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Uc Davis Naked

Online: 10 days ago


What happens when a new, straightlaced band director tries to instill a little discipline into a notoriously rowdy college marching band? Hilarity ensues, of course. Welcome to the UC Davis Aggies Marching band, which is apparently in big trouble with university authorities for a series of recent rule-breaking escapades, not the least of which involves their "naked van" tradition. Let's catch up with the fun.

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CBS13 is taking a closer look at the last-minute ings and vetoes that often fly under the radar. Thomas Dodson, a social-media professional, says many of the apps say the images disappear, but those images can be saved and they can also get students in trouble.

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Column: let’s get naked!

Pictures of students showing off bongs and booze were in the app, along with others with students mugging for the camera with a mouthful of marijuana, plus full-frontal nudity. The UC Davis version has pictures of dogs and outfits, but much of it is far from G-rated.

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