriage, he did buy me a beautiful sapphire and diamond companion ring on our first anniversary. Along with those symptoms, came the complete loss of libido. He was delighted — and 10 years later I still dress up and seduce him at least once a week!

After his diagnosis, his sex drive practically disappeared, and after only two years together, in he passed away. We tried lube and anything else my GP suggested, but to no avail.

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All Football. I had an year marriage with a healthy sex life, but it ended in after we grew apart. It opened my eyes to how you can explore your sexuality at any age. But after my father died inat the age of 63 I started to dip my toe into the world of online dating again.