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He also happens to be my favorite bad boy, Johnny Depp.

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Depp thought the script was funny and strange, and took the offbeat role to avoid being typecast as a television teen idol. Top Gap. Cry-Baby Did You Know? The budget for this movie was twelve million dollars, while Hairspray was made for 2. The contortionist was at the premiere, but no-one had thought to tell her that they cut her scene.

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The baby that Pepper delivers in the back seat of the jalopy during the 'Chicken Challenge' is a girl. Edit Cry-Baby Showing all 32 items. Due to the huge success of HairsprayJohn Waters got offers from all the big studios to finance his next movie. In real-life, Traci Lords became infamous for appearing in pornographic films as a minor. She admitted it was embarrassing having to make out with Johnny Depp in front of her mother.

In an interview about the movie, Traci Lords emotionally recalls how the entire cast rallied together to make her feel welcomed and safe. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». After this she doesn't appear in any films. John Waters ' first major studio film, with a week of re-shoots, and six months of post-production done in California. Afterwards, she speaks about how they all told embarrassing stories they had about run-ins with the law to show that she wasn't alone.

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The original musical director of this film was Al Kooper. Unfortunately, it ran for just under two months April 24 to June 22, John Waters was involved as creative consultant.

August Oddities! See all related lists ». The scene was filmed in its entirety with the contortionist, but the scene was later cut for the premiere. To help put her at ease, the cast and crew related their many police convictions and violations to Lords.

Johnny Depp and Willem Dafoe ly appeared in Platoon At the beginning of the movie, when the school kids are getting shots, the boy in line behind Allison looks at the camera and winks. Willem Dafoe only gets one minute of screentime.

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Burrows was Amy Locane was the only one of High School age at According to an interview, Amy Locane was only 17 when she played the part of Allison and said she was young and didnt have much kissing experience. Amy Locane's mother was on set with her the whole time they shot the movie. John Waters celebrated Johnny Depp's birthday at the time of the film shooting.

To find a young actor for the role of Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker, director John Waters bought thirty dollars worth of teen magazines, all of which showed Johnny Depp of 21 Jump Street on the cover. In. Wanda tells off Toe-Joe when he approaches her to pose for naked pictures.

Spoilers The trivia item below may give away important plot points. Clear your history. Like the successful "Hairspray", this John Waters movie was turned into a Broadway musical, with all new songs.

In a scene where Wanda offers Cry-Baby alcohol while driving, he says "I don't drink and drive". Willem Dafoe improvised the moment when he slaps Johnny Depp 's ass.

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Johnny Depp. When he was dismissed from the movie, he was replaced by Dave Alvin. Ok movies. Create a list ».

Johnny Depp hates to dance, but Waters convinced him to for the film. Though the actors and actresses were supposed to be playing High School teenagers, none of Cry-Baby's group was of high school age. John Waters still has a lock of his hair in a scrapbook at home. She said Johnny Depp basically taught her how to French kiss.

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Edit. Originally, the square's show at the beginning was going to feature contortionist. One of the Good Ones. Not Your Average Romance. During the shooting of the movie, the FBI visited the set to search for co-star Traci Lordswho was being investigated, due to her porn past. The newspaper that announced Cry-Baby's release has a paragraph that is repeated several times.

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Drew Barrymore was considered for the role of Allison Vernon-Williams. Share this :. While being investigated by the FBI during filming, John Waters and others would hide Tracy because the 22 year old was so terrified about the ordeal. This is ironic, as Amy Locanewho plays Alison, was involved in a fatal motor vehicle collision, in which she was sentenced to three years in prison, and was released in The character "Inga" Jenni Blong only ever says "yah. The character and costume for Mrs. A film about adults trying to ban rock and roll in a small home town. Tom CruiseRobert Downey Jr.

Iggy Pop shaved his hair for the film. Although the tattoo of the name "Cry-Baby" on Johnny Depp 's arm is a fake, the Native American tattoo above it, is real.