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Tiny Naked Girls Tumblr

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As he pulls away, Fred runs a fingertip, slow, across your bottom lip, feeling the swell his kisses put there. Fred creeps around the counter, taking in your form as the aprons strings hug tightly at your waist. You toss a pillow at the door, and as it plops, Fred laughs.

You feel a hand come under your chin, and your eyes come up to meet the very bright, but very pleased face of Fred Weasley. You laugh — or at least as much as you can with his weight bearing down upon your chest. And Fred minds not one bit being the scum Tiny naked girls tumblr lines your lakeside domain.

The castle in which you spent your formative years seems but a speck off in the distance as you direct Fred along a saddle of the range and towards the cliff face just beyond. When he finally pulls away, he runs his hands along the sides of your face and your forehead, like memorizing every shape and detail. He pops up his eyes to meet yours in unspoken question.

Who knows, maybe that someone will even be you. A few minutes later, Fred returns to his brother, who still sits on the stone but is now holding the envelope and letter that Fred discarded in his pursuit of you.

But as the trees thin, you see it — the gorgeous waterfall and crisp blue-green pools that catch its spray. I hear Ministry visas are quite a valuable commodity these days. He finds you taking your seat at the Ravenclaw table beside Roger Davies, who is all too eager to move his cloak and offer you water. You blush — at least he thinks you do at this distance — and turn your attention back to the young Gryffindor who has just tapped you on the shoulder.

You grip tight into the shoulders you love so much, digging your chin into his neck as you work yourself against him, pulling your pleasure from him as much as he is from you. And as you grow closer, you open your hands, releasing blue mist and butterflies upon the crowd, like a siren singing a song to lure in the ships at sea.

You bite your lips as you quickly make your leave, returning to the perfectly choreographed dance that seems to have enchanted more than just the eldest Weasley twin. He is locked in the moment, securing you to him and into his memory for as long as he may have you.

Fred whips around to see a line of soft blue suits taking the stairs into their Abraxan-drawn carriages, the boys of the school offering softly cupped hands to the girls as they ascend. Warnings: fluff, sex, cursing - basically my holy trinity, and AU where Fred lives which is the only universe I live in. And so you walk away, your hands lingering together as Fred does his best to help you up the stairs and into your carriage, his precious swan princess preparing for her journey home.

Across from him, both Angelina and Hermione seem to be brooding in equal measure. But then you begin your dance — if it could even be called a dance.

A simple turn of his head has his lips gently brushing against your fingertips and the piercing of his cinnamon eyes catches your breath in your chest. And as he releases himself in your depths, your body quakes once more with the pleasurable feel of it. But Fred is satisfied if the way you are biting your lip and hiding so delicately behind your hat is any indication that you might be feeling the exact same electric charge between you that he is.

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But for Fred, all he could do is search the room for the figure whose shape is now buried deep in his mind and whose soft fingertips he can still feel upon his lips. Ron is busy picking his jaw off the floor.

With light steps you descend upon the Great Hall, down the path on which he sits. Fame, glory, prize money — everything they need to set themselves up for success is being presented on a golden platter — or rather in a wooden goblet.

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And just as you feel the glow of your orgasm begin to subside, Fred walks through the door with two steaming cups. A few more pranced steps and you are standing right beside him.

The doors to the Great Hall have already opened and towards the front of the group of impressively dressed students, their jackets pristinely fitted and their skirts flared in a way that hints so nicely at the shapely things that certainly reside beneath them. He kisses you before you can even recover, to the hoots and hollers of some of the younger students, which earns them the scolding of a surprisingly softhearted McGonagall. Originally posted by fandomnationwhore.

He pins your hips once more with his rough hand, pounding into you long and slow. In one deft motion, Fred has you pinned so fiercely against the counter you worry he might actually take a bit of you instead of the desserts you have spent all morning making.

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For a moment, his look is deep with longing, but quickly he smiles and the mask of play returns to his bright features as he snatches the packaged cookies off the counter and pulls you out of the room to meet up with his twin. A request from anon! The spring sun warms the courtyard as the visiting students say their goodbyes to Hogwarts and the witches and wizards that call it home. George smiles almost too wickedly at your appearance. Fred just stares down into his hands, at your words and your script and the remains of your magic and your scent.

