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Naked Woman At Work Tumblr

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Our goal is to give viewers a look inside the realities of teen pregnancy and how it impacts an entire.

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All were wonderful, and all worked to support those marginalized people who were left out of magazines,and even mainstream pornography.

Satine La Belle, a sex worker who uses multiple social media platforms to sell nude photos of herself for income, has been the most affected. Chubby Bunnies boasts a couple hundred thousand followers and has been a very active for 10 years.

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Not only that, but the ban almost utterly wiped her blog out. My biggest support in this battle against self-hatred has been other fat women.

The lack of interaction has saddened Scully, but it also interferes with her ability to help the people that Chubby Bunnies is reaching out to. Whether they were dim, blurry selfies or professional photo shoots, Tumblr users exposed me to naked trans bodies, naked bodies of color, naked non-binary bodies, and naked fat bodies.

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Looking For A Comments Section? You can also send her some money on her Ko-fi. When your flagged posts in the thousands, it creates a problem.

Since it was more normalized there it was easy to find clients who knew what they wanted and were ready to pay. Sometimes all at once. Unfortunately, there are no social media platforms out there that are quite like Tumblr.

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Unfortunately, their flagging software has been wildly unsuccessful in make these distinctions. Satine La Belle Photo by instagram. Fat Girls doing things also has a Facebookan Instagramand a Twitter. Fat Girls Doing Things. The first thing that any Tumblr user will tell you about the result of this ban is either that there are just as many porn bots on the social media platform as ever or that there are just as many Nazis.

Naked woman work tumblr

Sex workers are leading the efforts to make this happen, but due to massive and widespread whorephobia in the U. The hindering of a formerly indispensable tool in the fight against the stigma and hatred of fatness is nothing short of a tragedy.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and made The Est. If you can't find the story you're looking for here, check out our entire archive on Medium! Where else can I find them?

I myself have been on Tumblr since and credit the communities there for my education in everything from white privilege to non-binary genders to fat positivity. I think it is because Tumblr was a great safe space for nudity, nude art, porn, etc.

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Like many people, I gained weight in my 20s due to a natural change in metabolism that happens to the vast majority of humans. Part of learning that acceptance has been viewing fat, naked bodies. Many users vowed to leave Tumblr when the ban was announced, and many did.

Sex workers and body positivity blogs in particular have been affected. Treat also talked about her constant efforts to block porn bots and blogs, which often target body positive blogs to steal images.

For me, the fat bodies were a wonderful comfort, and I hoped to some day gain the courage to display my own fat naked body, unashamed, to help other women like myself learn to love and accept themselves. The Establishment ran from October to April We championed the voices and stories of those marginalized by mainstream media, publishing more than 4, stories by more than writers. Bec Mae Scully is the owner of the body-positive Tumblr blog Chubby Bunnieswhich was hit so hard by the ban that the entire blog is now hidden behind a content warning.

I myself have had two posts recently flagged — one classical nude painting and one that contained no nudity at all. I appealed both successfully.

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But most of what I saw was people sharing their naked bodies in a celebratory manner. Confronting the hateful voice in my head—placed there by a profoundly fat-phobic society—has been one of the greatest challenges of my 20s.

Users have to appeal every individual post flagged in order to get actual human eyes on the post. It was flagged right away and I notified Tumblr about being able to have titties out until the 17th. Tumblr was the only place I saw them before that date.

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Bec Mae Scully Photo by Lauren Crow Bec Mae Scully is the owner of the body-positive Tumblr blog Chubby Bunnieswhich was hit so hard by the ban that the entire blog is now hidden behind a content warning. I miss being able to see those bodies casually, unexpectedly, on Tumblr, as though it were as normal as a video of a cat batting things off of a counter.

It was then no longer flagged for a little bit.