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I would Naked in school program dating men who like thai

I believe parents and authority figures alike have stolen the magic that we have associated with sex. They took what people believed was sacred and warped it into a monster over the generations.

Naked In School Program

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Disclaimer: This is a sexual fantasy.

My age: 23
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Bisexual and Submitting here I can play a male or female whatever it's needed.

Preference for being selected for the program : no preference. KingMaster1 - Yoshida Tommoya is accepted.

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ManPerson - Hatsue Karamorita is accepted though you will need to alter his height and weight. However all the teachers and officials and other adults we need will be NPCs and will be listed in a pool of characters that all players are expected to create and draw upon to help push the scenes and story forwards. My mistake there, I apologize for that, Haibane. Can you fix that and replace the image please.

I think they should for only girls

Everyone - It would be easiest to search under Google images for "Japanese school girl" as there are many, many models on the net dressed that way and a fully clothed school uniform picture that clearly shows the face and gives a good idea of the personality of the character is preferable to nude models of older women. For Kamatari Hisamatsu I'm a little uncomfortable with the picture.

I delete the and changed it to others Now it's fully Japanese SMF 2. Other than that, he's good. He loves to spank and have sex with women in public.

Can you alter things please so that she's a more innocent character, and perhaps with fewer kinks as I think mid-age teens should have less developed sexualities. I should have said that nude images ought to be put behind spoiler tags please. All characters will therefore be Japanese high-schoolers aged 16, 17 or I will require a real photograph, not artwork please, to accompany any submitted character sheets.

I will need a day or so to think about a character sheet, and grab some pictures of the school but meanwhile please read this, it is most important that students participating in the Naked in School Program are fully cognizant with the Program rules. Player name : kingmaster1 Character name : Yoshida tommoya Age : 17 Statistics : 5'11 sexual preferences : dominant and submissive, bi.

Code: [Select]. He constantly works out and is very strong.

Wiki Blogs Dicebot. Because of site rules it's important that we don't imply persons aged as young as 16 have much sexual experience, if any, and Raya's profile seems to imply she has had quite a lot of sexual experience. I have had several cases of school RPs where teacher characters were player-controlled that did not work however so I'm trying something different.

That's 7 of us which is a nice of characters if some of us play 2 each. I need players Naked in school program be comfortable in submissive or switching roles since if your character is selected to go naked then they will have to endure the advances and requests of other characters and will have little choice in submitting to their requests. Melisa - "Artemis" isn't a Japanese name, so can you change that please.

if you are having problems. I'm bisexual and submissive just for your records. Instead, I do hope you guys have a great time with this. I'm doing this because a modern Japanese culture background is something I enjoy RPing against and because the idea of enforced nudity among Japanese school girls somehow seems deliciously appropriate. I can't accept Haruna Lincoln who appears fully Caucasian. Raya looks Caucasian and because of the pose her picture gives nothing of her character away so that will need changing please. Appearance : He often wears heavy jackets and weighted clothes to stay in shape, he will always have red shoes on Personality : he is quite and only talks when he sees fit, he is very observant and will note anything that seems important.

I am not seeking purely reactive writers, but pro-active ones.

The image also does not look very Japanese, though its hard to tell. I'm in, very much bisexual and submissive here :. Of course, now I need to find a pic to use I don't have many real-pics for my characters that I play as, normally. I myself can do bisexual and switch.

The genre s

This is a structure that's a little unusual in group RPs and so may or may not work. I'm fine with bi sexual things, but in the event of such I am better at dominant but I will be submissive if need be. I always find that too many of those creep into these kinds of games and I am concerned that its used is an excuse to not embrace the Japanese culture involved.

A few years ago a lady writer on the alt. Have you a clearer one of her face? In that case curse me and not reading carefully before I posted!

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Follow for site outage details, etc. Isabelle - the game is set in Japan and the characters are fully Japanese. This means that all players need to be skilled writers able to pro-actively create and continue scenes, even if your character is alone. View My Rolls Referrals: 0.

The program

Also can I ask that everyone please plays a fully Japanese character, no mixed blood. Also at lbs he'd be as thin as a bean pole, so he'd need to be around lbs if he was heading towards 6' tall. I would much rather play with a small group who know the subject rather than a big group that does not. I'm a GM who does not like players forum usernames to be similar to their character names, I prefer to see a clear disassociation between player and character in that respect.

I'm okay with submissive or dominant, it doesn't matter to me, and I'm fine with bi sex. I have no pre-planned ideas about its ultimate direction. I have seen players play brother and sister before in group games and since their idea is the two might have an incestuous relationship, it is better if you can arrange with another player to play one of them, otherwise any incest scenes involve you RPing with yourself.

Im bi and like domination Count me in. No-one is going to RP a teacher or official or parent or school worker such as cooks, cleaners or groundsmen.

Please or register. Thanks Knight.

Welcome, Guest. She looks like she might be Thai and she certainly looks too old to be a high school student. Knight Addict Date: Nov Location: wherever he can shine the light of knowledge into the darkness of ignorance Gender I am deffinately interested, I can be either dominant or submissive. All characters created for this game will be students. Please bear this in mind when declaring your interest in the RP. All characters may be selected to go naked, or they may not, so please be aware of this if you are usually a dominant-only player.

I would also be interested in going through with this. Author Topic: Naked in School Read times. The first story was followed by others and eight years later writers are still adding to the Naked in School universe of stories, some of them utopian in theme by which the enforced public nudity in the students growing and gaining positive from their experiences and some falling into a dystopian version of the universe where the nude students are little more than exploited and abused sex slaves, forced at the whim of teachers, dominant Naked in school program and government officials to suffer on display or as teaching aids for non-consensual sex, and even prostitution.

Some of her measurements are a bit odd since you have mistyped her height.

Nudity is natural

The Federal Office Of Social Awareness has been empowered by an affirmative injunction of the Supreme Court and releases its reports to the public in accordance with the Freedom of Information act. I would like to. Definitely up for it. EDIT: Just a note about playing siblings. Quote from: Arlyn on November 17,pm. Have you a bigger picture of the face? If you struggle with the culture of Japanese society this may not be the game for you.

Other characters may yours but need not and in this regard the game is more akin to a co-operative writing project rather than a true role-play because you may not end up playing a role in front of other player characters but may need to write a solo scene, complete with fleshed out NPCs. I'm definitely interested in this.

Did you miss your activation ? Please give Raya's vital statistics. Quote from: KnightNelson20 on November 18,am. Sounds fun! A 30" waist and 40" hips are big for a Japanese teenaged female, the picture is certainly not of a person with those measurements! Daisuki looks okay though its a little hard to see if he's Japanese, the image is quite small.