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I am hunting for female Naked girls in horror movies like slappers

R min Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Years following the events of The Shininga now-adult Dan Torrance must protect a young girl with similar powers from a cult known as The True Knot, who prey on children with powers to remain immortal.

Naked Girls In Horror Movies

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Not Rated 88 min Drama, Horror, Mystery.

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One scene involves a threesome between a man and two women. The plot involves a deadly gas leak at a medical warehouse that causes the dead to rise again. Alyssa Milano attempted to shed her squeaky-clean teen-idol image with this story of a virgin who experiences a sexual awakening after being charmed by a charismatic vampire.

The Count finds himself sentenced to death along with Elizabeth Bathory and several other witches.

If they fail—which is typical—she castrates them. She is then kidnapped and set loose in the forest, where she is made to run through the snow for her life.

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There are a few sex scenes and moderate nudity. A depiction of many types of sex.

A murder one night in Tokyo draws him deep into a web of seduction and deceit. Alas, the men wear underwear, which is strange for an orgy. Based on the real-life story of Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen, who kidnapped prostitutes, flew them to remote wooded locations, and then set them running as he chased them with his rifle, Naked Fear tells the story of a woman who arrives in a new town and is forced to take a job as a stripper.

There is graphic sexual language as well as a graphic sex scene in a pool that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Feature film, horror, female-frontal-nudity (sorted by popularity ascending)

This grisly horror masterpiece based on the Bret Easton Elis novel centers around Patrick Bateman, an intensely narcissistic New York investment banker who is also a psychotic serial killer who dismembers his victims with a chainsaw. Horror-film regular Ingrid Pitt is shown in a bath topless.

Koch killed herself in while serving a life sentence in prison. Banned in several countries for understandable reasons. Vicki Michelle is shown fully nude from the front as she emerges from a bath. The film uses the F-word over times, which may be a cinematic record. Also a graphic scene involving Russian roulette. Many scenes involve extremely graphic violence performed against naked women.

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After a married couple loses their young daughter, they travel to Venice, where an old psychic woman warns them that trouble is coming. Horror fans tend to associate horror movies with gratuitous nudity, but a study by Mr. Skin, a website that analyzes nudity in movies, found the horror movies typically have less nudity than other genres such as action, comedy, crime, and drama.

A woman is seen naked on a sacrificial altar. Also scenes of straight and girl-on-girl sex. Sex and violence meld uncomfortably as several scenes involve graphic rape and murder scenes with completely naked female victims.

Legendary Asian action star Sonny Chiba stars in the title role as a crime-solving survivor from a lost tribe of werewolves. It is the combination of extreme sex with extreme violence that made this film so hard to watch for many. A male zombie is shown fully nude.

Cannibal Holocaust is also intensely gory, which, combined with the nudity, led to it being banned in several countries. After the women are transformed into living-dead queen bees, their eyes become entirely black. But whereas Willard used rats, a shy Asian male named Zhihong uses snakes. Almost like clockwork, women fall in love with Wolf Guy, strip naked, and soon find themselves dead.

In the film, Ilse plows over several men in her quest to find the rare gent who is able to sexually satisfy her. There is an extended shot of closeup genital penetration, visible ejaculation, and a scene where a woman holds a pair of scissors to her clitoris and vulva. Seventies sexpot Britt Ekland is shown naked in one scene rubbing her body all over the furniture in a bedroom. In one graphic scene, he rapes a woman using a snake.

One eight-minute scene involves a woman being raped with a bowling pin. One sex scene involving a threesome between two living people and a corpse lasts for three full minutes. In a scene where a woman is raped and strangled to death, she is shown fully nude.

