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Luke Mitchell can drive you crazy with more than just her cute smile. This hot stud knows other, more effective ways to ignite your imagination. So, Luke Mitchell is not shy about acting nude in films.

Luke Mitchell Naked

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As a couple, they struggle for connection. For more updates, you can also visit the official Facebook .

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Forgot your password? Facebook Instagram Twitter. From there he moved on to his career in the U. But even with such grand career plans, a gay role was never an issue for Mitchell, as Paul tells us. From there it was a labour of love for all involved. Privacy Policy. After seeing it at the Brisbane Queer Film Festival many of the gay men in the audience wanted some more serious sex scenes from the actors.

When I answered the door to Luke for his audition, I took one look and knew that if he was cool with the content he was our Peter for the film. Recent Posts.

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Performance Anxiety is about a gay couple, Jeff Joss Mars and Peter Luke Mitchell who live together, but their characters are worlds apart. He was a true professional from the get go and a lot of fun to work with. We spoke with Paul Dangerfieldthe director of the film, to hear about his work with Mitchell.

While Peter finds pleasure in the steamy solitude of the shower, Jeff explores his sensual delights in an imaginary world of exotic dreams. The two lead actors helped a bit with the character development but welcomed detailed direction for their character portrayals.

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Follow gaybuzzer. I know Luke put in a lot of character work and took direction extremely well. They were never ashamed or self-conscious about any scenes in the movie and dove in head first without hesitation. During the more intimate scenes I kept them fresh and not over rehearsed so that their action felt more honest.

Luke mitchell - performance anxiety

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Password recovery. I just told him what to do as we rolled and he complied without question.

It shows adults wanting to have children and children wanting to be adults. But singer songwriter Julian Westerweel wrote and performed most of the backing tracks for which I am truly grateful.

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It was just Luke, the cameraman and myself crammed into that small steamy bathroom. Jeff is a messy, hippie musician, while Peter is a tidy, almost obsessive, office worker. We had been struggling to cast the part of Peter and had 14 hopefuls already waiting for confirmation with 2 weeks before production was due to start.

It was in early so this was his first real adventure with acting.

My partner Colin J. Pearce put it forward for production and I was first choice to direct. It will be a film that worships diversity and expands the concept, beauty and life of families in society. Others loved it without the porn.