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Feel free to Ask Me Anything! I've done 3 challenges in 3 wildly different locations and have all kinds of exciting stories to share! I'll be happy to talk story that's what we say in Hawaii not only about Naked and Afraid but also about my life, how I ended up on the challenge in the first place, and what kind of crazy nonsense I've been up to since then.

Sarah From Naked And Afraid

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Initially from Fort Rock, Colorado, Danser began scuba diving when she was 16 years. After finishing her certification dives with Island Divers Hawaii in Oahu, she returned to the island for extra certifications, ultimately working her approach as much as PADI Divemaster. After graduating from school and spending time touring overseas, she moved to Honolulu to work as a divemaster for Honolulu Scuba Firm.

Years: I am 70
Nationality: Norwegian
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got big green eyes
What is my sex: My sex is female
What is the color of my hair: Black
What I prefer to drink: Cider
Tattoo: None

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These lessons all contributed to Sarah becoming the accomplished survivalist that she is today. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit .

Sarah bartell: self - survivalist

Sarah went on to get a degree in Ecology and Evolution Biology, after which she conducted research in Cameroon on the insects of West Africa. Now, with over ten years of SCUBA experience, Sarah works as a guide for other divers, leading them to shipwrecks and helping them explore the coral reefs around Oahu.

InSarah also battled with breast cancer which, according to her, she was lucky to discover early. The two seem to enjoy doing a lot of things together, including fixing jeeps, sailing, going for long hikes, but most of all, they seem to love their 3 dogs.

She recalls learning many of her values from her parents. Sarah also started snorkeling when she was young, laying the foundation for becoming the professional diver that she is now. Sarah is also an avid sailor and can be seen regularly sailing on her boat alone or with friends.

The truth about sarah danser from naked and afraid xl

She later returned to the island to continue doing certification dives until she finally worked her way up to a PADI Divemaster. Not to be limited to water and land, Sarah is also d to fly planes! We decided to get to know Sarah a little better and figure out how she got so good at being a survivalist.

A post shared by Sarah Danser sarahdanser. Prior to this, she had also volunteered in Guatemala as a dental assistant.

The truth about sarah danser from naked and afraid xl

The prolific adventurer has already logged more than nautical miles of open ocean travel! Just survivalists working in pairs to survive in the wilderness for 21 days, until they can go home.

Sarah hails from Castle Rock, where she grew up hiking the mountains of Colorado. She also spent 6 months there working as a school teacher. Image Credit: Discovery GO. View this post on Instagram.

Sarah went on to get a degree in Ecology and Evolution Biology after which she conducted research in Cameroon on the insects of West Africa. She initially started diving when she was 16 and did her certification dives off the island of Oahu with Island Divers Hawaii.

In fact, the two are seen more with the animals than with each other on social media, but that might also be to keep their relationship from appearing too obvious. Both her parents being avid travelers, she spent her childhood traveling the world with her family, scaling volcanoes, and even hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu.

Sarah danser from naked and afraid: everything we know

There are no gimmicks, no scripts, and no clothes! Prior to this, Sarah had also volunteered in Guatemala as a dental assistant.

Sarah Danser is one of the determined contestants— from having survived being marooned out at sea and eating sea snails to making her way through crocodile-infested swamps. She also spent six months there working as a school teacher.

In fact, Sarah got a taste of fighting for survival quite early on in her life when she and her father got trapped in a slot canyon in the San Rafael Swell in Utah and had to spend a freezing night trying to stay alive until they got out. Justin is also a photography and videography enthusiast who has a YouTube channel where he shares videos of him tinkering with automotive equipment, and of course, spending time with his dogs.

While her father taught her how to be independent and solve problems with creative solutions, her mother, who passed away when Sarah was 8, taught her the value of perseverance.