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Apparently things get kinky upriver in the Amazon. One scene shows the female heroine set loose in the woods completely naked for fifteen straight minutes. This schlocky tale of women abandoned on an island who wind up fending off the sexual advances of horny shipwrecked pirates opens with two topless women kissing. The actresses later dismissed the female, saying the movie was just an excuse for the director to get them naked and for the male gaze. In many ways this a monster movie, because the main character is such a sexual monster. The filmmakers pulled quite the marketing trick here by mentioning the original Night of the Living Dead within the film as a plot device, which enabled people to think that it was a sequel by George Romero rather than either a homage or a ripoff, depending on your viewpoint.

Model turned actress and director Natasha Henstridge stars as a beautiful alien who has sex with a string of men who all wind up dying brutal deaths. Several scenes of fully naked female inmates, often with pubic hair. Naked girls in horror movies British horror sexploitation film stars real-life sisters Ann and Vicki Michelle as two runaway sisters who flee rural England into London with the hope of becoming models, only to find themselves deflowered and turned into witches by the male leader of a coven. Flash forward to modern New York City, where evil huddles within a monastery where monks seek live victims to sacrifice to Satan.

This space- vampire movie by Tobe Hooper The Texas Chain Saw Massacre stars the stunning Mathilda May as a teenage vampire who seeks to save the imperiled members of her space ship by sucking the life out of other people.

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Antichrist was controversial in that although it did not depict real murders, it depicted actors really having sex right before the murder scenes. This psychological thriller starring Donald Sutherland caused a huge stir upon its release because it was a major Hollywood release that featured a nearly five-minute sex scene. Male and female buttocks are shown as well as female breasts. What could possibly go wrong? A man and a woman are shown having sex from the waist up. Schoolchildren dance around a maypole that they openly describe as a phallic symbol.

A man has sex with a goat; a couple copulates on the grass before they are murdered; a mentally challenged shepherd rapes a man and a woman; a gay man simulates fellatio on a gun barrel. A gruesome, grisly, sex-packed, and nearly unwatchable horror-sex-necrophilia offering from Germany. After a series of violent sexual murders involving women being strangled with scarves rocks the summer program at the University of Perugia, art students and their associates all fall under suspicion.

Plenty of female nudity, including pubic hair. Many scenes take place in a strip club and feature full frontal female nudity. Tons of full frontal nudity, both male and female, as well as a scene where Ilse urinates on a prisoner. There are several other sex scenes as well as one scene of a man masturbating from beneath a towel. The film features nudity, breasts, and female pubic hair. After that, it was Hellraiser 24 scenes over 10 movies and Wrong Turn 17 scenes, seven Naked girls in horror movies.

One scene takes place in a brothel and features multiple topless women. There are not only several sex scenes, there are also scenes where naked people are raped, beaten, and killed. A sex scene between a couple in a car involves extensive shots of nudity. Lots of breasts and hot tubs and showering.

The film ends with an orgy scene. He is now concerned that his daughter is showing s of being possessed by her dead mother. During her childhood, Cathy witnessed her mother murdering her father and nearly murdering her. A man and a woman are shown having anal sex.

There are also multiple scenes in gangster-run strip bars with plenty of nudity. Much of the film involves fully nude characters. The same study found that of all horror franchises, the Friday the 13th series had the most nude scenes—39 spanning 12 movies. The film ends with an orgy between three women Naked girls in horror movies two men. May is fully naked for the vast majority of the movie. Several scenes involve casual full-frontal nudity footage. Several scenes involve topless women.

A man gets sodomized with a bowling pin. There are also a few breast shots and scenes involving naked pinups in the background. The film contains about five full minutes of nudity total involving about ten women. There are flashes of pubic hair and a scene where a bound woman is raped and strangled on a beach.

Bowling night turns into bowling nightmare as a serial killer systematically picks off members of competing bowling teams. Scream queen Linnea Quigley strips and dances naked in a graveyard. The paganistic lifestyle of the residents on a remote island where a Christian man finds himself shipwrecked involves constant nudity and a freewheeling attitude toward sexuality.

The male convicts invade the prison, take it over, and being raping and mutilating killing the female convicts. Three women are shown topless at a Satanic ceremony. So does a sex scene between a couple in the shower.