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What is it about this game any more? The only way it seems you can win is by completely stabbing people in the back!!!

Julie Berry Naked

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There are two sides — you see the game and the personal. It wasn't the front. I never dealt with Scout in the game, but I had great talks about life and s--t with Scout. I tried. And he played the friendship card, which hurt me more than anything. She's very eccentric and educated and she's got wisdom.

Julie: I don't know if I want to be gender-biased, but there was a different energy in the men's camp. I like to try and find the good in people. They played harder than I would have given them credit for.

TVGO: You were this show's quiet peacemaker. TVGO: He cast that vote right after you took him on an amazing trip up the side of an active volcano. Julie: The bottomless bathing. Any regrets? Julie: I know! Julie: They are, but that's what I try to do.

They'd better get the same grilling that I'm getting about it.

Survivor flasher flunks out

Angel Cohn Dec. But Chris was very calculating and very clever, and Twila is always dipping her hands in things because she is nervous. I'm very diplomatic. This was after she tried unsuccessfully to woo him to her side by offering to share her reward.

Nice girls do finish last — or in Julie Berry 's case, they finish fifth. Though she made an entertaining splash by sunbathing in the buff, the youth mentor from Maine was betrayed by her pal — and eventual Vanuatu winner — Chris. Close Ad. Live TV. New This Month.

Which did you like better? Julie: And Twila! It was just my buns. Isn't that what a lot of women go through? I had a really lonely day [on the Lopevi tribe] and I remember thinking, "I have only Twila to play with all day. Julie: I've heard that a lot. TVGO: Your nude sunbathing shocked folks. Actually, the only two people I was surprised about while watching were Chris and Twila. We'd talk, but it wasn't fulfilling me at all. Julie: Surprised is not the word.

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Are you kidding? Julie: Uh-huh. Twila is good when it comes to the game aspect, but I couldn't click with her to save my life.

I don't think it is hard. God, I'm going to kill myself, I'm so bored. TVGO: Like the bad sides? At the beginning you'd be like, "Shut up, Eliza! He played me; he played me hard. I'm not intimidated by men. TVGO: Even though your tribe mates are hard to get along with? Julie: The thing about Eliza is that she morphed throughout the show and became adorable. Everyone else doesn't surprise me with their comments. Just taking those creative, dynamic people and putting them together in this crazy context, it is endless knowledge, and you've just got to be open to it. TVGO: You spent time with both the male and female tribes.

I fed him and wined and dined him, and then he showed me the door. I can just relax and shoot the s--t with SargeChris had great stories and Chad is hilarious.

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More TV Picks. But after we all merged and Ami and Leann came back, it was a breath of fresh air. They are funny.