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Miss Piggy Naked

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Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. WWD chatted with Miss Piggy about the show, pandemic dressing and how she would make over her longtime amphibian amour, Kermit. WWD: The Muppets have gone digital and you are a lifestyle influencer, naturally.

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I was imprinted. Peculiar, at least, maybe, for anyone but me. All I can plead is that I did my best you know — that road to hell…and then the time ran out. For — gulp!

Not altogether. We begin our story in Bermuda….

Other than my comic book collection, not much by way of pictures to look at. This bit related to that bit, this shape mirrored that shape, this empty section here perfectly balanced that chock-ablock section there. As restrictions ease, the of visitors to the RA is increasing. So this was all pretty revelatory. Sorry, Pig. Sorry, Wood. Frith's 'American Gothique', The Kermitage Collection eventually did become a calendar too, another bestseller, and continued to spin off posters and postcards and puzzles and such for years.

The pieces chosen would need to work on several levels: there should be some reason Piggy would have them in her collection; they should bring a smile to the viewer; and they should be ones that, for various reasons, had given me joy. And so when I proposed that I might continue to explore this theme? And so on, and so on. This most American of painters would use this as his departure point for a quintessentially American subject and create an American Gothic.

That sort of correction should be the obligation of every Miss piggy naked that hangs a picture worth looking at. It was a sensation, spending some seven months on the New York Times bestseller list, paving the way for the project of my dreams: what became The Kermitage. Mona Moi, after Leonardo da Vinci. No one said me nay. It meant endless hopping back and forth between micro-adjusting every element in the set and squinting at it upside down! How could this one have ended up missing the mark so widely? If you raised the pig a smidge to adjust her relationship to the house, that threw off the balance of the frog to the pitchfork.

Tributes, really. Co-edited by Michael K. Frith and Henry Beard. But — hey! Large pictorial wall calendars were just coming into vogue, and I thought it could be great fun to do such a thing with the new denizens of The Muppet Show — prime candidate: That Pig. From the moment she leapt onto the screen with the karate chop heard round the world, she simply cried out to me to be given the ultimate star treatment.

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Which did happen. Grant Wood?

Well, about 20 years later I found myself in a most peculiar place. Michael K. Grant WoodAmerican Gothic detail Oil on beaver board.

But then, it was generally acknowledged, I was of peculiar bent. But while such ephemera fade, the book still lasts.

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So why American Gothic? The window is… just off to the left; the pitchfork is… just off to the right. The Muppet Show took off in a way none of us could have dreamed of, and with it international stars were born, albeit ones of fabric, fur, fleece, flock, feathers and felt. And I was determined to do the same for him. Our amazing set builders, led by Bruce Morozko, built the Dibble house in our studioDebbie Lombardi hand blocked the fabrics and made the costumes, John Barrett lit.

And I did see it. I am, you see, a Colonial boy.

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As for that? How could that possibly be? I would have said if it had been invented yet — everywhere I put the thing, something new was revealed in the painting. I could have cried. Friends of American Art Collection But there was something going on there, a reason beyond the subject matter that that picture had so stuck in the global consciousness. They were not only American … they were regionalists. We shot on large format transparency film, every effect created in Miss piggy naked. A Mona Piggy was done… because it seemed like it just needed doing.

I let you both down. One can imagine him on his return searching for a way to create his own version of what he had discovered there, the exhilarating skill of execution, clarity of vision and extraordinary rigour of composition exemplified by those Gothic masters. Came that fateful day, driving past the Dibble house in Iowa, and he saw it. Back in art history classes, American artists had been almost universally treated with something approaching disdain. Great paintings suddenly became at once both more understandable… and more mysterious.

Apply the Jack test: failure.

But when you draw those unforgiving intersecting lines across it… well, for a picture that was supposed to be a tribute to one of the most intricately constructed compositions ever? On the Gothique?

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Who would dare deny her? Rembrandt Harmensz. And everything was constantly shifting — it was all about matters of millimetres. After we wash up. Horizontal, vertical, two diagonals, all intersecting in the centre: was ever there a better, stronger, purer graphic than that flag?

But Thomas Hart Benton? The aim was to take a of iconic pieces of Western art that would either be somewhat familiar to a general audience or would be readily recognisable as the work of some well-known artist — and substitute members of our troupe for the original subjects. It drives me nuts to this day.

After days of this, there would come a time when even in our blessed circumstances one just had to move on. This was a lifetime before Photoshop, and photo retouching seemed like just plain cheating. Find out what plans are in place to make your visit safe and comfortable. And under it all — the whole thing was held together by… the Union Jack.

Even giants like Whistler and Sargent were barely tolerated, and then only because, well, you know, they really were almost European. It all begins with the Union Jack. And the brilliant Mr. Beard agreed to contribute the text.

Just to make matters more difficult, from the beginning I insisted that every element in every one of the pictures be real. A Fragonard-like Pig On A Swing was magnificently framed and given pride of place over the fireplace in our grand, panelled conference room.