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Over the last few months, it seems that a particular trend in game modding has become more than a little popular. For example, people went crazy when a Resident Evil 2 mod was launched to turn first Clare Redfield and then Ada Wong naked. It was, perhaps, a matter of curiosity that such a mod was never released for Leon or Tyrant.

Tomb Raider Naked Cheat

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One of the most persistent myths in video game history is the so-called "Nude Raider" cheat code in the original Tomb Raider. Shortly after the game's release, gaming magazines and playground chatter alike fostered the collective belief that players could remove Lara Croft's clothes by inputting an elusive cheat code. And let's face it, we all got tricked by that one mate who promised us they had the working code, right? But alas, no Tomb Raider game has ever been released with any sort of official, secret nudity cheat, though that hasn't stopped enterprising hackers and modders from doing it themselves. So if you've seen a video of anyone playing a Tomb Raider game featuring Lara in the buff, it's in no way legit. In fact, Eidos hated the rumours enough to initially threaten legal action against anyone disseminating a so-called "nude patch" for PC versions of earlier games in the series.

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I don't have that code obviouslybut however as a partial proof that I am not just makeing this up I do remember how I made a code that can turn Laura into any other creature or enemy in the game. Logging in Remember me.

of 3. Also in tomb raider one I can delete any or all of Lauras body parts except the ponytail. Chaotic Forces. These are both Xploder codes, and probably for TR3 v1. Only glitch is that if you draw your weapons it crashes and you cannot use your enemies weapon either if he has one. Mostly the reason I'm interested in knowing how this code and similar ones work, is because I think it might be of use in other games, and not as nude codes. Tags: None. By God. I bring chaos everywhere! I could be dead wrong but that looks like a bunch of crap. Yes No. OK Cancel.

Going back to the nineties!

Unfortunately it'd take quite a bit of work to port assuming that's even possible. His code works but was very complicated because he had to remap alot of the controls to keep one from exiting the demo mode when X is pressed. I remember wombraider.

Would that constitute some semblance of proof! I found a working and simple solution and e-mailed it but never heard anything back. I've checked, and it's identical to the one I copied out of an issue of EGM a of years back. Random resurrection of a very dead topic I intend to visually document this horrible code once I've properly reflash my Xploder.

As this has been rather a popular thing since Luigi mentioned it I figured now that at least one, possibly three versions of the code have been located it was time to start a topic about it. The code did not work with this version.

That doesn't mean it's a legit code though Does anybody know what the aparent effect of the code is?

It was quite long but I cleverly shortened it to a few lines. Is there a way to convert this code for use in GameShark? If that's really all it's doing, then there should be more than one way of doing it.

Filtered by:. In order to view this post you must agree to the following terms and conditions Last edited by Hybrid ;PM. I did find a much simpler way once. So, here's the code found on google groups by Hybrid. Pity I'm in the pal region.

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Also, trying to run a cheat device disc emulated tends not to go very well. Hello, I am using an emulator pSX 1. Log in. Sorry for the mispellings but I am tired. Last edited by Pattywick ;AM. It's very likely that any non-green version of the game will not work, same for any non-North American releases. I'm posting both the original and the version run through x-killer's code decryptor. Tomb Raider 3 nude code Posts Latest Activity Photos. 1 2 3 template Next.

10 lies about famous video games you probably believe

I see. That code is very long but now I know much more about writting codes and could shorten it drastically. Forgot password or user name? All rights reserved.

Nude mod released for shadow of the tomb raider

Comment Post Cancel. I can post it in about two days. My power can cause chaos to myself! He made a code to play the demo level of tomb raider last revelation a. It works by transposing and replaceing level specific info like graphics to where Lauras info is stored. It sure isn't the code that I found with a Gameshark. I worked on it with Zardoz and Bonsang he now now works for Datel.