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Starfire Naked Comics

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Top Sexy Models. Thanks for visiting TopSexyModels. Last Updated: May 27, Get ready to have a look at 35 hot pictures of Starfire, the famous DC superhero from Titans, who is also one of the hottest women in DC Comics. Although she has great energy and flight powers, but, Starfire has been a favorite of fans courtesy of her sexy image. The creators and artists over the years have been pretty wild with their imagination.

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But… But? Do you think this Starfire is a good hero? What does make her pretty?

Her long, pretty hair. Reprinted with permission from Michele Lee. All rights reserved. She is not happy with you, DC. Even her sister tried to kill her, but Starfire still fights for the good side. Do you think the Starfire from the Teen Titans cartoon is a good role model?

Mirage screenshots images and pictures comic vine starfire

She even protects them from grownups who want to tell them what to do. And she helps the other heroes, like Superboy and Robin and Raven.

Yes, too. She tells people they can be good friends and super powerful and fight for good. And furthermore, she bought them both with HER money: her allowance, birthday and Christmas money.

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Starfire is her favorite hero. It shows lots of her boobs though. And for good measure, below is my 7-year old daughter as she falls asleep most nights, reading. Do you think the Starfire in the Teen Titans comic book is a good role model?

So today I showed her your rebooted Starfire. Dear DC Comics Editors. Not really.

Now she's a reviewer, writer, editor and laid-off bookseller. What about this Starfire?

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Why do you like Starfire? What makes a hero is WHO they are, the choices they make and the things they do.

And not talking to anyone really. Well she is on the beach in her bikini. When she isn't staking a claim on publishing she's usually spending too much time on Facebook or blogging.

She gets at least one graphic novel and one book for major holidays. She has a full-sized cardboard cut out of Spiderman guarding her bookshelf.

Most importantly? Tell me about the Starfire in the picture. What about this new Starfire?

What do you think about her costume below in the Teen Titans comic book ? Snarky you may want to take notes on that one.

Well, no. Pay attention, DC. To the left is my 7-year old daughter. What do you think about her? If this is your attempt at being edgy and reaching out the huge female comic audience out here, then I look forward to when this crap collapses around you so someone who gets it can take your place. Why not?

Mirage screenshots images and pictures comic vine starfire

I want her to be a hero, fighting things and be strong and helping people. Tagged: Girls' Rights. Does that outfit make her pretty?