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Twitch Streamer Gets Naked

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Twitch has a variety of streamers using the platform to showcase their talents and hard work. Over the years, some streamers have risen to immense popularity due to their fan-following on the platform. However, Twitch is rather strict about its rules and does not hesitate to hand out bans to streamers who flout them or their ToS.

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Published17 June BST. One of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world, Llanos 'Ibai' Garatea, has just suffered his third ban on Twitch after someone else on his stream showed their bare butt. After an exchange of words, one of the performers turns his back to the other and bends over exposing his bare butt. The Spanish content creator has been suspended as nudity directly infringes on Twitch's Terms of Service agreement, even though it was not him who performed the act.

Playstation Xbox Nintendo PC. Submit Video. If you're not familiar it's just a play on "press F to pay respects" as a recognition that something has gone wrong.

Advert Here are some of our favourite streaming wins and fails Topics: NewsTwitch. Streamers of all shapes and sizes took to hot tubs which started debates within the community about what was classed as too sexual for Twitch.

It seems the crew know the implications of this because one of the hosts immediately says "Fs in the chat". Platform Platform.

During Ibai's stream, he was hosting a battle of wits between two guys - it's in Spanish so I'm not sure what they say but from the tone and setting it seems like it might be a roasting war. Nudity is absolutely off the cards no matter the context on Twitch and so even if Ibai is not at fault here it's, unfortunately, a suspension offence all the same.

Nudity and sexual content has been recently discussed on Twitch as the streaming platform saw a huge rise in hot tub content. Ibai addressed his third ban by cautioning content creators.

Though Ibai exclaims a "no" it was too late, the deed was done. Features Features. Chosen for You Chosen for You. Most Read Stories Most Read. Videos Videos.