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Swiss chica Naked islander men boy for fucked

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Naked Islander Men

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Years old: I'm 50 years old
Ethnic: Swedish
I prefer: Guy
My hair: Black
What I like to drink: Brandy

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Hi! welcome to rough straight men!

Watch them as they do their usual chores against the stunning backdrop of Hawaiian nature! Then he takes two strong pisses while his cock is fully erect in all of its 8-inch glory! Then it was time for the main course of the day, which is of course, the jerkoff session! Still sweaty, covered with jizz, and somewhat spent, Derek stands up for some more still photos. Soaked with his own sweat, and covered with sawdust, Derek descends the tree to show us his dirty manly body. Tall, bearded and very hung Wrestler Ian is finally back to show us more of his hot body and that amazing 9-inch fat cock!

That accident could have left him permanently disabled, as the doctors told him he could never walk again. Eros was pretty much surprised and amazed at this! The tree trimming session was not without its dangers, but seeing this muscular stud fully naked working what he usually does makes it worthwhile. Then, he soaps up his beefy muscular body. Ian also takes two powerful pisses outside, one of them while his Naked islander men was rock hard. After that they both head straight to the shower for an extended, sexy shower session.

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Just gotta love a man who walks with a full erection and it all looks so natural and effortless. He cheekily smiles while posing nude, sweaty and covered with sawdust for some more photos. He uses the garden hose for a quick rinse, and then his famous power pisses ensue. On Islandstuds there is this very popular and a little silly game with naked guys playing with the Frisbee. As is the custom on this site, Ian is given some chores to do in the garden, which he does while being totally naked… and — with a full erection!

He sits down at a cozy place in the garden for a long and satisfying jerkoff session, stroking his cock and rubbing his balls. These bad boys have no problem with showing off their beautiful, toned body and hard cock. However, the best treat of the whole video is when these two hunks start stroking their cocks together, side by side. Big Dick Derek certainly ranks among the most popular straight studs that have appeared on Islandstuds. His cock is so stiff and hard that he often slaps his belly with it, producing the characteristic sound.

This video is yet another great addition of a super manly straight stud to the already large stable of hot blue-collar men present on Islandstuds. Derek is still pumped with powerful muscles as ever. They really enjoyed hugging each other and wearing Hawaiian Floral Leis together while their erect cocks poked out of those Hawaiian Grass Skirts! As always, Derek put on a great show and stroked that dick like there was no tomorrow. He parades around the garden wearing his super tight white jockstrap, which is barely Naked islander men to hide his extra-thick 8-inch cock.

While still keeping a big smile on his face, Derek lathers up his body, paying special attention to his big butt. Ian is 20 years old, and still studies at Honolulu College here in Hawaii. He starts up his chainsaw, climbs a tall 60 foot tree while wearing only his saddle and spikes on his boots, and proceeds to perform the tree trimming like you never saw before!

The two buddies strip down to their super tight and sexy matching red undies, which are barely able to contain their huge thighs and big butt cheeks. Red Riley tosses the frisbee high in the air and Eros leaps to catch it, but eventually ends up in the sand. Derek is especially fond of showing off his big erect dick while flexing his powerful biceps, so that his cock is throbbing in the air.

And on the other side we have soft-spoken Rigo with deep dark Mexican skin, short and cropped, military-style hair, trimmed beard, hot interesting tattoos across his furry chest, hairy legs as well as a super hairy bubble butt. And Naked islander men that is situated on the riverside of one Oregon river, while the scorching Summer sun is shining.

Derek wanted to make this a truly memorable power piss session, so he first stroked his cock to a full erection, and then released his power piss, aiming at the grass. This confident, enthusiastic straight guy loves to show off how he works naked in the garden.

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There are 5 such Frisbee scenes now available in the Islandstuds members area. When they get rid of their clothes, these two hunks receive colorful hair combs so as to be able to trim and groom their thick Man Bushes! Derek tells us about the function of all pieces of his work gear while he puts on his leather tree trimmer saddle and spikes on his boots. After some time Ian reaches the point of no return and shoots several strong streams of cum all over his 8-pack abs. The competition between these two gets even more tight when Riley strokes his thick uncut cock to a full erection, again, and then proceeds to juggle the apples without losing his erection!

Little by little, our muscular stud approaches the point of no return and shoots a big, creamy load of his jizz all over his hairy stomach and chest. Derek Naked islander men also very active in recruiting other models for Islandstuds.

