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35 photos of nearly naked men basking in natural light

Chad Ryan chaddyboychad. Read about the photographer below. John MacConnell johnmacconnell.

I had done one shoot along those lines a couple of years back with John Carroll but it was only recently that I started focusing in on it more. James Brown III jamesbrowniii. Above all of this, the biggest plus to what I do is wrapping up a shoot, and being told that the last 60 or 90 minutes gave someone a new found confidence in themselves.

While I have shot some great images with artificial lighting, and I have seen some incredible images from other photographers, something about the outcome of the naturally lit photos really stood out to me. I asked other photographers about what they did to start, what programs they used, what equipment they felt I needed from the photographer on the following s. Matt and Dick mattanddick.

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He has completely created an incredible body of work on his own. Almost everything I shoot is in natural light. Jeff Perla jeffperlaa and thetravelinbum.

With numerous published books, and drawing classes that happen monthly, John continues to inspire me and prove that you can do anything if you work at it. Eddie Rabon erabon. It was conversations with him that gave me the drive to keep working, to post every day, to continue to come up with new ideas, and to push to create your own success.

I asked friends of mine to shoot so that I could practice as much as possible and keep playing with ideas. Something that had an end of the night feel or the sense of getting ready. Brogan brogan-nyc.

Steven Gabriel Bosque stevengabrielphotos. Tanner Ray Wilson and Jakob Karr tannerraywilson and jakobkarr.

All Rights Reserved. That will never get old or stop being meaningful.

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Jason Michael Williams thejmw. Pictured: Ryan Jackson. Since my talk with him, my following has grown, people are asking to work with me, and I continue to find amazing people willing to push boundaries and run with my ideas.

Brandon Anthony nakedmensyoga. That their time working with me made them feel sexy and comfortable with who they are. About 3 years I invested in a good camera and starting teaching myself about photography. It was also much easier to just hop on the subway with my camera bag to shoot somewhere. We asked him to tell us about his work:.

Ben Baur benbaur.

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Kit Williamson kitwilliamson. He also knows that he helps these men see themseleves, often in a new light. I had seen sock garters in an image once and I just thought there was something about them that felt really sexy. I absolutely love how light can enhance it so beautifully.

Mitch mjm Scott Lester and b. I always had an eye for composition, but I never really understood how to take a photo. Tyler Jimenez tylerbo David Roberts daviebob.

I want them to just be sensual and erotic but sexy and tasteful. I bring the tie and sock garters with me and always make sure that they have a white dress shirt and black socks. Lee Poulin of Steel Photographs is gifted at finding the perfect natural light to bring out the best in his subjects. That, to me is a priceless gift.