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Things Not To Do Naked

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So we decided to share our glorious finds and let you in on our latest Top 15 list. Well… kind of. Sure, everybody removes his or her clothes at some point in the day, but does that give you the right to walk around naked in public?

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Whatever the case, lighting a room full of candles in the buff is not the smartest idea. Not only can it sting, but the affected area can even be inflamed.

Things you shouldn’t do naked [video]

Your best bet is to wear an old t-shirt or have plenty of napkins nearby. This is a more extreme version of candle lighting. Some falls are likely to result in scarring because the skin is not protected properly. This way you can build a bonfire safely and properly.

Things you shouldn’t do naked [video]

Third, washing it off means letting all that food go down the drain, which could cause a blockage on your drainage system. You also increase the chances of actually dismembering yourself. Some people have been caught tinkering with power tools in the buff. Speaking of bathtubs, most cats hate them. Just way too much can go wrong, such as burns, inflammations, even poisoning, so handling them in the nude is just not an experiment you should be willing to try. That can led to disaster.

So think twice or thrice before you make fried chicken. While it might seem like a good idea to get naked and eat a burrito in the bathtub, nothing could be far from the truth.

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But if the glue is stuck in some unsavory parts, well…. So you want to be all romantic, huh? You should still exercise caution whenever preparing these hot dishes. And the spicier the ingredient, the more painful it will be.

For example, if you cut onions and garlic and rubbed your eyes with your hand, they would definitely cause a sting. Our ancestors might have done this, but considering how advanced technology is these days, there really is no need to do this anymore. Before getting up, be sure to blow the candles out first. Read the instructions and see that there are warning labels. But domesticated cats are a different story.

Some daredevils test their limits and consider eating really spicy food as a rite of passage. If you do, then you are just asking to get burned, girl. But for a novice, you should really think twice doing any of these activities.

Jff: name something you shouldn't do naked

No one can resist spicy food. These liquids include any household cleaning product, detergent, or car product. Yes, there are nudists around, and, no, they did not disappear during the hippie, disco, and punk era. There are people out there that have a keen eye for these things, as disturbing as that may sound.

Driving a car in the buff can also have other negative outcomes other than a ticket or jail time. If you decide to try this out yourself, then please cover yourself up. And with no clothing to protect the skin, certain parts that were usually protected could end up burned.

Tad poll: name something you should never do naked [hilarious wbkr listener responses]

If you really want to go through with this idea, how about you try this: Light all the candles first, while clothed. How many times have you burned your own finger trying to light one, single, solitary candle?

In fact, they feel no shame at all and have fully embraced this way of life. And doing this act is definitely riskier in the nude. Quite literally, any sort of fried food could clog arteries, causes serious weight gain, and can lead to heart attacks. But what you have to remember is super glue is no joke.

11 things to do naked

It seems so glaring and obvious, right? Sure, some have done it, and others will continue to do it, but this is not for the faint of heart. And remember, not everyone appreciates the naked body like you do. Now, imagine the same scenario but only on a more sensitive part of your body. These solutions should be handled with care and caution. Whether you are comfortable exposing your body or not, there are some people that are completely comfortable being naked.

For example, you might shock an innocent bystander into a heart attack.

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Your private parts will thank you for it. Next, put yourself in a position or area away from or in the center of the candles, then disrobe. Blowing too hard might splash hot wax on you and cause serious burns. Even if you decide to play during later hours with no one else around, you could still end up hurting yourself and parts of yourself that are highly sensitive. This seems like a no-brainer, right? Doing anything that involves heat is not a good idea while in the buff. For most of us, this is common knowledge. Now imagine a room full of candles and you completely in the nude.

The more skin you expose, the more likely those chemicals would come in contact, which could then cause a world of hurt. Dangerous liquids should not be used while in the buff. But if you still plan to go through with this and happened to get exposed, rub any dairy product on the affected area because this will serve as a cooling agent. This should be simple enough if the affected area is one of your fingers. That being said, if wearing clothes still in soreness, chaffing, or inflammation, imagine riding a bike in the buff. Do yourself a favor, throw on some clothing and a bit of protective gear.

Yes, all of those liquids are considered dangerous. The process of removing the super glue is quite meticulous. Any pepper or spices should not be sliced, Things not to do naked, or crushed while naked. Not only can you burn yourself, but if you get carried, you could also suffocate. Consider that while you might want to fry some tasty bits with your bits completely exposed.

Remember all the scars you got while playing the in playground as a kid? And once the bonfire is lit, there are even some that would dance around it just like their ancestors did. Even skilled and experienced professionals wear protective gear while using these equipment, so why should you take a chance and tamper with them in the nude? As a result, they have unfortunately been rushed to the hospital by an ambulance due to extreme negligence. We sort of covered this with super glue, but some people might make a distinction between glues and liquids. Countless times, right?

Lastly, use a nail emery board to remove the glue. Both scenarios are painful, and rightfully so. Again, keep your clothes on and use protective gloves and masks whenever you are handling these liquid solutions. How could he or she not spot their naked reflection on that photo posted on Craigslist?

Top ten things to do naked

If you want to try out some activities naked, then do them in the privacy of your own home. Indecent exposure is still a crime. We all know how painful it can be to ride a bike for extended periods of time or ride one with a less than comfortable seat.

And make sure to use the proper tools at your disposal. With a pot full of boiling oil, things can go severely wrong in a matter of seconds. However, the nudist lifestyle is slowly being perpetuated in mainstream media. In some countries, the naked form is considered sacred, which is why they encourage their people to cover up at all costs. In case you need to use them for repair work and other such purposesdo yourself a favor and wear protective gear and goggles. Exposing your body to intense heat is really not a good idea. In short, just do not eat burritos naked in the bathtub.


Next, apply an acetone based nail polish remove because it softens the super glue. This really should go without saying. After all, have to avoid getting splashed with hot oil. Just imagine the blades and other sharp ends that could pierce certain parts of your body.