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The history of video games and "baring it all" is a fascinating one.

Naked Videogame Characters

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They may not look it, but video games are surprisingly prudish. Despite all the heaving bosoms and shirtless dudes games seem to be filled with, very few of them go the whole nine yards for the full monty. Whether the nudity is for an 'arty' scene or just the byproduct of a stark custom character, the following games present our heroes the way they were born: as specially deed, unclothed models. There's nothing shameful about nakedness, and playing as these video game characters will give you a chance to let it all hang out with pride. Back in the early '00s, you couldn't throw a skateboard without hitting a sub-par extreme sports game, and while Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX was nowhere near terrible, it certainly didn't live up to the high bar set by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

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However, what you may not have heard of is the mod, HDoom which fills the game with "adult" enemies and weapons. This one has actually been patched out of the game now, but we had to include it for the sheer hilarity of its inclusion into the game in the first place.

Throughout The Witcher 3you will find numerous women who essentially throw themselves at you. Unsurprisingly when the game finally came out it just didn't stand up to their adult expectations, which is why people started to mod the game and allow the chance for some erotic alien action, something promised by a developer that never really delivered. Related Topics Lists.

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Smart choice. It's no surprise that as soon as people with the knowledge to mess with tech realized that they could bend video games to their whim, one of the first things that they decided to do was add female nudity to them. In a similar fashion to the Fallout series, The Elder Scrolls seems like a franchise that will always have fans and will always be throwing out sequels that offer players a chance to do "whatever they want" in a huge fantasy setting, which is a real dream come true for gamers. When the hair morphs into various weapons for her use, it leaves her fairly naked.

So, do you think that you know all about the sort of full frontal fun that you can find out there in the world of video games or are you here to learn? When Watch Dogs 2 first came out, it was fighting a whole host of negative backlash from the first game, meaning it had to really shine to succeed. One of the defining characteristics of the first game in the Mass Effect franchise Naked videogame characters that it allowed you to have sex many different supporting characters throughout the story, whether they were the same species or from the same planet as you or not.

This list is all about how games keep throwing sex at all of us. Even if you've never played any of the games in this series, this can't come as much of a surprise to anybody who has even a small knowledge of the popular video games out there.

Bayonetta in bayonetta

That being said, sometimes people involved in the gaming community don't really help themselves. Bayonetta is a character just like that, using sexuality as a weapon throughout the entire game. Want to know about some of the best chances you'll get at a snatch of erotic video game images, or some of the best mods to inject some sexy into your favorite games? No, you should not be playing this game for the full-frontal nudity, because it says something about you that we really don't want to go into right now.

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If you even slightly consider yourself to be a video game fan, you've more than likely heard of the seminal video game Doom. We're about to show you exactly where you need to go if you're looking for video games that show off a lot more skin than usual.

Despite having been proven wrong various times in the past, some video game developers still believe that the old adage that sex sells. When we heard that Nier: Automata was coming to the PC, we knew that somebody would very quickly mod the game so that 2B was wearing as little clothes as possible.

So, we're back again with another David Cage game, that once again contains at least one if not two cases of full frontal female nudity, depending on what path you take throughout the game's story.

Watch free video games nude characters with cool body collection of

However, the creator of the Nier series seems like a bit of a creeper, so it's no surprise that he made the main character a scantily clad female robot, one that the fans set about sexualizing as much as physically possible. You can even give them a once over, checking their bodies for clues. If you're looking for the kind of video game experience where you not only get to match up little tiles under a time limit but would also enjoy the view of unrealistically proportioned cartoon women, then have we got the title for you.

Look, we're here to inform and not to judge, but is this really the sort of impression we want to be giving off to the rest of the world? We were not wrong. Anybody else starting to get a bit of a creepy vibe from this guy? Does anybody else think it's a little Naked videogame characters when video game developers decide to go back to turn a film into a video game?

However, it would be a lie to say that LA Noire doesn't have full-frontal female nudity, it's just the kind that shouldn't be titillating you in the same way that the examples on the rest of this list possibly do. One thing we'll admit right now is that we don't fundamentally believe there is something wrong with building a character up from a foundation of sexuality, as long as it is done in a borderline respectful manner and gels well with the narrative.

