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Ukrainian woman pick Naked niece stories for love

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Naked Niece Stories

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Age: 38
What is my ethnicity: Finnish
Gender: Woman
My hair: Crisp hair

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I taught her it was anticipated her mate would like to taste his own cum from her mouth, so she should not swallow it all. Posted Thu 27th of October Report. My oral massage gave us both pleasures.


I enjoy the hyper sensitive feeling when it is over engorged. No fear and carefree she said she saw me before in the hot tub when she thought I was asleep. My mind filled with passion to care from her needs. She said she was getting sexual desires that really exploded when she saw me in the tub nude. I played with each nipple, which she really liked. I loved her tomboy figure to a point I thought I might be a little gay.

Touching her tight hole seemed to bring her comfort, trust and lust. My tongue circled her tightness; I could feel her twitch as its tip passes over the entrance. My cock was getting firm but not ready for matting, but caused by the sight and excitement of finding my niece picture perfect watching me play with myself. She wore a cotton bra, and some loose-fitting panties with picture of clowns printed all around.

I had her lay across my lap so that I could feel her tight rear. First, I would step outside into the hot tub warm summer and winter, it did not matter. She did not look very old, mostly because she was a teen, she was tall, slim, and with just so little up top. She seemed to like the attention to her baby boyish ass. Michele would meet me at the door-striped nude almost every night. She wanted to get a closer look and just came in to see. She played with my dick for a while and then I stepped behind her.

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? She was to be more than satisfied that day, but I was to save that virgin hole for another day, and her future mate. Introduction: My young niece came to visit and she learn how to fill her desires from her Uncle, the rest of the vacation she spent nude learning from her Uncle and Aunt.

I was just her Uncle who she knew her whole life, and I was one that bathed her when she was just a baby caring for her. She said it was clean like boys she saw back home when she babysits.

My niece Kristy was in her very early teens and was smart past her age, physically developed and could talk as an adult. She was always my favorite because of her mature ease. Sometimes they would get a hard-on, she was so frank. It was more a message she was ready to mate.

Today it felt extra-large, perhaps because the night before Michele had use a penis pump to over inflate me for her satisfaction. She skillfully guided the blade from the tip of my cock, all the way to the base clearing the little growth that remained. Married with a wife that knew how to act, like my animal female mate. She slid on to the bed as I did between her legs mounting my mouth to her sweet rim.

She quickly learned to suck and with ease learned to take it almost to the bottom of her mouth. I asked her to touch me so to better understand how her girl power works and to build her want. Then I slid my hand to her wetness to test her girl true desire. She Naked niece stories she would touch them when she gave them a bath pretending it was necessary. Each time I cum she would drink it up like a little kitten drinking milk.

We stepped into the shower so I could prepare for her for my exploration. If there was a day I needed my wife to fill, this was that day. After her opening to me, I felt it was my responsibility to train her for her future mate. Michele sometimes ed me if she needed a cock fix and fill with seed, our relationship was self-fulfilling both respecting each others sexual needs.

As the day progressed I let her feel each hole being filled.

I told her to shave me, as this will be her new summer chore. She wrapped her hand around it giving me a squeeze. She must have enjoyed because I could feel her push back.

We now were nude together relaxed as if we been there so many times before. I felt she needed to touch everything on this debut and I was going to make sure she would touch and feel all.

Joe's niece ch. 01

I faced pure sex appeal filling the senses of sight, taste, smell, and touch. We lived near the New Hampshire Mountains with fresh air to breath. I would spend close to an hour meditating in the warmth; then shower and get ready for a day of professional work.

She was young in the face, with a cute little body tiny tits and tight butt. I have always liked being smooth and she would keep me clean.

Babysitting my niece

I untied her top, letting me see he nipples all puffed from the sexual heat we were generating. As we dried she said she wanted cum inside her untouched hole. Her underclothing was not sexy but she looked so good, innocent and fresh as a flower. I taught her how to give a hand job and to look into my eyes with sinful lust. As we soaped each other I handed her a new razor.

She said she wanted to learn how to take care of her needs from me. After my morning of thought I went into the shower to get ready for the day. It was good for me in that it is one of my favorite sports. It was not much fuzz but it was gone for now and I think forever. The wetness I was leaving dripped to her woman slit. I did not have intercourse to mate, leaving her hymen for first true mate. My penis was full as I felt the warm shower. She liked that I did not have any pubic hair around my penis to stop her view.

We spent the day together never a piece of cover.

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My wife would notice my dirty horny looks at her. My day followed a pattern from getting up predawn. She had very little soft fuzz, because of her very young age her pubic had not yet covered her jewel. She was however very wet and she said she had bled, to let me know she was in bloom. Lapping lower her legs spread wide and she raise herself to me.


My niece stood nude with me much like my wife does every day. Most the time she would embrace to feel me in or near her heat. Sometimes she likes being stretched by my wide cock. She then took her own lead and without question shaved her pussy clean for me.

Mother fights with her daughter

I wanted her to know we would spend many more hours shared nude. Our many years gave us a level of comfort that allowed us peace and remove any apprehension. From there I could whisper in her little ear. She had not seen me close and said my penis somehow made her kitty wet, dripping down her legs.

She would learn there are other places for my seed. As we hear my wife come home we met her at the door. We enjoyed our bodies together hardly ever wanting to bring in anyone or anything extra. She was so natural and clam Naked niece stories did not give it a second thought and put out my hand. I saw her often in her summer swimming suit. I now had my princess ready for a day in my retreat. I did her little ass for her as she bent over a knee, more for me then her, as I was to have that tight ass very soon.

I stepped from the shower and dried the water from my body, stroking myself several times thinking of my beautiful wife and the evening before. Each cheek was so firm and she turned and smiled as my hand squeezed her bum and slid my fingertip along her fold.

Michele had given me a kiss when I left the morning tub; she had some errands to do and was already gone for the day. It was so perfect because we knew and trusted each other. Several years ago my niece came to visit one summer from the Midwest. A gentle pressure allowed it to open the gate. She said a causal hello and said she just wanted to see me nude. I put my arms around her to have her next to me and so she would not run away. Register here to post. No matter of her youthful stature, she was my little doll. As I turned around Kristy stood there quietly watching me with puzzlement of a.

By this day end she was my youngest female mate. He panties were so loose they easy dropped to the floor.