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Bloodline has the same fluid sense of time, dipping into the past and lurching into the future. All 13 episodes are available on Netflix Friday.

Kyle Chandler Naked

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Is there more research I can do to find a new piece to add? And most importantly, have I already done a scene like this? If the answer is yes, then I need to find an alternative that can make the scene fundamentally different. How do you make each one unique and not repetitive — emotionally and physically? There was a storyline in season two where Johnson [ Lizzy Caplan ] is rattled when a female doctor she respects and is working with finds out about her affair with Masters [ Michael Sheen ]. She judges her for sleeping with her boss.

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Like a fine wine, Kyle Chandler aka Coach Taylor to anyone who's ever watched Friday Night Lightsjust keeps getting better and better with age. There were a lot of tears shed while watching this movie, which was nominated for six Academy Awards this year. Share the Gallery Pinterest Facebook.

One thing is for sure: Chandler can flash his badge at us any time. The Emmy winner has been part of multiple Oscar -nominated film casts and recently earned two more Emmy noms for his current project, Netflix 's dark family drama, Bloodlinewhich debuted in This was Kyle Chandler's breakout role, in which he starred as a man who for some reason received the newspaper a day before it came out, thus enabling him to stop bad things from happening.

Real bonds course through 'bloodline' cast

In Bloodlinehe plays a cop and father who is torn between right and wrong, family and law. His locker room speeches inspired us to be the best versions of ourselves, he and Tami Taylor Connie Britton gave us relationshipgoals before we even knew what a hashtag was, and he looked dang good in a windbreaker.

We can't wait to binge on the final season to see where John Rayburn and his clan end up. By Tessa Trudeau. Skip slide summaries Everything in This Slideshow. By Tessa Trudeau Updated May 30, pm.

Kyle chandler nude

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Pinterest Facebook. He even rocked the retro haircut, which we were percent there for.

Credit: Courtesy. ARGO, Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.

Read below for a full rundown on every time the actor has made us swoon. At 51, the dude is still a total hunk.

This movie is the most depressing film we've seen all year, but at least we got to look at Kyle Chandler for a lot of it. We can't complain about another brooding Kyle Chandler role. And it helps that his career is on fire, too.

Those soulful eyes, his twangy Texas accent, and that seemingly ever-present 5 o'clock shadow always make our hearts skip a beat whenever we see him see above photo for further evidence. Start Slideshow. We sense a binge-watching session somewhere in our near futures He played the head of the Seattle Police Department's bomb squad and took a ticking bomb from Meredith's hands, which ultimately cost him his life. He sure cleans up nicely in a suit and tie and official government badges.