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We spent the next couple of hours fucking until we were exhausted. I want it all! Then the naked busty babe straddled herself on top and pushed my cock deep inside her dripping wet cunt, riding me hard and fast.

I put both hands on her hips, holding her tight as I shot my seed deep inside her pussy, sending my cum deep into her vagina!!! My meaty prick felt amazing between her massive globes, as she squeezed them together. She let me pull out and white cum began spilling out of her still shuddering cunt.

I slammed my cock into her pussy, her eyes rolled back into her head while she was cumming. Just half an hour after meeting her at the court, I had her totally naked in my living room and we were having wild sex! I wanted to fuck her over and over again.

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Her whole body was trembling and she began spasming against me. So fucking hot! To the guys that want a hairless snatch? This slut was a squirter, spraying pussy juice all over my living room rug as I made her cum. The girls offered to show their d exactly what it was they had learned in high school, starting with blow jobs.

The teens laid back on their backs and their pussies were getting licked passionately by the two dirty old males. She pushed my face against her snatch and I squeezed her ass cheeks with my hands. They may not know how to dribble, but the girls sure know how to gobble dick.

I had her down on her hands and knees on the couch, showing off that juicy round bubble butt. Girls in the background were watching that was hot addition to the sex. After munching on that pussy and ass, I flipped this tiny bitch over, spreading her legs wide open and finger fucking her. I took her arms and placed them behind her back and watched her sexy titties bouncing about while Naked girl basketball pumped her cunt with dick meat. You can bet I was! We kept on fucking on the basketball court, she sucked my cock and licked my balls and I ate her out before cumming. She dropped to her knees, pulled down my shorts, she gripped my throbbing erection in a moment and started sucking my cock while massaging my balls with her soft hands!

Man, I slammed that ass as hard as I could until she stood up, leaned over and went back to sucking and stroking my sausage, then she flipped over and squatted back on top of my cock, ready to ride me all the way to the finishing line in cowgirl position, making her tits bounce up and down while letting me know how much she enjoyed getting fucked hard by total strangers after meeting them at the basket court!

I took her to my car, and she masturbated herself in the passenger seat while I fondled her hot, naked, sweaty body. She pulled her big tits over her tank top and let Naked girl basketball drool dripped all over them as she continued sucking my cock! Her breathing became heavier as her body was soon wracked with her orgasm. Naked girl kneeled before my, placing my throbbing cock between her tits and drooling all over them so she could give me a tit job.

I spread her ass cheeks wide open and proceeded to lick, kiss and suck her tender pink pussy burger and her deliciously tight asshole while she squirmed like a little bitch in heat. I bent her over and pulled her shorts down, spreading her delicious ass cheeks apart and sinking might wet tongue into her pink gash, eating her out while the rest of her teammates continued practicing on the court.

The black guy fucked the white girl while the white dad checked out the lovely black girl. She deep throated my huge cock, choking and gagging on it as it kept hitting the back of her throat, making slurping sounds, drenching it in her drool, spreading it all over my shaft and balls with her hands and slapping her face with my cock.

I went to the gym to watch the girls from the local basketball team practicing and one of them, a beautiful brunette with long hair and big tits, immediately caught my eye. She confessed that fucking in public turned her on and she loves the guy that could appreciate her talent with the ball and her big tits! Take a fucking hike! She massaged them with her soft hands, licking, kissing and sucking them too.

In a few minutes all of the clothes were removed except for the knee highs the girls were wearing and then the real fucking would begin. This girl was wild! This is my own story about two people having sex for the first time with each other. She got down on her knees and swallowed my big fat cock, sucking and stroking it with her eyes locked on mine. I suddenly realized the slut would not let me pull out! Just to think I was shooting hoops with this sexy girl just 30 minutes ago and now I was cumming hot cum in her pussy, fucking hot, man!

If Saddam had hidden in Naked girl basketball bush George Bush would have never found him! I moved my hands to firmly hold the back of her head. And so it was. I fingered her gushing muff and the teen slut sucked and stroked my big fat sausage, licking my big balls too. The teen slut put both her legs behind her head and began to play with her cunt, rubbing the cum that was leaking out of her. To each his own. I love that kind of bush and trim. The d were trying to coach their daughters, hoping that they would get good enough to earn some scholarship money.

The busty slut did it right there in the middle of the basketball court, not paying any attention to the other girls.

The other girls stood watching with their mouths hanging open. The d fucked their teen cunts while the girls moaned from joy. I run my tongue up and down her clit and pussy, between her glistening lips, tasting all of her sweet juices. The girls had been playing basketball at school, allegedly, but they really suck! Juicy, full, firm and young breasts. First off, the young naked girls sloppily sucked on the throbbing cocks of these two horny fathers and then they moved on to something slightly more pleasurable for the girls which obviously meant that their pussies would be getting licked from this point on.

It was so hot getting to fuck her in front of her teammates and she really seemed to enjoy it.

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She beat me alright, and a graciously accepted my defeat but this sexy little slut was ready to lift my spirits and give me a very special reward for my effort! I got behind her and helped her out of her tank top while kissing her neck and shoulders and groping her fabulous big tits. I grabbed her tits and pressed her sweaty body against my own, she had a beautiful pubic patch shaped like a triangle. I placed the naked girl on her back over the arm rest of my couch, spreading her legs wide open and ramming my throbbing dick deep inside her tight cunt, banging her hard in missionary position.

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I pounded her dripping wet muff, feeling all that hot cum boiling Naked girl basketball in my balls and ready to explode and Naked girl basketball it all to her! Then up and down her ass crack, paying attention to her asshole. She slobbered all over my member and I could feel her warm drool dripping down my balls. I met this sexy teen, a petite brunette fire starter, on the basketball court. Her tongue massaged my shaft as she almost gagged while trying to swallow my dick.

They were having their ways with their meaty pussies before letting the babes get on top and then they rode them as hard as they possibly could. I bet that I could beat her shooting hoops and she accepted my challenge. She was shooting hoops all by herself and invited me to her and just a couple of minutes later, she was flashing me her pussy, titties and ass right there in the middle of the court!

What a delicious hairy muff! That furry snatch is epic! Her tits were so big that I could see them on either side of her body from behind. Either way, this entire thing kicked off pretty quickly and they moved on from regular pussy rubbing and tit squeezing to something a bit more hardcore. Her pussy muscles gripped my hard cock trying to suck out sperm from me. She began to cum and dig her nails into my breast.

It all happened so fast. She was perfect, enthusiastic and probably the hottest girl ever. These two teen sluts decided it was better for them to fuck their d too! I lied flat on my back and let her sit on my cock, she grabbed my cock, sliding it up and down her slit, pushing her big bubble butt against it while looking over her shoulder, making sure I was enjoying the sight of her fabulous ass.

Sweat dripped down her beautiful tits and belly, she looked so fucking hot and sexy!