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As a lead resident adviser and writing center tutor, the wellbeing of my community matters to me.

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Financial aid counselors at each of our twelve academic center locations are here to help you pay for college. This year, CCV and the Vermont State Colleges are offering millions of dollars in scholarships, free tuition, and other financial aid opportunities. Earn a digital credential in less time with Flex classes. Credits can be applied to certificate and degree programs.

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Opinion: Depending on who you ask, this can be a huge positive or a huge negative. Most probably not.

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Composting is mandatory, there is an abundance of Teslas and bicycles on the road, UVM is conducting a ton of scientific research in sustainability including my laband overall I can see a deep sense of respect for nature in Burlington residents. To be clear, seeing a naked person on the street in Burlington was a one-time thing.

So far, so good. I mean just look at how much Vermonters spent on groceries inaccording to a study by the U. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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People are obsessed with bicycles over here and I think so far this has been one of my favorite things about the city. I also dabbled with some intramural soccer and kickball at UVM, the competitive nature of which made it even more fun to stay outdoors.

Anecdotally speaking, I was able to save a lot more in Minnesota, where I lived on a similar student stipend. Opinion: It took me less than three weeks to buy my first bike in Burlington from Craiglist. Biking, running, kayaking, hiking, and swimming in Lake Champlain were some of my favorite activities to do this fall.

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Now that I have been here for four months, here are 5 facts and opinions on Burlington, Vermont: my home for the next few years. What a welcome, right? Fact 3: Burlington is very expensive. Opinion: I mean, can you really blame Vermonters for always wanting to be outdoors?

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Type here. Fact 2: In addition to the regular bike lanes along the side of the road, there are 8 miles of dedicated bike lanes in Burlington, a city with an area of only 16 square miles. I mean firstly, the city is small enough that you can go almost anywhere on a bike.

Absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the large amount of ethnic restaurants in Burlington. Fact 1: Burlington is the first city in America to run entirely on renewable energy.

Upon further research, I learned that public nudity has been decriminalized in Vermont for many decades. All that I would say is that there is a stark contrast with how much the topic of religion Abrahamic or otherwise came up on a weekly basis in Minnesota and how over here it almost never comes up.

2. when you attempt to find a seat on the shuttle.

Fact 5: Racially, My experiences so far have also been generally positive, though I have heard other international students and non-White friends tell stories about the racial bias they experienced. Is Burlington more expensive than other big cities like Boston and New York?

Nonetheless, this was what I saw on a walk around my neighborhood in Burlington, Vermont on my first day here. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And secondly, car drivers are extremely careful and respectful of bikers on the road which makes it a very stress-free experience.

The real estate market over here is absolutely atrocious and finding a place to rent at a reasonable rate is exhausting. Opinion: Sustainability is at the core of this city and definitely sprouts up in conversation or otherwise on a daily basis. Burlington and its surrounding areas are breathtaking!