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People come up missing in Houston, Texas. Everyone gets paranoid. Locking their doors at night, on edge that Locking their doors at night, on edge that one night, that could be their last nigh Madison had the news on her Tv. She lied on her stomach.

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He sat on the bed, showing his saggy man titties while he began touching all over Madison's legs. He took his wet finger and began fingering Madison's vagina. Must be her mom and dad arguing again about who'd keep her. Nick was speaking on Tv. Made Madison smile a little.

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Madison nearly had to pinch herself to think about something other than what she'd done to those people. Han grabbed Madison by the throat and pinned her against the bed frame. People were crying, scared of what would come for them. No noise came out of Madison and her arms didn't even wrap around her mother when they hugged. It annoyed Madison. It was her father who was fucking her.

He gripped tighter. Her toes wiggles in the sheets as she put her chin on her fist.

But what he pulled out made Madison feel uncomfortable on another level. The hairs on the back of Madison's neck stand when she sees him licking the door. He spread her legs with force before licking his fingers. Madison wanted to roll her eyes, but a part of her was still afraid of her father and what he was able to do.

She looked at her closed room door for a few moments; waiting to hear what was going on. He jumped up, pulling out his penis and ripping Madison's shirt off of her body. Her hands crossed as Madison hu naked Han and Madison were naked. She didn't want to get beat. Dolan waited around the bottom. Han went from a horny face to a straight face.

Nick was still going at it. Two hours of torture had gone by. He made her arch her back as he slapped her ass one good time. Madison hadn't had felt this kind of fear in a long time. Madison tried to fight back but Han got angry. Madison pulls her legs up and put the blanket over her feet. Her vagina was red and she could feel him slapping her as he turned her into her stomach. Han closes the room door.

The pain was real. The lamp was the only thing illuminating the room as if the moment. He stuck his penis in and began pounding with all His might. She didn't hear anything. Madison screamed but Madison hu naked didn't come to the rescue like she did when Madison was much younger. He knocker knowing Madison saw him come in. Memories start flooding back as she looks him up and down.

His face went red and he took his hand and slapped Madison across the face. Her pillow propped up under her arms as she stayed straight-faced on her phone. Downstairs, she could hear the commotion going on with Dolan and Han. Madison stayed scrolling on her phone. Chapter one. He walks over to the sheets before reaching into his pocket. As she put the chip in her mouth, she heard the front door slam. She turned and lied on her back. Dolan grabbed Madison by the arm. Trying to find the killer with all his might. Present day- chapter two. Madison looked at the table to see a stack of money sitting there.

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Madison didn't enjoy any bit of it. He began to unbutton his shirt. Wanting to spend some time with me,". Dolan looked at her naked daughter. Sexy ass," he says.

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Madison watched; forced to. Madison was nearly growling in silence. Her room door then opened, revealing her dad's face. Her mom spoke to her dad downstairs. Han got dressed and left the house.

Madison hu nude

Madison felt hatred build up even more in her body. Madison tensed you're and tired pulling back. Madison swallowed. Madison's guess was a condom. She knew someone was watching her at all times. He held her hair in his left arm and his clothes in the other. Madison watched as he began throwing rose petals on the bedsheets. He began to drag Madison by the hair and down the stairs.

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Locking their doors at night, on edge that Locking their doors at night, on edge that one night, that could be their last nigh Madison had the news on her Tv. She lied on her stomach. Madison had no intention of killing people she had no business killing. The windows were open but their backyard was blocked off with the woods behind the house.

His penis moving around and veins popped out of it. He came in licking his lips. Back story- chapter three. She reached over to her desk and grabbed her bag of chips. People come up missing in Houston, Texas. She hated him with all might. You have a fine pussy! Everyone gets paranoid. Han shoved Madison's head away and Madison stayed staring at her mother with red eyes and tears about to pour out.

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Her eyes rolled back as Han smiled. He then gripped her thigh. Madison would much rather stay with her mom. That only made her happy yet frustrated that she couldn't cross the people she wanted from her list.

His grip on her neck was far too great for her to fight back. Madison began to grind her teeth together in pain. Madison's legs slowly began to open as tears formed in her eyes. She couldn't do anything. Give me a hug! He ripped her shorts off of her legs with one pull. Madison just unwillingly leaned in.