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Best against: Clothies, Hunters, other nooby rogues Poisons: Any you want on main-hand, crippling on off-hand in case you pop Shiv instead of Backstab, which i strongly advice for using less energy and having about almost same dmg EDIT: recently discouvered it works fine wit hall casters actually so this combo only doesnt work with plate-wearers because of their massive HP, tho that might change on cata since blizz is giving more hp to all except plate-wearers and they are improving abilities.

Warlock: Very tough to kill as Affliction, extremely dangerous burst as Destro, and really nice CC abilities.

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Pop Hand of Freedom then you Pop hammer of justice then Judgement of light note when ever this cooldowns use again then you use Divine Protection. I haven't seriously played Rogue since pre-Wrath. For rogues, unlike other classes like a Warriorsurvivability in PvP and damage in PvP are often a trade off - you can't have both. Makes great at everyman for himself. I actually uprated yours btw. Comment by demise Useful Information: Rogues are no longer required to do an annoyingly long chain quest to use poisons, and they no longer need to learn how to make poisons from the trainer.

Legacy of discord nightblade naked

Comment by Stealth in cataclysm? Smoke bomb.

Comment by I have a rogue i just got to lvl 70 on, leveled with subtlety and dual spec combat. Comment by mixter Paladin: Well rounded, few direct weaknesses but but no huge strengths Comment by Does anyone know any good Professions for this class. Comment by Hyperlynx Known to do it from behind.

I meant they are not classified the same. Comment by Alone wolf class. Then use hand of freedom, Judgement of light, holy light, and Lay on hand if you have the chance. If not, just pop it when CS finishes. Comment by dreadblood Sure, holy paladins, resto druids, and any variety of shaman can essentially whoop our asses. Comment by Okay. And at the moment if you want to know OP make a level 15 rogue atleast and spec him assassination.

Plus in BGs you could really throw a warrior or other class off their game when you just run up and start fighting them not sneak in and use a stealth opener like ambush, sap, or cheapshot. A well played and well geared warlock can be ridiculously hard to kill. Comment by Well pallies are a noob class, they are OP at any lvl.

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Comment by Rogues are awesome, especially when you get people QQing about when you stealth in the Gurubashi Arena and let everyone kill themselves Comment by I am sick of people thinking rouges are unbeatable here is an easy way to beat a rouges in a level BG warsong gulch with a prot pally. Invest in an ambush shield ASAP.

Comment by assassination -Nature damage is painfull. Comment by rogues may not be the best class when it comes to soloing but they are the most fun! Priest: Able to make an opponent's life miserable. Comment by I like how in the Combat tree they made it very viable to swashbuckle fight without having to rely on stealth all the time.

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Mages seem overpowered when you just can't catch the bastard. Survivors will be Blindedthen Ambushed again. Comment by What is? That rouge has taken a good bit of damage by now and if done right you have took very little if any. Comment by spermbolle I love the screenshot of the bloodfang rogue standing next to a dead rabbit xD.

If target doesnt die, either he has stacked STA, which then requires other strategy, or your gear sucks. You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Comment by mking52 what weapons do the best damage for a rogue? I even went about and posted a bunch of information on a website called oneextralife. I've had a kill ratio of doing this in the arathi basin.

So first you use Preparation on your target.

Comment by Arkham This class is often confused with a particular kind of makeup. I like this because it makes your fighting style resemble a pirate, you know like improvising with things such as gouge or blind, where you fight dirty but not having to sneak up on them.

I created my rogue after I used to like to amush people with my hunter using shadowmeld and a kitty i thought looking at that rogue running around there stabing everyones pooper,"i gotta try that". You will never be prepared.

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Now, you shouldn't have combo points, so spam Hemorrage on the target till you get 5. Comment by I think iv come to my own conclusion that every class can pwn every class it just depends who is behind the keys. Comment by I understand your comment but i did not mean they should not be equal. Comment by Hyperlynx Every class has that point where they seem "OP" Death Knight: These guys seem OP when they switch from beating on you in melee to kiting you with Chains and disease damage when you pressure them Druid: They seem OP when they have the skill required to use all of the tools available to them, that's just being well played, not overpowered Paladin: Well rounded, few direct weaknesses but but no huge strengths Hunter: Nasty, well rounded class that can destroy anybody from range.

Comment by Suparockr as if they weren't OP enough, they give them soloing heals and one-shots before level Comment by 1st off rogues now get poisons at level 10 i believe. Warriors hit hard, and are very effective at staying in melee range, they are also very prone to disarms and can be shut down by a wall played caster Shaman: They seem overpowered when you're sailing off of a cliff.

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Then eviscerate. Use this correctly and that rouge is gonna lose. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website!

Comment by Archangel76 Rogues can also perform feats that one would not think they are capable of Why downrate? Decent DoT abilities, and a toolbox full of nasty tricks to round them out However they are squishy, and cannot rely on CC to survive, priests are considerably less effective without a friend around.

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Both were accomplishments and go to show that player skill is still the ultimate trump card. But rogues without cooldowns are like low-HP warriors with paltry armor and no Charge. Live PTR. Classic TBC. Quick Facts. Comment by Supahtoons Trespassers will be Ambushed. Comment by I use a very useful combo in PvP. You need to be a sub rogue, plus have the talent and glyph that increases your max energy to should be but it seems there is a bug but works just fine.

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That's something I think those who truly appreciate this class can understand. Nuff said Rogue: Rogues seem pretty overpowered when they're turning the middle third of your screen bright red and making it difficult for you to do anything about it. Mage: Quite possibly the class that allows the most control of their environment.

And if I had slightly better threat generation i could pretty much tank dungeons my level. I personaly have not a single DK my main character is a hunter level And them starting out in blues is unfair. Find anyone, clothie to mail wearer no one wears plate yet and sap Double click hitting about each depending on level with BoA's on and critting like i always do.

Combat -very scary due to the blade twisting attacks are painful tooo subtlety -pure combo point unloading and gathering plus you can get away if u cant kill them. In that case, just Vanish and repeat or do Ambush and then go on like you want.

Instant poison both daggers as thats only one unlocked.

Magicka nightblade pvp build "the great jango" - i define meta

I think DK's are overpowered and starting at level 55 is also a unfair advantage. Comment by Now you see me Now you don't. Hugely prone to snares, disarms, and are useless when you manage to close to melee range Warrior: Protection warriors can and do stunlock better than rogues, arms have one of the nastiest AoE attacks in the game as well.

You can simply buy poison from poison vendors. Watch your spelling -- remember, with rogues it's the G before the U! Comment by Hurono When using Stealth rogues will be unseen except by the most preceptive enemies. Snares, silences, and a plethora of valuable abilities spellsteal, polymorph, etc.