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Leave it to Green Day to start the biggest mud fight in history at a festival meant to encourage peace.

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They were joking, sorta, but Universal made sure the meeting happened anyway. The duo exchanged albums, t-shirts and CDs with their much younger peers.

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Hamilton was notable for his refined approach to the drumset, which leaned more heavily on creative orchestrations than on flash, an approach that in the s inspired the movements of cool and chamber jazz. A big thanks to Billy Amendola for all his support since we met so many years ago. Here we trace the Tre cool naked developments of his long and illustrious playing career, and learn about the broad range of ….

Andrew Tkaczyk from the Ghost Inside here. Dan Pawlovich is currently on the road with pop-rock group Panic! Hey guys and girls! Trust me—my band shared a Minneapolis practice space with Motion City in the early aughts, when they cycled though timekeepers at a …. Tyler Ritter here from the Nashville-based band Moon Taxi. Hi MD! The album Wonderful Crazy Night was released February and we have been playing promotional concerts starting in Los Angeles, then over to London and Paris….

Green day support billie joe armstrong's recovery

Notably, Hamilton …. Here Modern Drummer Online asks Pawlovich about backing a band that seamlessly sifts through multiple sonic landscapes while still staying on top. In this Modern Drummer exclusive, Blue Devils snare drummer Brandon Olander talks practice, preparation, and dealing with a camera crew. For me, there is a before, and there is an after. Supertramp has always been tough to categorize. Hello Modern Drummer magazine voyeurs.

Photos and more:

Just great-sounding and great-looking drums. Some players have ature snare sounds that identify them immediately, where others …. The son of Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer and guitarist of Green Day, checks in about his latest recording sessions.

Gary Clark Jr. Gary was quiet …. The practice of studio drummers using a different snare for every song, in order to change the overall voice of the kit, shows this theory in action.

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All of the drums are built using smoked-black acrylic shells and have a custom blood splatter and distressed finish and programmable LED lights. Fred Eltringham here. To my fellow drummers, I feel your pain…literally.

And once again, the Turner brothers, bassist Richard and drummer Brit, locked it all down with a sultry Southern swagger. Hey MD drummers! There are a lot of great music performances and some tours and recordings to talk about. Hi Modern Drummer readers! Hello, Modern Drummer readers! I play drums in the Last Vegas and Urge Overkill.

Following a two-hour private drum lesson awarded by composer and multi-instrumentalist Stewart Copeland to one very lucky local high school student, the founder of world famous rock band the Police openly wondered why his celebrity status keeps growing. We asked the members of the MD Education Team to share their thoughts on how they prefer to tune their drums.

There are die-cast …. The sixty-two year old Copeland, whose Facebook fan base tops 76, continues …. Let me tell you about a group Tre cool naked kids I was honored to meet this year when I thought I was having a hard time. Rich Pagano here to talk briefly about what has been happening and a couple of nice events that I am honored to be a part of in the near future. Drummer Bill Stevenson is among the most influential musicians associated with West Coast punk rock, on any instrument. After millions of albums sold and decades at the top of the pop-punk pile, the drummer and his band are as vital as ever.

Hello Modern Drummer readers!

These items are perfect …. Just checking in after a long three-month tour through Europe and the U. Feels good to Tre cool naked home and relax for a while! I also do studio work and have played 1,plus shows in fifteen-plus countries at clubs, garages, arenas, festivals, strip clubs, barns, basements, and theatres…. Hey, everyone! MD caught up with Brit before a …. I just got back from two weeks out with the fabulous Rita Coolidge doing dates in the New England area. During an all too brief tour break, Bordin took a moment to talk to Modern Drummer about why Faith No More got back together, the DIY ethos that drove the making of Sol Invictus, how he manages to deliver such a physical set every night, and much more….

Modern Drummer caught up with Brian for a brief Q …. When I was a kid, I decided to stop hitting my brother and start hitting the drums. Here, as a companion to our August Influences piece on Mason, we speak with the drummer about his new album, his early days, the drummers who inspired him, and more…. Metal and pop-punk mainstays A Day to Remember are getting set to release their sixth studio album, Bad Vibrations, in early September.

Rita just released her memoir, Delta Lady. Hey MD Readers! I am a practicing physician that completed medical school about ten years ago and subsequently trained at Northwestern Medicine into a specialty called physical medicine and rehabilitation, also known as physiatry, with a background in kinesiology and sports medicine. Writer Stephen Bidwell caught ….

Well, seems to be approaching fast! Board rooms.

My relationship with the drumkit and all it represents is different than most drummers I know. Hey-o, Modern Drummers! It has been said that drumming may be the first music man ever made. Large theatres. Hoglan shows no s of slowing down.

In my case it has been a source of who I am. I recently played some special shows that I think quite a few of you will enjoy, especially if you are a ZZ Top fan. Snare drums are easily the most recognizable voice in the drumkit. Female Tre cool naked wanted! Hello Modern Drummer world. I got a good response about the things and tips I shared last time, and I wanted …. I also got the opportunity to tour with BLS for a bit before getting …. Hi MD readers! Check out this video clip of the band Soule Monde, featuring drummer Russ Lawton and keyboardist Ray Paczkowski, both members of the solo group led by Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio.

Hey there, Modern Drummer readers! Hey there MD! Holy cow, does time ever fly! Throughout the three weeks spent on the road there, I not only became more confident as a drummer but also as a human…. Sports bars. One is an all-girl indie-pop band called the Prettiots. He has all the technique and chops, he can groove like a feel-good metronome, and his programmed drum parts make you think, are these real drums or not?

It got me thinking about inspiration and from where we draw it…. Hello, Modern Drummers! Hello again, fellow MD fans!

We continue talking with Joe about a few practice tips as well as some of his influences…. Is it a pop band with a fondness for complex arrangements, a progressive-rock band with impeccable pop smarts, or something else entirely? Hello MD readers! This cool new kit from SJC features a custom zombie theme. Radio stations. Hamilton died this past Monday at the age of ninety-two. A large part of my life has been spent with various bands in vans, buses, and planes, traveling around the world …. I see all is great in drum land—so many amazing new talents every day!

Hey MD! Vince Wilburn Jr. Hello, my fellow drummers! Hello MD! My name is Nigel Dupree and I play drums for the rock band Wayland.

Fun Fun Fun Fest had its eighth go-round this past November 8—10, and it was three days of great music for fans of metal, indie, hardcore, electro, and hip-hop, as well as wrestling, comedy, skateboarding, and BMX…. My name is Joey Sulkowski and I play drums for Mainland, a Brooklyn based rock band that just finished a tour with Canadian superheroes Marianas Trench.

Small clubs. Hey, Modern Drummer readers!