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Yo Kai Watch Naked

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Nate as he befriends the Yo-kai of the hit video game Yo-kai Watch! Nate Adams was your regular, everyday kid, until he received the Yo-kai Watch, which allows him to see Yo-kai that are normally invisible to the naked eye! Manga adventures featuring the beloved characters of the worldwide gaming phenomenon. Get our latest book recommendations, author news, competitions, offers, and other information right to your inbox. Tell us what you like and we'll recommend books you'll love.

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Parents say

And for some of you reviewers who said there was porn, no, there wasn't any porn in that show whatsoever. So, Yokai watch is a good show for people 9 and up. Common Sense says Game-inspired anime explores emotions in a creative way.

This is one of the rare instances where I agree with what Common Sense Media has to say, rather than the parents. They literally call it "play a game with fate" and when spinning the wheel the main skeleton literally says "round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows. This contrasts greatly to the original version where the skeleton seriously and sadly explains the need for some people to die without cause to maintain balance between Earth and the After life, and expresses his grief when a young child is chosen.

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Kid reviews for Yo-Kai Watch. A bunch of the characters are great role models, and you can learn from the show, too. Just because they hinted at something doesn't mean it's that bad. He spends a bulk of the show trying to impress his crush, often failing in ridiculous or unrealistic ways due to the Yo-Kai who keep embarrassing him. There's no nudity and nothing explicit is said.

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I can see how youngsters might believe it's real. Report this review. Second off, they end up getting in trouble for it at the end so, if anything, it advises against such behavior.

Teen, 15 years old Written by Nobita February 7, Kids can watch it but need a parental guidance I stared watch it after my year-old cousin watched it. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! This title contains: Positive Messages. Every so often there would be some mild sexual innuendo which was very easy to pickup but that is it, Decent show. The episode in question shows three boys at a sleepover.

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Based on 37 reviews. I do not think It be on Disney XD however. Now, I know they are "parent" reviews, but listen to mine a bit, please. A whole "depth" of writing has been taken away, likely to make the show less scary for younger children? And one more thing Luckily, the series is great and going well. For example, in one episode, one of the characters, Manjimutt, sculpts a clay sculpture that resembles a women's breasts.

Now, I was absolutely shocked at the Parent Reviews on this site.

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Once again, this is not meant to be taken seriously and is played purely for comedy. There are also scene where Robonyan and Katie did booty dance. There's a lot of bodily humor that is not meant to be taken seriously. Helped me decide. It was alright, don't remember much.

It's a good show. Sorry if my review is very confusing. Had useful details 2.

Had useful details 1. Had useful details.

Teen, 16 years old Written by wizardortitan March 10, The 'porn episode' is highly overblown Nate and his friends do stay up to watch a show for "adults only", but considering what we see, it's not pornography. Parents say 22 Kids say Teen, 16 years old Written by sillysasha October 16, It has a very interesting format, and look on real world issues though parents: be prepared if needed to explain to your younger kids that yo-kai do not actually exist and this is just a fantasy show, becuase the world depicted in yo-kai watch is very realistic and relatable, aside from the yo-kai.

First off, this isn't porn.

Continue reading so that you can understand. I remember watching this show as an 8 year old and knowing nothing about the sexual innuendo. However, I won't deny that this show has some sexual themes. Read my mind 1.

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The show teaches about friendship, and it has jokes too. Add your rating. One of the friends has bypassed the parental controls, allowing the boys to watch the adult after-hour channel. Based on our expert review.

Yo-kai watch, volume 7

There's literally a Yo-Kai that makes people belly dance. A great show with some adult themes People saying that this show encourages kids to watch porn is like saying the movie Megamind encourages criminal activity. You kidding. This show is good, but if you are a parent and wanting to see if it's OK for your kids, I would recommend watching the episode first to see if it's appropriate. Only exception is episode 23 in Japanese.

Hello, and here is a review about Yo-Kai Watch, one of the most popular shows everywhere.

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Now, this show encourages kids to understand their feelings in a different light, I learned a lot from this show myself. Positive role models. Kid, 10 years old March 18, Recommended Show! Based on 22 reviews. And overall, the show has good messages on how to deal with problems that arise. They censored some of it in the English version, but I strongly recommend watching the episode first before showing it to your. The English dub did nothing to incorperate any of that This review Helped me decide 1. I read the adult reviews and was shocked at how they rated this show.

I don't understand why you just see one little thing and you go "oH tHiS iS bAd," it just happened once. The bottom line is, if your kid is old enough or mature enough to understand a joke when they see one, they're old enough to watch this show. Give this show a try!

Might need to explain about ghosts and stuff. Read my mind. To get started, here are some things. Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. All of them are wrong.

Kid, 10 years old September 22, Yokai-Watch: You must know Ok, so, I was scrolling through a few reviews, and I saw that it "Encourages Yo kai watch naked. Teen, 15 years old Written by Chuckythedoll June 24, Fun, more mature than pokemon I honestly love this show. But still, I can consider that kids can watch this anime, but need a parental guidance.

ALL that we see on the TV are some girls with cat ears who are fully clothed. Kids understand that there are shows that aren't appropriate for their age group and can likely relate to Nate and his friends WITHOUT asking questions about gasp! It was editing, and it was just to teach people a lesson about not to watch inappropriate content. For me, this is ok then shin-chan. Teen, 13 years old Written by The Yoy0 February 1, Good for kids, adult reviews too sensitive Wow.

Talk about sensitivity. I'm just trying to say that Yokai watch is a good show. As the show deals with human emotions and features an eleven year old boy as it's protagonist, there are bound to be some suggestive themes. Teen, 13 years old Written by Pickles3 January 4, Be careful with this show.

I'd say it's better for teenagers. Yes, I'll admit that it hints at things that kids shouldn't see, but it's not just that in the show. There are a lot of suggestive scenes and adult humor as well as some dark moments. Teen, 13 years old Written by Entropy8 May 20, Parents-The Honest Truth Hi there parents!