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Change is afoot at Westworld.

Simon Quarterman Naked

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As the Westworld ramps up, fans are already in a frenzy over the abundance of full-frontal nudity in the second season. Speaking with Vultureactor Simon Quarterman addressed his full-frontal scene and explained why he was excited to shoot. When we were shooting, I was very clear to the team that they could shoot it however they wanted to. I thought it was important for that scene to happen.

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Very much so. The support from everyone — Rodrigo, Thandie and all of the crew — was amazing.

And for Maeve, Lee knows the park. The scene not only subverts expectations within Westworld and serves to heighten the themes of the series, it also subverts what we know about Lee Sizemore. I have to tell you, it really is and was the most liberating thing I have done. Lee Sizemore Simon Quartermanhowever?

We got it out of the way very quickly. In stripping him down in this way, does this feel like the start of a new perspective on Lee? It really is. Granted, the self-serving Sizemore immediately tries to break the deal when security forces show up, but the bargain s once Maeve dispatches these men with ruthless efficiency.

What can be learned from each other, as a robot and host, and as a human? In fact, it left me feeling so happy that I had done it, and feeling incredibly liberated. I was curious to see how it all came out and how it was tackled. At the premiere, I knew the scene was coming up, and I went through a multitude of feelings about it.

Sound off in the comments below, and keep checking THR. April 22, pm. Once teamed up with both Maeve and Hector, Sizemore and the hosts prepare to venture out into the increasingly wild Westworld, dressing for the part appropriately.

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I found it to be a very important scene in that way. The first season for Maeve was very much about discovering her ego, almost. About: Westworld. The feminine is now coming into power, and the masculine is being emasculated and put in a very vulnerable position.

The first season for Lee, it was all about ego, full stop. And I did get a couple of bread crumbs, which was great, and helped inform what I was about to do.

I had seen Jonah and Lisa at a Christmas party. Did you speak with Thandie or anyone else who had filmed nude scenes in season one, about their experiences and what to expect?


I had never done anything like that. Throughout the first season, humans lorded over naked hosts with casual regularity. Thandie and I talked a lot. I know Thandie talked about that a lot last year with her nude scenes, and I feel the same way. Is that why it was important to watch ahead of time?

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Any given ranking of the greatest characters on Westworld likely contains a few reliable players toward the top: Maeve Thandie Newton and Dolores Evan Rachel Woodcertainly. Dolores and Maeve are the driving forces. They butt he, continually. It was a hell of an experience. First, before donning the Western attire, Maeve gives Sizemore a taste of what life is like on her side of existence: by commanding him to strip completely naked.

The women are the driving forces. Lee, even standing there, standing defiant and trying to defy being naked…and Maeve cuts that defiance down by looking away without saying a word. Thankfully, it came up within the first episode and within the first week [of filming], so I was able to get it out of the way. I really enjoyed how we played it.

All Rights reserved. By Josh Wigler.

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It was incredible, watching it with such a big crowd. With all hell breaking loose throughout the park, Sizemore quickly links up with Maeve and forms a deal: if she provides protection, he can lead the way on her quest to find her daughter. I wanted them to shoot it the way they needed to shoot it in order to make the best episode possible. Lee wants to survive. It was amazing. This was, I think, the start of a softening for Lee. They both need something from each other when they meet at the start.

That was his overriding and overarching theme, ego. Close the menu Logo text.

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It quickly establishes just how much the status quo has changed as creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy chart out the next movement in their epic. I wanted to steel myself first by watching it on a tiny screen, before watching it on the big screen. Related Stories. It was also an opportunity to get a couple of bread crumbs out of him, which are hard to come by! It needs to be broken down in our society. In terms of shooting it, I was very clear that I wanted them to do exactly what they needed to do.

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They sat me down and asked how I felt about being naked. Was that how you interpreted the scene? Logo text.

It was months before we shot it. What was it like to watch the episode on the big screen at the Hollywood premiere?

The hosts are now in control. It was liberating and it was empowering. Yes, very much so. They seemed to really enjoy it.


He can provide directions to the whereabouts of her daughter. Once you see it in front of you, and you see yourself naked, so much falls away from you.

I felt like it really went well. Maybe not so much. Humans speak with naked hosts with casual regularity on the show, but seeing a host command a human to strip down naked quickly and visually expresses how much the status quo has changed.