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Read Next in gaming. They later patched out the female genitalia but kept in the male. Hunie Pop tasks the player with matching tiles as quickly as possible, offering up a woman in scantily clad clothing stripping off for you as a reward. This has given us our current situation where developers continue to throw sex into their adventures in the hope of catching an extra handful of players, while the rest of the world looks on in borderline disgust.

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Saints Row is known for its crass humor and shock value, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the third and fourth installments let you control the size of your character's "assets" and run around the streets of the city with no clothes on. Look, we know that this game isn't going to be winning any awards for its progressive attitudes towards male-female relationships, but if you're looking for some basic, full-frontal fun, then you have come to the right place.

At least with the modern films you've got all of the fans of the new franchise coming to buy your game. One of the things that gamers are quite understandably annoyed with is that their hobby is never taken as seriously as the hobbies of other people.

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While it had been heard of in the past that celebrities would get involved with the production of a video game, usually as a voice over artist, the trend has become increasingly more common with the invention of more impressive technology, which is likely why Ellen decided to the ranks of celebrities in video games. What with Fallout 4 being one of the most popular and anticipated releases of the past few years, it's Naked videogame characters surprise that there is a mod that allows you to see your own character and various NPCs undressed in a naked state.

There are so many women in The Witcher 3 that you will have your pick of them as well. Pretty much every popular game that gets a PC release will have a mod out there that allows you the opportunity to put your female character, or other female characters, into a much more compromising position.

16 games where you play naked characters

Not only did it allow the audience a chance to mess around with some fantastic, albeit it slightly less complex than Bayonetta, combat but it also threw in an intriguing story that kept us hooked right till the end. The guy is known for putting together highly scripted games that give the illusion of choice while expecting you to feel as if you're playing through a movie by offering you various button prompts through the game.

Valheim: Basics For Beginners. This is nothing new for the series, as the two games also used women as a chance for the main character to collect female playing cards for each one that he decided to have sex with. Share Share Tweet.

Little did she know that David Cage would insist on rendering her entire naked body for the game.

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Not being funny, but the only reason somebody made this game and the only anybody is buying it is for the free cartoon bodies. Now we're starting to step into mod territory. Let's not forget that the whole point of the original was to take on and kill as many demons as possible. Even if you don't choose the path the game wants you to for the full frontal shots, there are actually ways of finding the fully rendered nude body by messing around with the code contained on the disk and finding the specific image files.

Apparently, there were people playing that game that wished they could just lay down their weapons and give the monsters a cuddle. Okay, so, we're not really sure where to start with this one. There are a lot of ways that people who play video games can be divided up, with one of those ways being whether or not you like the games created by a man named David Cage, one of the most divisive names in video games to this day.

We reckon the developers knew this, which is why they threw in some gratuitous sex and violence to get as many people involved with buying the game as possible. No matter how hard some may try, video games are still considered 's form of entertainment that is for the nerdy people and nobody else. Nier: Automata is one of our favorite games from the past decade. While her hair does continue to cover her most important parts, now that the game has made it to the PC, it won't be long before you can play naked Bayonetta.

This was widely publicized before it came out, leading to some minor outrage among the usual types, but it was also a cynical chance for the developers and publishers to grab some potential customers who could be swayed by some titillation. Believe it or not, but her clothes are made from her hair, with some of her attacks using her hair as well.

However, one thing that they have never allowed is some sexy action with some fantasy babes of all the fantasy races, so in a similar fashion to the Fallout Naked videogame characters, somebody decided they'd had enough of the vanilla version and upgraded Skyrim with a mod that lets players take a look at women in the nude and have sex with them. TG Staff. Look, it's generally accepted that film tie-in games are terrible, and while there may be a few exceptions that prove the rule, we don't understand why video game developers would take the sort of gamble where you go back in time to create a video game based on a film.

We would be the first to argue that games can be adult in nature if you want them to be, but sometimes you just have to wonder why the developer bothered. Sadly, you can't see much of what is going on without a mod as the game automatically adds a censored filter to all of the best bits. So, why then did they feel the need to include fully rendered genitals of the both male and female variety? Yes, that's right, we're talking about yet another David Cage game, and while the last one we spoke about was about a fictional woman, Cage jumped at the chance to render a real woman in his game Beyond: Two Souls.