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Lauren Fisher Naked

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Age: 23
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It is an engaging and enthralling evening of theatre that keeps the audience captivated. David Belew and his creative team have done an excellent job of making this musical revue as entertaining as possible.

Belew moves his production along at a comfortable pace, never allowing his cast to wallow in salaciousness but making sure that patrons hear and process every naughty joke and double-entendre. Micky York has guided the boys to hit all the right notes, while Jessica Lauren Fisher keeps the guys' choreography challenging, yet never beyond their ability.

It's an agreeable, alluring evening of adult entertainment that doesn't take itself seriously.

Reviews Naked Boys Singing! Book writer Robert Schrock's risque camp and commentary on LGBT culture feel firmly planted inwhen the revue first appeared off-Broadway, and the cast's voices work better as an ensemble than individually, but jokes like Danny Bradley's "Perky Little Porn Star" and some more vulnerable s from Wesley Dean Tucker hold up as good, wholesome, R-rated fun. This show won't change the world, but it's a tantalizing Summer entertainment for audiences eager for something raw and a little bit naughty.

Theater Wit Thru - Jul 1, Chicago Reader- Somewhat Recommended " Windy City Times- Highly Recommended " Chicago Theatre Review- Recommended " Picture This Post- Recommended " Naked Boys Singing! The Eclectic Theatre Company, though not precisely a gay-focused troupe, demonstrated its embrace of the short-arms-inspection aesthetic in its production of Richard Greenberg's Take Me Out. Under the direction of David Belew, with continuity assistance provided by Jessica Lauren Fisher's compact choreography and Ty Miles' agile piano bridges, the ensemble currently occupying the front studio at Theater Wit next door to About Face's Bright Half Life, coincidentally display warmth and congeniality in quantities sufficiently abundant to put us at our ease immediately and keep us there.

The result is a harmlessly risque Vaudeville-style revue, that just happens to be performed totally in the nude.

The show leaves the audience wishing and hoping that the entire cast will end up at a local bar talking and laughing and hoping they could them. Theater Wit. Average Rating based on 4 reviews.