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Severus snape naked liked looking up lady that like whiplr

Request : Hi! I really lack of writing something good in the past time.

Severus Snape Naked

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Snape: gets publicly stripped almost naked, mocked daily, has his mouth forcibly washed out in public, almost gets murdered by a werewolf on purpose by Sirius. Proceeds to willingly become a Wizard Nazi and pass on information that will get his main bully killed. Along with his baby son. Proceeds to ask Voldemort to spare the childhood friend he alienated through his own racism, and to hell with her family, because he only wants her for himself. Proceeds to consistently abuse his students as a Hogwarts Professor and show blatant favoritism toward the Slytherins, nurturing their own abusive behavior.

What is my age: I am 21
Ethnic: Austrian
Languages: English, Japanese
Sign of the zodiac: Leo
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You could feel the heat coming off him as he snaked his arms around your waist, moving underneath the shirt to trail his hand along your back. You propped yourself up so you could look at him. When you laid back he hovered above you. You felt him inhale sharply as you reached down, grabbing his hard length and pumping it slowly. Your body tightening, the intensity building and you dug your nails into his back as your body becomes increasingly desperate. Dean was on your right reading the daily prophet but he finally put it down, intrigued by the beginning of the conversation.

You had always kinda liked Fred but you never got your hopes up, he was flirty with everyone.

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You grazed your teeth along his bottom lip before you pulled apart with a slight smacking sound. When he leaned down to kiss you again you felt it hard against your thigh. He slid down, slowly pulling your underwear down your thighs until you kicked them off your ankles.

You sighed in bliss, then grabbed his jaw pulling his lips back on yours. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

I'm not big on nude handshakes. — bad decisions

You slid your hands up his bare chest, as his hand cupped your cheeks pressing you further into him. Layed out naked on my bed, all for me. He kissed you deeply, arms wrapping around your waist and back. His hands were rough but his lips were so soft against yours. What did strike you as weird is the way he was looking at you, everytime you glanced his way. You wrapped a hand around the back of his head and pulled his lips into yours. Could you really be that oblivious?

Since when did he feel that way about you? His erection now very clear in his boxers. He started moving slowly at first, then faster. Fred Weasley x Reader.

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Could they be right? You crawled toward him and he leaned toward you. Professor Sprout was watching the two of you closely, as you were always joking around during class. You pulled away and smiled, and he continued to hold you. Weasley, please stop staring at Ms. The room erupted in giggles and you blushed, not realizing his eyes had been on you for the whole lesson.

You were studying outside on the grass with Hermione, she was waiting for Harry to finish Quidditch practice. You felt his hot breath on your neck before he pulled out, rolling beside you.

Severus snape naked videos

His rough fingers curled into you and you moaned, allowing him to slip his tongue into your mouth. Should I leave it off? His thrusts becoming sloppy before collapsing on top of you, your still wrapped around him.

He was grinning slightly, sometimes biting his lip, looking ever so smug. You leaned back in bliss, as you slipped your bra off. It made you feel so unbelievably wanted, and boy did he want you. Professor sprout cleared her throat. Your limbs still tangled, your head rested on his chest and he wrapped his arm around you pulling you close as you lay together panting. He settled in between your legs, leaning forward and kissing your neck tenderly before thrusting into you. His eyes scanned over you hungrily, his pupils dilated. You looked at the practice, Fred was sitting casually on his broom.

You pulled away and pushed him backwards until the backs of his knees hit the bed, and he fell back on it. You walked in the room to see a shirtless Fred in front of you, his pants from practice hanging lowly, showing the V above his pelvis. He moaned slightly, and instinctively rolled his hips against you. Your lips met, his kiss was deep and slow. You gasped, a slight pain before you melted into the pleasure of his touch. He slowly moved his arms up your back, your shirt riding up.

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You crossed your arms pulling your shirt off, Fred pulled back a moment to look at you. He finally stood and kicked off his own underwear, his cock springing free. He groaned slightly, pushing deeper into the kiss. Fred kissed his way down your chest before sucking lightly on your breast. He let out a low whistle and you laughed, stepping toward him and straddling him on the bed.

Now there was no Severus snape naked it. His tongue explored your mouth eagerly, your teeth clashing as you kissed hungrily. His pelvis grinded against your clit, and you felt the tension building in your core. Fred wrapped one of us your legs around his waist, allowing him to get even closer and you let out a loud moan that bordered on a scream. Your breath hitched as you felt Fred reach down along your navel, sliding his hand into your underwear. You brushed it off and went about your day, but the thought lingered with you. He propped himself up on his elbows, grinning at you as you slipped off your skirt.

He looked good, and you felt your cheeks heat up, looking down to the floor. If you got flustered you would never hear the end of it, he already had a shit eating grin on his face from your flustered expression.

This is like my first time writing real smut so be gentle with me! The orgasm pounding over your whole body, your walls spasming around him.

His thumb pressed hard against your clit and moved in slow circles, as his two fingers curled against your walls. Tag list: thestarlightotaku leaving-the-past-behind marni-win spidey-galfriend raisa kaitlynjones12 little-weirdo pigwidgexn carefreeloveerr-blog blrryyfcee thot-meatball lisamnieto rainbowunicornspluscake cherryblossomliquor merakily-exhausted jiminscelestial choke-me-sweet-pea melody meliketozier studyblrspace shimuki-blog pansexual-and-a-geek capricious-bullshit galaxyofstardust kealohilani-tepise thoughtfullyspeedycollectionfan drippingpassions lostheadintheclouds omgstlouisblues91 embersofstardust imaginexmeintheuniverse mockingjay-fury bloodysleepy bananzaa am-i-invisible tomhollandgavemecooties an-asexual-pancake tuttigunner did-you-mean-mistake-messenger maroon-richie emmajxnke skeletalwolfcat colorful48 captivatedrose marvelswebdeer superfrankie Snape again by LiaBatman.

After practice you went back to the common room and knocked on his door. You wrapped your arms around him, slowly tugging at his hair. You raised your eyebrows, that was not the answer you were expecting. Fred was certainly flirting and you had no idea where it came from.

You reach down and palmed the large tent that had formed in his pants. It made your cheeks flush, butterflies rising in your stomach. Warnings: Smut! You slowly leaned back and he moved with you, his lips never leaving yours as you sucked his bottom lip. When he caught you looking he grinned.