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Post a Comment. I have to admit that as a person I do have an interest in this. It was one of the early client side mods to do this that got me into using and then making client side mods to the original game. It was the fact that the distributed mod was not fully to my liking and included changes that I had no interest in that caused me to learn how to modify your client and to change existing mods. I am also a strong believer that when the originator allows that SWGEmu server operators can and should include client side mods that they feel enhance gameplay on their server. For this reason at SWGChoice we included the client side changes to reduce the Hula Hoop effect of tailor crafted belts as part of the.

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Swg program: anach's swg nude patch v : star wars galaxies bots | hacks

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Swg nude mod

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