But the biggest enthusiasm is reserved the jerking off session, when he gets to stroke his 8-inch throbber while strapping on his professional trimmer saddle. He is the youngest of four brothers, and all of them are also tree trimmers!

A wide yellow stream of pee comes out of the large slit on the top of his mushroom head and hits the ground with a characteristic sound. That big boner is a joy to watch while Riley is standing and playing with frisbee. Red Riley then performs a frull frontal nude one-handed cartwheeling and tosses the frisbee to Eros, landing on his back, with his balls out right there in the sand. Although both men are HUGE, this video is a study of contrasts: On one side we have friendly, talkative Judah with lighter Hapa Latin skin, a big fro on the head hair he ties back in a ponytail, somewhat hairy chest, perfect cock and smooth butt.

Rigo is a construction worker, with a pleasant soft-spoken voice.

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He has ginger hair all over his lanky body, and a long cut schlong to match! The competition continues outdoors, with both men jerking off side by side, comparing their dick sizes, man bushes and parading their big balls for the camera. He often opens up his muscular butt cheeks to reveal that super tight straight manhole, while his big balls are dangling in between his legs.

Then he proceeds to flex his powerful biceps, adding another smile.

Island studs

They each fucks a Hawaiian Pineapple Toy with their hard bushy pulsating cocks. Needless to say, these two hunks have never played Fresbee nude until this day. Ian also walks around the garden with his cock fully erect. Of course, that 7-day load could not disappoint, and disappoint it did not!

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His amazing 9-inch missile still stands at attention while he lathers up his body. He explicitly shows us the line on his erect cock where the limit is when he fucks her girlfriend. When he picked up the garden hose again to rinse off, another stream of pee erupted from his half-hard cock. So, for example, his viral Man on Man Jerkoff video which he did with his ripped Italian roommate Tony is still available in their members area. As is the custom on Islandstuds, we get to watch them wearing floral Leis around their big pecs and chest in the outrageous Hawaiian Hula Show.

The other thing he told us is that his girlfriend can receive only about half-way into her pussy, and anything beyond that is a no-go. This is the 4th appearance of this extra-hung Naked islander men. Ian loves to bathe and he takes his time with taking a shower.

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Big Dick Derek is definitely a shy guy, he really enjoys showing off his goodies for all his fans. This new video has a special charm because it has abundance of behind the scenes conversations with lots of dirty nasty talk and cock stroking sessions.

Red Riley is back, this time bringing his buddy Eros. The glorious cumshot was caught on film with 3 different cameras from 3 different angles, so you get to see every little detail and where every little drop went!

Judah is a Special Forces Army Veteran. Afterwards, Ian he straight to the shower while his jizz is still dripping from his cock and abs. They keep mooning the camera and showing off their powerful asses.

He is fond of telling many personal stories, which we always find interesting and hot. They lather up their ripped bodies, which accentuates their beautiful brown skin. Ian is very talkative and has a friendly attitude. Derek shoots powerful streams of jizz that fly in the air and hit him on the hairy stomach and chest.

Eros laughs at this and catches the frisbee while his big cock is dangling between his big balls and tan smooth butt.

This one will likely prove to be more popular that the already famous jerkoff solo scene with Red Riley. His cock is still erect, and the cum keeps oozing out of his slit on the big mushroom head while he is spraying himself in the warm sun!

He effortlessly juggles Hawaiian Lilikoi Passion fruit while his huge 9-inch cock stands firmly erect! His cock is uncut and looks great surrounded by full bush of manly ginger dick hair. Island Studs is a great, new, and refreshing porn site that features hot guys from Hawaii.

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His biceps are impressive, and his notorious muscular butt, which was formed by years of playing football, is still gorgeous. The guys had lots of fun with this, as evidenced by the fact they smiled a lot while they were pissing together.

The saddle is constructed in such a way that his cock and balls keep hanging out on the leather harness. He is a warm, talkative and friendly guy who hails from Colorado. Derek is unaffected and keeps spraying himself with water as the stream of pee blasts out of his cock. Rigo is a beefy bearded boxer, with a nice uncut cock, while his buddy Judah is a smooth army veteran, with a nice big cut cock.

Then, they proceed to power jack off together, stroking their own cocks and eventually they both shoot huge lo all over their ripped bodies! He climbs up a ladder, totally naked, to trim the tree branches. They even spread their butts by grabbing the butt cheeks with both their hands and fully reveal their virginal supertight manholes! He strokes his dick slowly and takes his time with this. Two friendly bros hanging out with each Naked islander men and doing all kinds of silly hot things!