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It was a very good work and a very good experience.

The stories need those scenes and that is why I do that. If you were to ask any horror film fanatic worth his or her salt to name some of their all-time genre favorites, it is almost certain that the ensuing lists would contain a couple of titles from legendary Italian director Dario Argento. Twenty-five films about Zatoichi, the blind swordsman, are gathered in a new box set from Criterion. Did working in 3D for the first time require any ificant shift in your directorial approach or did you look at it as just another tool?

Of course, I needed to plan on the distances Rutger hauer naked in 2D, those things do not exist. We used the new technology of the Arriflex, which is what they used on "Hugo Cabret," and it really allows you to see the distance and it creates something that is magic. All of them are important to me, you know? Combining bizarre narratives that aren't so much conventional stories as they are waking nightmares in which practically anything can happen and elaborately conceived and executed set-pieces that marry together a lush visual style and unheard-of levels of on-screen brutality, Argento has created some of the most gruesomely gorgeous tales of terror ever filmed—the most notable being "Deep Red," "Tenebrae," "Opera," "The Stendhal Syndrome" and his landmark supernatural "Three Mothers" trilogy of "Suspiria," "Inferno" and Rutger hauer naked of Tears"—and he has proven to be a strong influence on subsequent generations of horror filmmakers as well.

You just completed a staging of Verdi's "Macbeth"—the very same opera at the heart of your film "Opera"—which I believe was your first full-blown stage creation. During a stop in Chicago, where the film was shown as a special presentation of the Chicago International Film Festival, I was privileged to get to sit down and talk with a man that I consider to be one of my favorite directors.

That's where Nicolas Roeg's cinema lived. Breugel Rutger Hauer, acting in a world as fantastical and visually striking as that of "Blade Runner" wanders through the landscape of his painting, occasionally explaining his plans and methods to a patron played by Michael York.

Surprisingly soft-spoken, he talked in slightly broken English which was nevertheless better than my Italian about the film, working with 3D and his daughter and his thoughts on the much-rumored remake of "Suspiria" that has been hinted at for the last several years.

I Rutger hauer naked so happy about it. Some of it is good and some of it is not so good. Marie writes: allow me to introduce you to Travel Photographer, founded by Chris and Karen Coe in and their annual contest "Travel Photographer of the Year". Not that it's that simple. Nobody called me. For Dracula, it is possible to change into a bat or a wolf, so why not a spider or a mantis or any creature? No, the work is the same. Charlotte Rampling is also featured as a model for the mother of Christ. How did the casting of some of the other roles comes about, such as Thomas Kretschmann, whom you used in the past as the psycho in "The Stendhal Syndrome," as Dracula and cult icon Rutger Hauer as vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing?

To promote "Dracula 3D," which has slowly begun opening in theaters throughout the country and which is currently also playing as a VOD title on many cable systems, Argento has come to America—only a couple of days after completing a staging of Verdi's opera "Macbeth"—to promote the film.

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I did not want the stupid effects like object coming off of the screen into the audience—those are easy and they are stupid. It is possible to represent "Dracula" in a new way that looked more natural. A piece on how Deadpool could bring back the R-rated blockbuster and when it really mattered. After years spent working in the travel industry as a professional photographer and finding it was mostly conventional images making it into print, Chris decided to create a way to showcase great travel photography and broaden people's perception of what it can encompass - namely, that it can be much, much more than a pretty postcard image.

This is, I believe, the fifth film that you have directed that has featured your daughter, Asia, in the cast, following "Trauma," "The Stendhal Syndrome," "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Mother of Tears. I remembered them Rutger hauer naked well and I used them as an inspiration.

It was something very important for my career because I began to follow these stories that were morbid.

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With Kretschmann, he has a real European face that is right for Dracula. In addition, he should also be noted for being the father of Asia Argento, one of the most striking actresses working today and with whom he has collaborated with several times over the years. How did the idea of doing a screen version of "Dracula" come about?

Are you working on any new film projects right now?

An article in American Cinematographer describes the film as "a three-year project that took [the filmmakers] to the Jura Mountains of Poland, the Czech Republic and New Zealand for 48 days of filming, followed by 28 months of postproduction at Odeon Film Studio in Warsaw. Lech Majewski's "The Mill and the Cross" takes place inside Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel's The Way to Calvary -- as the artist observes, imagines, des, sketches and paints it.

Can you talk about the visual strategy for the film that you devised with cinematographer and longtime collaborator Luciano Tovoli? Dashing or menacing, depending on the role, Rutger Hauer was a one-of-a-kind screen presence. Although stronger than such recent misfires as "The Card Player" and "Giallo," it is a disappointingly bland reworking of familiar material that adds plenty of nudity and violence to the mix but which never quite makes the case for its existence.

