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For Ashley Benson, nude scenes were a thing to be feared when filming Spring Breakers.

Spring Breakers All Nude Scenes

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Selena GomezVanessa HudgensAshley Benson and Gummo director Harmony Korine aren't names that you'd usually utter in the same breath, but these strange bedfellows form the creative energy behind the festival hit Spring Breakers Ashley, Vanessa, Ashley and Rachel Korine star as college students who land in jail after robbing a restaurant to fund their debauched Spring Break adventures. We've got some dirty things in mind for them, too-- although none of the principals save Rachel actually lose their tops, Spring Breakers features more bikini action and suggestive popsicle sucking from these young Hollywood hotties than even Mr.

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The story happens all the time in real life.

Once that scene is cut, you see two girls sitting in a college lecture room and once of them draws a Male genetalia On a notebook and pretends to be licking it to make her friend laugh. This title contains: Positive Messages. Parent Written by ashashtaylor February 15, I checked the rating and its was rated R.

She didn't watch it but I did.

Parents say 17 Kids say Parent Written by Candycanesara August 6, Don't bother with it. Had useful details. Parent Written by erinw2 October 26, Adult Written by ParentReviews January 20, If they can understand the social commentary behind it, Spring Breakers can be somewhat of an "educational experience" Spring Breakers is probably the most controversial film of However this isn't the film the media is making it out to be.

Adult Written by dotdo March 4, Adult Written by kuzronk May 9, The modern Great Gatsby. It's a really good depiction of what spring break can actually be like with the wrong crowds No matter what those things really do go on our there and this movie shows how it can be during spring break.

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Adult Written by Matt B. April 16, Not for anyone under 16 This movie is specifically intended for Mature Audiences. There is basically no storyline anywhere in this film. Like I said before, more like a low-class porno. Just because they have literally grown up in front of us on TV we need to realize that they are adults now and are going to take on and act in more adult roles in films and t.

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Well done, Gomez. Common Sense says Former Disney starlets go bad in super-edgy crime comedy. There is a lot of yelling and bad words, shooting, and "dirty parties" It's a NC Spring Break party. I do agree this is very violent and sexist, those outfits are very skimpy, and girls in bikinis in jail might seem "cool" but is very inappropriate towards little. Adult Written by Marco45 June 29, Parents watch it 1st As my headline said"Parents watch it 1st".

Parent Written by Bridgit Anderson December 2, I don't think selena gomez would do such a thing, but she did Helped me decide. Don't watch it, don't let your kids watch it.

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Positive role models. They are not 13 anymore, they are around their 20s! Younger people will probably mostly see the surface. I could easily see some emulating the people in the movie, but that's not the point.

Common sense says

Read my mind. Add your rating. I don't even want to watch it, not even letting 14 year old, No wonder it is R! No good morals or messages, lots of innuedo, even more cursing and scary pop-up violence.

They try and save Gomez's face and image of Americas Sweetheart by making her character a bible thumper named Faith but it all goes out the window when people are murdered and she's taking bong hits half-nude. Transition success. It's a satire of the modern American dream down to the use of some of musical biggest stars such as Skrillex and Britney Spears.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! As for them being Disney channel children I do believe that these two young women have handled themselves incredibly well if you stop and think about other Disney channel kids, EX Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, and I know this one isn't Disney channel she's Nickelodeon but Amanda bynes they've all had a hard time shaking off their childhood rules so I do believe Selena and Vanessa have handled it very well and have done an incredible job going into very smart young women that they are.

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There is smoking both cigarettes and marijuana in this movie as well. Of course the film contains the expected drinking, nudity and language, within the context of the social commentary it's not as effective. Based on 54 reviews.

This movie is full of graphic nudity and sexuality. Too sexy, too violent, too much "FUN, B! Parent of a 7 and year-old Written by kaelcarp March 27, Good movie, not for kids This is a pretty good movie, but it is clearly and completely not for. Children might enjoy the hot girls and cool party scenes but the entire motive of the film will fly right over their he. It is very sexual in nature. Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action.

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It felt more like a low-class porno than a movie that was made for teens. This review Helped me decide 1. There is lots of drinking and barely anything is censored! The main reason, apart from the sex, drugs, language, and violence, which is enough for most people, is that it's point will fly over the he of most people who are under the age of around It's a sad movie, a tragedy, but it is made to look fun and happy.

The girls are seen smashing things, screaming, and holding guns to people's he.

Parents say

Based on 17 reviews. But I enjoyed it. The only possitive message in it is why you shouldn't be apart of that spring breaker mess but kids shouldn't still watch it. Adult Written by JSchnier November 9, Parent of a year-old Written by [ protected] July 16, They want to remove their little Disney star image, This has been happening with many other Disney stars, Maybe Bridget Mendler and Bella Thorne might end up like them!

Report this review. Most of the reviewers here tend to judge the film before viewing it thinking it's just a sex comedy film when it's an art film showing the danger of spring break as a whole.

Lastly, there is also a threesome scene between two girls and a guy. Not only is this movie not for kids, it's not good enough for adults, either. The movie is fun, exciting and very dramatic and funny, but can also be realistic. It's rated R but I feel like most teenagers can handle this. The violence gives you an adrenaline rush, the sex is very realistic girls with weak minds will do as what a man tells them what to do.

Adult Written by Americanplaya March 16, Exciting movie! Adult Written by Lcoreviews2 April 5, Spraaaaang Breeeaaak Foevvvaa Spring Breakers is an entrancing, hypnotic and artsy film that requires an open mind and your full attention.

Please accept the fact that they are growing up, and you can't change that. This title contains: Sexy stuff.

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As for people saying that they're shocked to see Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens in a movie like this they need to realize that those young ladies are not the Disney channel kids anymore they have grown up to be very beautiful young women and their roles are going to be adult roles with all of the adult content that you expect from other actors and actresses. Adult Written by Paramayerswift March 31, Trashy film, educational value is limited. I can actually say Miley Cyrus' last three films were more appropriate and contained twice the substance than that of Spring Breakers.

Parent reviews for Spring Breakers. Based on our expert review. Read my mind 1. Spring breakers edgy violent with pg drug use and sexual situations Movie deals with college students on spring break going to Florida by robbing banks and chicken stores by using fake guns with real sledgehammers people are shot with lots of blood one scene there's gore when someone gets shot in the head people get arrested people get in huge gun fights with lots of blood and some people are bashed with hammers and cars PG drug use some nudity like at the beginning there's a brief scene of toppless teenage girls but despite it all there are some positive messages and 1 positive role model witch is Selena Gomez she starts off bad but starts to feel like she's doing the wrong thing and she tries to make it right.