The wide saucers take you in like a man dying of thirst.

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His eyes roam the group, landing on a stunning creature, third from the left whose straightened back, bright smile, and flushed face from the chill of the castle night are enough to make his mouth grow dry and his palms sweat with anticipation. She already loves you for how happy you make me.

You take in his nose now resting against your shoulder, the soft freckles decorating the bridge, the pink of the creases now coated in a pleasant sheen of sweat. I hope I might be more to you someday than just someone to fulfill your desires. You swat his hand away but not quickly enough to stop him from adding another handful to the collection already lining his plate and pockets. He pulls you to him quickly, catching you in his arms as you partially tumble down the stairs towards him.

Finally, Fred hears George screaming his name, the tone of which makes it clear to him this was not the first yell.

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You laugh, deep and hearty, the kind of laugh you have come to know so often as your friendship has blossomed with the twins. He watches with baited breath as your skirts flow and twist. You turn to see Fred lounging casually upon the mattress, his nudity fully on display as he shows off his body for you with a flourish.

Fred and George sit on the stone wall of the archway, overlooking the chaos of tearful hugs and exchanged promises to write, respectful handshakes and gossipy giggles. And the rocking of his firm length deep inside you pulls your mind away, too. Only then do you notice the silliness is gone from his face, replaced with the hint of nerves and raw emotion you saw only a hint of in your afterglow.

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You pull away from a puffy-eyed girl, handing her a notecard, which Fred assumes has your address on it, and turn your eyes up on catch him staring at you. Exhausted and spent, Fred lays himself upon you, chest to chest, the weight of him a welcome reminder of the real world to which your brain has just returned. He sets them down on the bedside table before kneeling before you. His fingers deftly work you in time with his hips and soon you are falling off that cliff with only his strong arms to catch you. On instinct, you roll your hips to meet his needy thrusts, finding a rhythm so right that you each let out a satisfied groan.

When Fred sees your face, slightly obscured by your hat, his chest hurts at the sight of the tear lines that clearly flow down your cheeks. You miss your next step, so beguiled by this handsome man before you, broad and freckled and just the teeniest bit unobtainable in the way that confidence seems to radiate off him.

A bite at your ear pulls your eyes away. You clear your throat and move your head to take in both twins. Fred groans at the feel of your orgasm, finding his own in the sweet music your body plays for him. You have both made my time here at Hogwarts a pleasant one. The last thing you see is that cute, firm butt of his round the corner towards the kitchen. Even now, long after all the quidditch training and regular exercise, the lines of him are Tiny naked girls tumblr subtle perfection. You run your hands through his hair, hoping to ease the worry you feel from him.

Fred jumps the stone wall into the courtyard, not caring for the height of the fall and sprints through the crowds, pushing a few first year students in the process until his hand grabs yours just as you take your first steps away from Hogwarts. Fred closes his eyes.


He hops off the bed and runs down the hallway before you can even extract yourself from the covers. You skip forward like an elegant ballerina, your neck tall and your chest out the way a swan might look upon the lesser creatures within its pond, elegant but superior. Opening the envelope releases a frill of blue dust and butterflies, scented like your shampoo, which he is ashamed to say he knows now.

Today is also my wedding anniversary for fluff felt right. You spin around at the tug. As his hand moves from your hipbone to brush against your sex, you feel the tightening that Fred so easily can pull from you, the sweet anticipation of a cascade of relief that marks your lovemaking as something necessary.

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The rush of the wind as Fred speeds downward makes it hard to hear the beautiful crash of water you associate so much with this place. Fred bumps elbows with his twin, whom he simply knows is already conspiring to rig this thing in their favor. Enough to restock and still have extra?

Owls, portkeys, floo networks, and the works? George stares down at his brother, whose fingers have already gone to rip at the letter, to see its contents and pray that its words align with the flutter he feels in his chest right now. A few moments pass as Fred hums happily, crunching down one cookie after another before you speak up once more. You lean forward with special flourish, flicking your wrists and humming in unison with your cohort.

The sweat from his brow rolls down your neck sending shivers across your already prickled skin.