Are there any films or filmmakers that particularly interest you or do you simply avoid it altogether? An interview with the legendary Rutger Hauer about acting in the Biblical epic, "Samson. I added some things to the opera based from my experience on the movie—such as some of the special effects and bits Rutger hauer naked film—to make it new and interesting.

Nowadays, she is more cautious about her work that she was before because she now understands the work of the director. We speak a lot during the shooting about the work but when we are shooting, we are not talking as father and daughter—it is all professional. I hope it does not get made. I don't see too many of them. I spent a lot of time doing the opera and for the moment, I do not have any ideas.

There's a special competition to encourage young photographers aged 18 and under; Young Travel Photographer of the Year. Looking back, do you think there has ever been a case in which you feel that you may have gone too far in terms of bloodshed in your efforts to shock and scare viewers? His latest film is "Dracula 3D," his take on the Bram Stoker warhorse, and to be perfectly honest, it is not one of Rutger hauer naked better efforts.

Before shooting, I had an idea about the color because 3D requires it to be brighter than usual and I asked Tovoli, who I had worked with on "Suspiria," to work with me on this project. It literally enters into a famous painting, Bruegel's "The Road to Calvary," and walks around inside of it. Do you have any particular favorites amongst your own body of work? Everything involving vampires now comes from something that Bram Stoker wrote in his book—everything about vampires comes from this novel.

What was that experience like?

There's a moment when you get lost in a memory so intense that Rutger hauer naked you emerge, you aren't sure if you've been spacing out for a second or a minute. The first movie I ever saw, I do not remember. We worked together before and when I asked him, he said that it was his dream to play Dracula. I think the Hammer films were very good and very scary. Now we have the new technology of 3D and that changed my mind about doing this. I had wanted to do "Dracula" many years ago but I could not find the way into it. It is always for the story. But mostly they, and we, just watch.

You mentioned the Hammer films earlier and the look of your film definitely falls in line with their distinct stylings. As sometimes happens, it led me into a realm of thinking that was not directly connected to it--or perhaps it was.

Breugel examines a dew-bejeweled spiderweb and is inspired to structure his painting along the same lines, with the principal event Jesus stumbling while carrying the cross to Golgotha -- transposed to Flanders in the center, yet surrounded by so much other activity hundreds of other figures going about their business that it is nearly lost, like the titular event in the artist's "The Fall of Icarus.

What are your thoughts on this project and the possibility of seeing your own work being remade by others?

And yet, there are some worthwhile elements on it here and there for those willing to make the effort. It was just two days before I came here that I finished the opera. I was watching a movie this week, a very good one, that will open Friday here in Chicago. I remembered watching the film from Alfred Hitchcock, "Dial M for Murder," and he shot almost all of that movie in one room. A new look at the role of hero and villain in Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner.

The contest is open to one and all; amateur and professional photographers compete alongside each other. I hope they do not do it. As an undisputed legend in the annals of horror filmmaking, what are your thoughts on the state of the genre today? In adapting the story, the basic plot is the same but, like most people who have tackled it in the past, you have thrown some new ideas into the mix as well, such as the townspeople being in overt collusion with Dracula in exchange for his financial aid and Dracula's transformations into a wide variety of animals and insects, including the already infamous moment where he transforms into a giant praying mantis.

There was a genius in what Hitchcock did by manipulating things in that room so that you could see the Rutger hauer naked between things like the tables and the vases because of how he used perspective. Nobody asked me my opinion about. Find on IMDB.

Rutger hauer

By being able to see the distance inside, the audience feels like they are in the screen with the actors and that makes it more interesting. We speak about the work—she works into the night about the next day's work—and it is a marvelous experience to work with her. What was it like to do a supernatural-themed story like "Dracula" in which the basic rules have already been well-established in the minds of the audience? Do you remember the first film that you ever saw or, barring that, the first one to have a real impact on you?

With the depth, something changes and the audience feels as though they have been pushed inside the screen. I was very young and I was on vacation with my family and there was a retrospective of old films and one of them was "The Phantom of the Opera" with Claude Rains that was in color. Nobody sent me a script. Lastly, there has Rutger hauer naked talk in the last few years of a possible remake of "Suspiria"—David Gordon Green, of all people, was connected to it for a while. In the past, you have dealt with supernatural forms of horror in the "Three Mothers" trilogy—"Suspiria," "Inferno" and "Mother of Tears"—and "Phenonema" but in those films, you were the sole creator of their mythos and could do anything that you wanted.

Rutger Hauer is marvelous—he is a monument of the cinema and he has the right characteristics. It was very good work, working with the singers and the staging. Entrants are judged solely on the quality of their photographs.