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The love scene has been a part of cinema right from the beginning.

Mario Van Peebles Naked

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Melvin Van Peebles : Is this something negative, Priscilla? Because if it's negative, I can't even deal with it right now.

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January 26, pm.

Thanks for contacting us. In the film version, Van Peebles noted, the top cop simply used the slur and moved on.

Specifically, the director cut 17 minutes and 20 seconds — he knew the exact amount of film — that were impossible to adapt to the stage because they were almost entirely random shots of scenes from Southern California in the s. When asked if he caught any flack for using his own son in such a racy scene, Van Peebles blew off the question.

Van Peebles has had made other adjustments to his righteous tale as well. Share This Article. To recapture the aura of the early s period piece for the live show, Van Peebles enlisted the band Burnt Sugar, which not only provides the excellent soundtrack, but also participates in the performance. The encounters will be clothed, alas, making them not nearly as authentic as the original film version — which earned every X of its adults-only rating.

But the issues are still alive, especially through a project like this. The cigar-smoking director was quick to point out that despite his revisions to accommodate his new audience, the jive-talk, funk music style of the film, straight out ofwill remain. In fact, many of the musicians will fulfill roles as characters on stage — some going so far as to participate in the numerous sex scenes.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. We've received your submission. During his escape are pit stops for surreal sexual encounters interspersed with funky montages of parts of Southern California ignored by Hollywood.