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Tito ortiz naked chica seeking friend to date

Anderson Silva made quick work of Tito Ortiz on Saturday night.

Tito Ortiz Naked

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Looks like Blake Lively has some company in the nude photo scandal arena! Word is breaking that Tito Ortiz has been Twitter-hacked and a very private photo has gotten out. The Tito Ortiz nude photo, seen here in part, shows the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion in what appears to be a log cabin without a single stitch of clothing on. While some have said the photo looks fake, others chalk up the blurry appearance to the use of a cell phone camera. Tito began dating former porn star Jenna Jameson in

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Your sports. For those who may be wondering, her Reeboks looked terrific and she has lovely feet. It is true that along with millions of other women fans, I have hoped for a glimpse of Georges St-Pierre dropping his underwear to reveal a little more of his anatomy, but not so much any other MMA fighter and certainly not the Iceman, Chuck Liddell.

Newsletter. With crotch-rapping Dana, the fun could be worse than being video taped in the nude.

However, as with most things MMA in origin, I now have formed several opinions which I am prepared to share. At the age of forty, I doubt that Mr. Liddell is eager to launch a career as a nude model, so it is my assumption that MMA fans are safe from seeing further skin flicks of the —pound fighter in movies or any other ad promotions.

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Enjoy our content? Somehow it is beyond my elderly comprehension that Chuck was in on this expose.

Well, in my way of thinking, and judging from his nudity in the videoboth he and the viewers can easily see his package below his formerly protuberant abdomen, so he is clearly putting his all into the conditioning for his return bout with Tito. So this, in my opinion, is the beginning of Mr. Liddell's campaign or resurgence in the sport of MMA as a legend of his own making, beyond what Dana sees to be his future in the sport or UFC organization.

I wonder if Dana was in cahoots with Reebok? After all, that is a big part of the whole concept—the rivalry between the coaches.

our newsletter to get the latest in sports news delivered straight to your inbox! I will admit that his female companion is lovely to see exercising in the buff. Having never been a fan of Chuck Liddell, I was not sure what to make of the recent Reebok Viral Video depicting him working out in the nude, except for the Reeboks, which was probably the whole point of the video, right?

Of course, I am cognizant of the fact that in allowing Liddell to coach opposite his long time nemesis Tito Ortiz, that Dana White is willing to let friend Chuck enter the cage for a last hurrah after the TUF 11 series ends. Ram finally got fed up with being cuffed in the balls by the boss, so I am not sure how long Chuck could endure it.

To retire at the tender age of forty would make Chuck appear to be a mere punk by comparison. Chuck being the rock-star icon of the UFC does not impress me as one to accept Dana's mandated retirement.

And it is obvious to all who have seen Dana's video blogs that crotch hits seem to be Dana's idea of entertainment, along with other grade school type pranks, though he, like Chuck, is forty years old!