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Naked Woman On A Horse

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That story appears to have first cropped up some years after her death in a book by the English monk Roger of Wendover, who was known for stretching the truth in his writings. As the story goes, Godiva was troubled by the crippling taxes Leofric had levied on the citizens of Coventry.

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After finishing her naked ride, Godiva confronted her husband and demanded that he hold up his end of the bargain. Who was Pope Joan?

After she repeatedly asked him to lessen the burden, Leofric quipped that he would lower taxes only if she rode naked on horseback through the center of town. Recommended for you.

Determined to help the public, Godiva stripped off her clothes, climbed on her horse and galloped through the market square with only her long flowing hair to cover herself. The historical Godiva was known for her generosity to the church, and along with Leofric, she helped found a Benedictine monastery in Coventry.